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The Sword Art Online Collab is now in full swing and while Rare Egg Machine portion is lackluster, the Farmable Eugeo  is an incredibly valuable card and should be acquired by most players.

The reason for this is that he functions as a superior Meridionalis  from a speed-farming perspective along with possessing an invaluable active skill.

Eugeo can be acquired through either 5 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal: or by heavily grinding the SAO event dungeon. Either way, one can find Eugeo in the Monster Exchange Event tab for the duration of the SAO event.

Video commentary

—video coming soon (when I get over this cold/sore throat)–

Eugeo at a glance


Active: Change top-most row & bottom-most row into Water orbs. Increases time limit of orb movement by 150% for 2 turns. (15 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: No skyfall matches. Water attribute cards ATK x3. ATK x4 when simultaneously clearing 6 connected Water orbs.

Typing: Attacker
Stats at level 99: 3,409 HP / 1,642 ATK / 94 RCV
Awakenings:Water Row Water Row Water Row Skill Boost Skill Boost  Bind Immune Bind Immune 
Super Awakenings: –
Weapon Assist: –
Worth Monster Exchanging for? 

  • Powerful farming leader
    • No Skyfalls
      • Faster clears/damage control
    • 144x ATK with 6 connected Water
      • Full board, swipe-able solves
  • High value active
    • Generates 12 Water orbs in total
      • Converts top and bottom row
    • Can easily solve into a 7c VDP board
    • Can be inherited
  • 2 Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • Bind Immune
  • Combo Boost  can provide extra utility
  • Farmable
  • Incredible Voice Awakening 
    • Must turn volume up as it is quite quiet
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Can only acquire 1


Eugeo is the real prize of the Sword Art Online event as he offers an accessible farming leader and double row generator. Each aspect has their own value under different situations.

Farming leader

Puzzle and Dragons has a large portion of the game dedicated to farming content as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is almost exclusively done in Coop for half stamina, pooled awakenings, and 10 actives across both teams. Furthermore, this can be further hastened by using No Skyfall leaders (less animation time) along with full mono-board changers.

In the case of Eugeo, he is able to act as both a No Skyfall leader along with being able to fully activate from a mono-Water board. This is further enhanced by his bind immunity and 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost to help other actives charge up in time. Expanding upon this is his amazing active skill. By being able to form 2 rows, players are able to potentially solve 2 floors by breaking up one of them on turn 1.

Despite the fact that Meridionalis  exists, Eugeo is accessible to all players and greatly lowers her value/niche.

Double Row formation

In addition to being a wonderful farming leader, Eugeo can act as a stellar inherit for other farming teams for his double row formation. While the actual row itself is wasted on non-Water teams, it can be used after a mono-colour board changer and easily solved into a 7 Combo VDP  board.

This guaranteed activation is invaluable when farming content that requires Damage Penetration or for leaders such as Amen  who must hit exactly 7 Combos for activation.

The following board showcases the VDP 7 Combo solve:

Acquiring Eugeo

Eugeo can be acquired via the Monster Exchange system and can be done through a special currency: Teleport Crystals. Each Teleport Crystal will require numerous dungeon drops to create but can also be exchanged 1:1 with Rainbow Event Medals. Either way, Eugeo will require 5 Teleport Crystals.

Rainbow Event Medal or Teleport Crystals?

Depending on how long you have been playing, it is highly possible to have over 20 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal: (assuming none have been spent). This can be both good and bad as there is currently not too many worthy things to spend them on (even with the 2+ month heads up from the JP server.

Using Rainbow Event Medals can be good if you simply wish to save time as it can be quite a grind and if your stamina is needed else where or are lazy, it can greatly help in acquiring Eugeo. On the other hand, since all of the Teleport Crystals can be acquired by simply playing the dungeon over and over again, that is the more efficient thing to do.

Either way, one can use some Rainbow Event Medals at the end of the event (since Teleport Crystals and Rainbow Event Medals trade 1:1) to acquire any last needed Teleport Crystals required for Eugeo.

Just remember that we have 14 days to farm and still have 10 days of January left for both the Anniversary and Monthly Quests. Furthermore, the SAO dungeon can be buttoned/swiped in Coop to save both time and Stamina.


Eugeo is an invaluable card to acquire but is only available for a limited time. Even if you may not foresee yourself using him right now, that could quickly change in the future when farming content becomes a higher priority. As such, it is better to spend the effort now to acquire an important card for the future.

Let me know what you think about Eugeo and whether or not you plan on acquiring him via Rainbow Event Medals or dungeon farming.

Happy Puzzling!

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34 thoughts on “Farm a Eugeo”

  1. Isnt there a problem tho such as when we need a burst but dont want the eugeo water burst to override it? Great card anyways


  2. Which floor should I be grinding for fast crystals? I tried alb in coop, but can’t beat boss floor without delay, any ideas?


  3. Use a poison assist on a low CD Base (Tardis + Raithian Weapon Assist (Kralice Rapier) or the like). Preferably on both teams if possible; that way, if one of your Zeus-Dios’s gets bound, pass to the other team. Ditto if the Tardis gets bound.


  4. He might be useful for farming and ranking dungeons. Lol, I didn’t even realize when I quickly glanced and passed over him in the monster exchange section.


    1. As a leader, he is for farming (no defensive multiplier) so you simply cater to the dungeon at hand but an easy rule of thumb is as many buttons and full water boards as possible


  5. Do you have any input on the most efficient way to farm for the teleport crystals? Is there data on the best drop rate vs stamina use ratio?


  6. I got curious as there were a lot of hype about his voice awakening, I took your word for it and turned the volume way up, was not amused -_-


    1. I found that farming the legend version for 23 stamina seemed to have similar results as mythic (Nothing at all, a healing crystal, or a bunch of 4 hero’s) and was much faster/easier to run, usually about 2 min each. This was a barbara/ Suou team with a Weld to delay boss

      After about 10 – 15 runs i usually had 1 healing, 9 antidote and 12+ confusion which wrapped up into one teleport.

      Ended up with:
      6 unnamed blades (somewhat nice assist)
      21x – Ain’s
      14x Heathcliffs
      13x eiji

      I should have checked earlier but i think i would have burned a tan or two, ein’s skill goes up to 31, but oh well… not sure i’ll use those 3 guys for much


    1. She’s a pretty good FUA sub for Edward. Shame she doesn’t have a color other than Light but the 80% HP Enhance, Team HP+, and active are all good for him.


    1. Not as a leader, and… perhaps not really a sub either.

      But his active: unlocking and 4 colors board? Very decent, considering can be acquired for free. 😊


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