Question Time with Mantastic – March 2021


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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36 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – March 2021”

  1. Do you have any ideas on whether or not demon slayer will come to NA? I absolutely love the anime and really want it to come but know there are a ton of legal issues behind the scenes.


  2. thanks for all the amazing content and tips and reading your content actually motivates me to continue playing the game.
    I own two accounts and normally play in coop and I always wonder how Awoken Skills impact each other in coop as i cant find a common pattern for all the awoken sills.
    what i know are are some awoken skill has effect on both of the account in coop and obvious one are resistance, skill boost, Enhanced Team HP but some only only effecting the active player such as enhanced row, extend move time, L attack.
    Is there any rules of thumb that can tell me which category the awoken skill belong to, especially for those not so obvious such as enhance ++, reduce damage for colour.
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work. look forward for your new content and analysis


    1. Don’t think there is a hard and fast rule of what is shared between both teams but what you listed is correct

      I feel the only thing that I can truly suggest is understanding how your actives charge up half as fast except for your leaders. Thus, placing key inherits on them helps ensure they are more readily available


    1. If marvel ends up coming over to NA, do you plan on trading for any of the cards? Personally I’ll probably trade for a copy of captain marvel and a copy of Spider-Man.


  3. Hello Mantastic, quick question is the Monogatari collab any good? Any specific leader skill or maybe sub has a lot of potential?


  4. Hey Mantastic, what are your opinions on the effectiveness of Yugi/Nelle for late game dungeons? Also, what are some examples of viable subs for them?


    1. Having to be both Balance and Devil cuts down on possible sub pool but sometimes using a card with only 1 is fine if it solves many issues (eg. Allatu)

      The main drawback I feel is the penalty for 7×6 as we now have 6×5 teams with similar/better multipliers and no penalty


  5. Sorry if I missed it, but what do you think of Albrecht in general? Seems like a decent-ish 7×6 league but a fantastic sub for something like NYArtemis.


  6. Hi Mantastic! I have a couple questions. One thing I have been noticing as of late is the barrier to getting top tier leaders. The only NA leaders I have been able to see clear Shura 2 legitimately (no cheese) are seina, mikage, and gileon, but even gileon is a bit of a stretch. None of these leads were/are available by trade, which is unfortunate for those who at least want a shot at the end game content.

    My first question is, do you think this will continue to be the case? Gung-Ho has to make money ofc, but seina and gileon lie behind some pretty large paywalls in comparison to what I have seen in the past. Another type of powercreep I suppose lol

    My second question is, who else in NA do you think might be capable of clearing Shura 2 as of now or the near future, or at least would be close to clearing? With demon slayer and marvel as hard maybes, it doesn’t seem like we will get many more anytime soon.



    1. I know a lot of people are non-IAP (in app purchase), but if PAD is a main source of entertainment for you then I would suggest buying the bundles that give you a guaranteed card. In this case you would have gotten either Seina, Mikage or the other one. With repeat bundles every week, you had a high probability of getting at least one of them.

      If you are non-IAP, then yes, they are definitely hidden behind a paywall. PAD is very very generous with stones so I recommend saving them for the really killer collabs.

      Just my 2 cents.


    2. I dearly hope future events are not going to be like Sin Dragons/Mystics with no Monster Exchange as this is our “pity” system for using up dupes/bad rolls. I am not an expert but monthly passes should be a relatively lucrative source of income provided they are well priced/appealing enough

      Main issue with SR2 is the need for huge bulk which is still relatively rare on most leads (because 600k hit is perfectly reasonable) but perhaps with the upcoming collab we may have another option =)


  7. Hi Mantastic!

    What is your approach to spending stones in the late game?

    I’ve gotten to the point where there 95+% chance of rolling dupes in just about any non seasonal super godfest (SGF). In the past, that would have been fine because SGFs still brought trade fodder, but gungho seems increasingly fond of placing cards like the upcoming Nadeko and V-day Ponno in rarities that prevent us from trading. Does that effectively leave high value collabs as the best place to spend stones for anyone looking to advance their box in the late game?

    Thank you!


    1. Well for myself I usually hoard and then roll hard in an event

      For myself that was Sin Dragons/Mystics/PCGF and due to the numbers saved up it proved quite lucrative but at the same time, these cards advanced my progress

      So if you are able to hoard up and feel the odds are relatively in your favour, rolling hard can be advantageous. Of course that means being quite picky of where you roll


  8. Hi Mantastic!

    Are there any cards you are particularly fond of for any reason? For me its lucifer since he was one of the best leaders when the game first came out.

    Thank you!


  9. I’ve been looking at possible Nadeko teams with the upcoming Monogatari collab, and I had a few questions on team building.

    Who do you think is the best non-self pairing for Nadeko?

    There are some good wood VDP subs, but there is also Aljae who has a nice VDP active. Do you think it’s worth going for a mix of VDP subs and Aljae, or is it enough to rely solely on Aljae’s active and ignoring VDP otherwise in team building?


  10. What are your thoughts on the new Indian 1 assist evos? Assists with +1 SB are becoming less special to be sure, but it seems like most of them are 7+ stars from time limited rems and have the opportunity cost of not having whatever their base form is. Plus their actives seem to range from useful to niche (at least Vritra’s overwrites atk debuffs)


  11. How’s your health doing? I remember a while back you mentioned you were facing some injuries or something. Hope you are doing better!


  12. Where’s the best place to find updated tier lists. I’m on and off the game for years now and need to keep refreshing memory?


  13. I currently have a level 100 Reincarnated Haku. Do you think it is a better idea to wait to Super Reincarnate or trade her in and evolve an Imperial Starblade Haku? Also which is better overall?


    1. I use Imperial Haku all the time as a leader with super reincarnated hino kagatsuki (or with himself). I also use him as a sub on a SR Hades team.

      I dont think I’ve used other forms of Haku at all since dark Athena was meta.

      So yes, I recommend going for the Imperial version.


  14. Why doesn’t Viper Orchid skill in this latest tournament vanish the 6 combos sheild on boss like I saw in some of the YouTube videos I watched.


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