Question Time with Mantastic – November 2019


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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78 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – November 2019”

    1. Teams that do not have a high combo count activation clause are best as they can VDP + FUA with ease

      With that in mind, Dark Zeta and Dark Karin are who I have the most success with


        1. Halloween cotton is strong and her +1 combo active helps her hit 7c. One possible issue is naturally low movement time

          As for Halloween Madoo, she is a stellar leader as she deals her full damage with a single match 5 (I also don’t own her so I didn’t list her initially)


  1. hey Mantastic, i have 3 madoo , 3 veroah , 1 Athena , 1 Echidna , is worth to trade for Green Ranger ? the problem i have is to use Echidna or Athena , whats your opinion Thanks


  2. Are any of the power ranger monster exchange worth farming for?

    Also I have 3 madoo, 3 saline, 2 veroah and a old fort squatter sonia gran, and I’m thinking of getting the ranger slayer. Thoughts?



    1. I am not particularly interested in the exchange cards. I used my medals for the Halloween Pumpkin instead

      As for Slayer, they have the most staying power due to their tremendous sub damage potential

      How would you use her if you did trade for Slayer?


  3. Also I have 3 madoo, 3 saline, 2 veroah and a old fort squatter sonia gran, and I’m thinking of getting the ranger slayer. Thoughts?



  4. Hey Mantastic!

    In the Super Godfest, I rolled a Zela, which would be awesome…
    …if it was my first Zela and not my fourth. Anyway, I run a Zela Kitty team with three Zelas (Typhon, Rathian, Fujin assists respectively) and a Rex for time debuff (Halloween Pumpkin assist). Is it better to run 4 Zelas or have only 3 Zelas and save the last sub slot for something specific?


    1. 4 Zelas is completely unnecessary and probably not wise given the long cool down on her active. I’d probably go with 2 zelas, an Odindra, and a utility monster (perhaps one that overwrites movement time debuffs or a short cool down orb changer.


      1. T.T I wish I could get OdinDra, but I’m saving all my MP for when Gungho Collab comes back, I want the Kuroyuri system (just barely reached 1.5 million MP)


    2. The issue with 4 Zelas is it is i overkill and you have too much of the same long cd active

      You will be unable to inherit Fujin-style actives, Jammer Skyfalls, Time buffs, etc. so using Rex is a good idea. Furthermore, cutting down to 2 Zela may give you more active flexibility


  5. Hey Mantastic (and Fantastic),

    I know this question is very box specific, but are there any Power Rangers cards or Halloween Madoo card that you would regret not trading for if you didn’t roll one? I already have D Omega (vs Ranger Slayer) and Z Kitty (vs green ranger evo) and akuma (vs dark ranger evo) teams with multiple so I am not sure what I would be missing by saving my dupes for a possible tier 1 Red leader later this year.


    1. edited:

      I know this question is very box specific, but are there any Power Rangers cards or Halloween Madoo card that you would regret not trading for if you didn’t roll one? I already have D Omega (vs Ranger Slayer) and Z Kitty (vs green ranger evo) and akuma (vs dark ranger evo), so I am not sure what I would be missing by saving my dupes for a possible tier 1 Red leader later this year.


    2. Red Ranger is strong but at the moment, lacks an ideal home imo

      By comparison, Slayer has several viable places she can be used and subs tend to have a better chance against Powercreep

      As such, the only one I am tempted to trade for would be Slayer but still have not done it


  6. Is the current Godfest worth rolling in or are player’s choice godfests usually better (I know that JP just started their voting period for one)?


    1. The Player’s choice from December 2018 had a 22.5% chance to roll a GFE. This current godfest has a 33% chance to roll a GFE. BUT it always depends on what you want vs what is available in the Godfest.


    2. For myself, I only am interested in Super Godfests that feature exceptional rolling rates or have ideal Seasonal cards also featured. The current one is not that great and Power Rangers is better imo


      1. What would count as exceptional rolling rates? It seems that a 33% chance to roll a GFE is the norm for Super Godfests. I’m a newer player so the only Godfest with better rates than that per stone that I recall was the last 7-stone Godfest.


        1. 33% is the norm for SGF so what would make it appealing is the inclusion of useful Seasonal cards or higher proportion of 7* GFE as these tend to be the most rare for Monster Exchanging


  7. AA3- TifaxDkarin or TifaxHMadoo? I have a developed box with 1 HCotton, SRRa, and Viz. Does the HMadoo HP and defense make up for fewer light makers compared to a Dkarin version.


      1. Viz fulfills Jammer skyfall, damage stick, and 1 turn CD role and there is nothing quite like him

        With that being said, you would probably want to use a card with a fast charging active to ensure the inherit does come up so something like Bradamante or Light Cotton with 5 turn CD


    1. personally, i like to make a heart column up on the side, then next to that make two horizontal combos and three vertical combos, and then another combo in the remaining 2 columns


    2. Count your orbs and plan/recite the order they will be matched

      Eg. Heart FUA, R, B, D, L, B, G

      Even with 3 min timer in 2p coop, you should have enough time to count your orbs and see if it is possible


  8. How viable are Tifa/DKarin teams with non-ideal subs?

    I don’t have Bradamante, BZela, Knight, Fenrir Viz, or HCotton. Some of the better subs I have instead are Mega Ilm, Kanan, Yuna, NY Yomi, Ciel, Pralinae, and Ideal. If necessary, I could also change my one Cotton into light Cotton.

    I’ve yet to clear A4 bc I haven’t really learned the dungeon yet but I’m wondering how far a non-ideal Tifa/DKarin team could take me (i.e. Can it eventually tackle AA3? Or should I look to other leads that I might have better subs for?).


    1. Less ideal team with led by a strong leader can still clear plenty of content, you will just have lower consistency

      Unless your cotton is being used for something specific, I would change to Light as she is probably your best FUA option

      So a team of Yuna, NY Yomi, Cotton, flex can most certainly clear A4.


  9. Hey Mantastic, do you think we will ever see the Skill Charge awakening on a Weapon Assist?

    If it did happen, what sort of impact do you think it would have on the meta and power creep?


    1. That would dramatically improve Rainbow teams and those with semi Rainbow clauses (eg Phenom) but the Weapon Assist active would play a large role in how valuable it is

      Eg. is it long or short cd? is it a universally useful active?


  10. I haven’t traded in my Spring Fest Medal yet and I’m wondering which GFE I should trade for now that the assist evos are out.

    I have Suou and Baldin so Echidna isn’t really necessary for me, and I already have Physical/Attacker killer equips.

    Rex might be appealing as a leader, but I haven’t found any instance where I felt I needed him instead of stuff already in my monster box to complete a dungeon. I also already have Tape resist assists.

    Hera Luna might be the only one that’s interesting to me bc I don’t own any <50% HP assists. I’m leaning towards trading for her, but is there anything I’m overlooking with this thought process?


    1. I’m in basically the same situation, but I’m glad i didn’t pull the trigger because i just pulled tons of ninjors on the power ranger collab lol. still not sure which i should trade for either


      1. In theory there is no rush to pull the trigger

        Can you benefit from Rex as a sub? Luna or Sara as a wep?

        I also have my medal since none provide enough value for me at this time


    2. Luna gives SB and <50% which is unique and can be valuable depending on if you own one yet

      Rex would probably end up as a sub due to his 2 turn cd and ability to be used on wood teams

      Do you have Zela Kitty or Green Ranger and lacking subs to fill their team?


  11. So last night, I decided to yolo the Halloween REM, and got a Sonia Gran. I decided to roll again and got a Verdandi.

    I’m pretty amazed at this luck but I feel like these 2 cards are rare but pretty useless? Do I just… let them sit in my monster box and hope for some dupes in the future that can be trade fodder? I’ve heard that HVerdandi can do TA2, but I haven’t found any guides on this (and I can only semi-consistently clear TA1 with DMeta).


  12. With pantheon gods receiving super reincarnations, is there any reason to use other evolutions like Bankai or Ace/Ana Armor X?


    1. Super Reincarnated is almost always the best form due to best stats/awakenings

      With that being said, there are some niche cards like Amaterasu who may be best in other forms due to active being different


  13. Do you feel like certain cards have become power creep proof? Like both Zela’s, H.Cotton, etc. cards with great awakenings and great actives. Also, do you think pantheon cards will ever be viable outside of niche situations? I don’t know of a single pantheon leader that can clear something like AA2/3.


    1. Generally speaking, subs tend to last longer against Powercreep but nothing is forever. For example, Slayer from Power Rangers is such a strong card because they included a Killer

      As for valuable pantheon cards, Diao Chan is incredible right now


  14. What are some alternatives to VDP FUA? I tend to have trouble with Hera Nyx, Cthugha and the like in AA2/A5 because of their VDP FUA issue (Zeus Verse isn’t an issue since I found it was safe to just slowly chip him down to sub50 then VDP) and I lack the proper cards (i.e. LZela, HCotton etc.) to spawn a board in which I can VDP FUA with ease with. I run DKarin as my main lead.


    1. when I say VDP FUA alternatives I mean as in where I can perform VDP FUA boards without needing a full board changer of x element + hearts.


      1. You can try using orb changers that produce your colour + hearts. This gives a consistent amount of orbs unlike a board changer

        Conversely, using a built in follow up damage like Ina also works =P


  15. Hey mantastic. What is the best leaders currently? I am just coming back after 3 years. Is HMadoo top tier leader ? Should I reroll ?


    1. Generally speaking, you should reroll until you acquire several strong cards

      As for the best leaders, things like Beach Barbara & Julie, Zela Kitty, Green Ranger, Ina, Phenom, Tifa, Dark Karin, and Halloween Madoo come to mind


  16. Hey Mantastic,

    Brainstorming about effective Ranger Slayer endgame team building.

    What are your thoughts on the 4x RCV issue with Ranger Slayer given Zaerog infinity? The 4X rcv becomes a non-issue as Zaerog can reduce to 50% every turn if needed.

    The negatives are that Zaerog itself has the wrong color typing and doesn’t benefit from 4x health, damage and recovery from dual Ranger Slayer leads.

    I was thinking of what kind of Ranger Slayer team for end game content and we need to make up 2xSDR or use SDR badge. Also adding a utility card with correct typing and a strong shield has several options (Highren, Baldin, Rathios equip, Rita, Napoleon, Lumiel), so I think we can get around gravity + hit encounters without giving up too much.



    1. The main hurdle I foresee is a lack of self harming active from Ranger Slayer

      For example, Dark Zeta relies on being low HP but his own active cuts it by 50% which makes it significantly easier to play

      For Ranger Slayer, possible options are (

      With that being said, maybe pairing with Dark Omega could help

      You gain Damage Reduction, less RCV, and a self harming active to keep you in that sweet spot


  17. I notice that sometimes, as a newer player, I’m basically locked out of older cards currently only obtainable in the regular REM.

    For example, Carat, Avalon Drake, Red Sonia (now that she gets a new evolution), Tsubaki, Sumire, and possibly some other cards I’m forgetting are valuable and relatively unique, but I’m unlikely to ever roll them bc it’s not worth it to roll the regular REM and they don’t show up in Godfests.

    Is there a way around this dilemma? Or is it more likely that as PAD goes on, those cards will become less unique and I should just wait (I kind of experienced this already with needing a Saria board change but not having a Saria, which has been resolved with the debut of Pink Ranger)?


    1. That is an interesting point you raise and the best way to acquire these cards are if they become featured in a Super Godfest (SGF)

      The most recent SGF I rolled in contained the Gemstones and they basically give a chance for collateral benefit if failing to acquire a GFE

      As for their unique properties, they are quite situational and as the game moves forward, begin to have other alternatives


  18. In your opinion which emblems/tickets/medals from collabs are worth keeping, based on the likelihood of a collab returning. I have stuff from most of the recent collabs and I’m thinking to get rid of all but the PAD specific ones. Pad Island, Pad Academy etc.

    Do you think any of the others are likely to return in less than a year, or ever? THanks


    1. Any Seasonal event will always return as it is not a Collab so things like PAD Island are safer to keep. Eg. Keep PAD Island over Power Rangers as we do not know if it will return

      As for predicting which ones will be valuable is impossible


  19. I see all these tier lists showing cocoa Felkena. Is he exclusive to Japan only. If so, do you think we will get a global alternate version as we did for komasan?
    Also, do you have any idea how long it’ll be for the Draco is orchestra to swing around again?


    1. Any card from a JP Collab may or may not come to North America and I have no idea if we will get that Collab or a reskin alternative.

      As for Orchestra, it should come after Heroine since FotNS comes Monday


  20. I’ve been playing for over 3 years daily and off and on the 2+ years prior to that. I remember evolutions happening by chance instead of by design. I’m a 90% 7 combo maker on a ‘normal’ board, but have been intimidated by the hardest dungeons because I hate running into a floor where the monster is light immune and I’m running a Cloud team. The innumerable challenges drive me nuts because I don’t know they’re coming. I know PadX provides details on what to expect in a dungeon, but I fail at interpreting it. For me, an article on a new dungeon outlining the challenges to be faced would be invaluable. On top of that, such an article could list potent subs or assists to counter the challenges. I’ve got the box to support most any team. Unfortunately, I find it a blessing and a curse because there’s a good likelihood that I’m not even using the team I should be. With all of that, not that you likely need more PAD work to do but, would you consider taking on such a task? Thanks for reading!


    1. Your frustrations are quite normal as the lack of information available in game is quite distressing

      With that being said, you may find merits looking at my YouTube channel as it does show clears for various dungeons and I have done a few articles for AA2 and AA3


  21. Do you think any of the Chinese girl cards are worth turning into their super reincarnated form? I have several dupe Leilan, Sakuya and one Haku and one Genbu. I was leaning towards Leilan.


    1. In terms of true practicality, none play that major of a role so you may be best off the one that makes you happiest or if you are lacking a particular colour and have no other options


  22. Returning from period of low activity. I have a strong zkitty team (2 zela) and just got Yashamaru Kurama to upgrade odindra.
    I have Tifa and Ina wondering if they would be stronger now. Im not sure how to build tifa, ina with my box.

    I think i have a good tifa team but not sure who to pair with her. I have Bride Zela, 2x Mega viz, zinogre, saline, ideal, edward, mega roots, 2x diaochan, 2x brachydios, ney, cotton, ciel and athena non.

    Ina feels like I have a shallow box, with eir, 3x pandora 3x noir and 2x diadem or SRhakus being most likely pieces.
    Hopefully not too open a question.


    1. For Tifa teams, a common pairing is Dark Karin

      As for your subs, Bride Zela, Mega Viz, R Diao Chan, and flex should work well for you

      As for Ina, you can use Noir, Eir, something with Fire, Noir paired with Phenom


  23. Hey Matastic,

    Wondering who you would recommend as ideal subs for a Tifa/DKarin multiplayer? I play in multiplayer and a lot of the “ideal” subs don’t seem as good without their super awakenings. Any recommendations are appreciated.


    1. Generally speaking, your subs should be those who still perform their role, even without SA

      For damage subs, make sure their VDP is not tied to SA as you will lack piercing damage

      I know Halloween Cotton is basically complete without SA


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