Choosing your Free Weekly 6-star Godfest Exclusive


Today marks the start of a tremendously exciting event as each week players will receive one (two with PAD Pass) 6* Fest Exchangeable Medal to be used on any 6-star Godfest Exclusive (GFE).

These can be found within the Monster Exchange tab and each week the line up of Godfest Exclusives will rotate. Just be aware that you can use these Fest Exchangeable Medals any week and can even do them all in week 4 if that proves to be the ideal for your Monster Box.

As a general blanket statement, the best course of action is to acquire cards you currently do not have as a brand new card may often fill holes in a given Monster Box along with many of the 6-star GFE holding significant value.

With this in mind, I will list the GFE I feel will provide the most value with the presumption that you own absolutely nothing. Remember, a new card will often outpace a duplicate.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Weekly line up

The following image shows the weekly rotation for the featured GFE but it should also be noted that a card will not show up again once their week has passed. This means trading right away for the cards you need but also trying to plan out who you actually want to acquire.

Image taken from Tsubaki bot

Who to Exchange for?

The simplest answer is to acquire cards you do not currently own as there is always the possibility they will become significantly stronger in the future. On the other hand, arguments can be made to acquire more Neys or maybe Cottons due to their 5 different Weapon Assists. Just be mindful that these Weapons require difficult to acquire materials and may not always be applicable for newer accounts.

With that being said, I want to highlight the cards I feel have the most value at this point in time.

Raijin (Week 1)

Raijin is a powerful leader, especially when paired with Fasca as this solves the lack of an RCV multiplier along with a bigger board for more consistent activation. Furthermore, Raijin boasts outstanding personal damage and is a fantastic candidate for the VDP Latent along with utilizing double TPA TPA weapons.

Even as a sub, Raijin can be a powerful damage solution for Rainbow teams.

Fujin (Week 1)

Fujin comes with the highly coveted Damage Absorption counter and a 14 turn cooldown for 2 turns of cancellation is fantastic value. You could even use her as an inherit should you be lacking options/cannot use on a given team due to the lower cooldown.

She can also function as a budget pairing for Raijin.

Blue Odin (Week 1)

4 SB Skill Boost, Rows Water Row, low base cooldown, Super Blind Resist , and Tape Resist are all featured on Blue Odin and he makes for a fantastic mono Water sub. Just be mindful of his lack of SBR Skill Lock Resist if using other cards who do not have this awakening.

Cotton (Week 2)

Cotton has 5 different Weapon Assists that follow the same template but all have different colour Orb Enhances and orb changers.

Either way, they provide a 75% Damage Reduction shield which is meaningful for World of Carnage 2, RCV buff, an orb changer, FUA , and Full Bind Immunity . As a whole, this is a more situational Weapon Assist and I would not commit to any form unless you know you will gain value from it as the evolution materials are quite expensive.

Dark Kali (Week 3)

Dark Kali has been buffed to have 6 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and Balance typing which broadens her availability on various teams (eg. V Ideal ) while still retaining respectable personal damage and a valuable active.

As a whole, Dark Kali is a solid Rainbow sub, especially when Transforming is required.

Ney (Week 3)

Ney’s Weapon Assist is a tremendously powerful card as it provides a Skill Boost Skill Boost, Rows, Recover Binds Bind Clear awakening, and a valuable active skill. This active will fully clear all Binds and Awoken Binds which is meaningful for Ruler of Hell’s Halls along with the board changer always providing value.

As a whole, the Ney Weapons are fantastic solutions for mono colour teams and the form you pursue will hinge on what you are currently using.

Due to this, it is never a bad idea to acquire more Neys as there will probably be a day when you want a different colour coverage.

Aten (Week 4)

Aten is still a potent Damage Solution due to their 8 Killers and 10 Combo plus 7 Combo 45 awakenings. Assuming a double typing spawn, Aten will be enjoying 90x personal damage which makes them a fantastic candidate for the VDP Latent .

Furthermore, Aten is able to act as a respectable leader and I have cleared plenty of content when paired with Dyer .

With that being said, Aten is starting to become less magical due to more single typing spawns along with enemies featuring typings that Aten does not cover (42 44  ).

Image reference

Just remember, what is best for you may often be a card you have never acquired but in the case where you are missing numerous monsters, I would gravitate towards the highlighted ones as I feel they provide more universal value.

Who am I exchanging for?

Yog . I have never rolled a single Yog in my 2,700 or so days playing PAD. After that, it is less important but I will most likely grab additional Neys/Cottons or cards of which I only have a single copy of.


This is an exciting event as will allow players to acquire the best 6-star Godfest Exclusives possible as everyone will enjoy four Exchanges and can double this number if subscribed to the PAD Pass.

Either way, let me know what you think about this event in the comments below along with who you plan on Exchanging for.

Happy Puzzling!

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40 thoughts on “Choosing your Free Weekly 6-star Godfest Exclusive”

  1. Nice write up. Didn’t realize you could bank medals for later weeks. For me it will be Kamimusubi (never rolled one in 2500+days), 2 Cotton and 3 Ney since I depleted them as trade fodder a while back (probably for unused cards at this point). I will definitely get Morrigu since her (mega awoken) active is much more useful, as a leader, she provides some bulk with 2.5X health (for God types) and plays well with new combo awakenings. Maybe Macha, since she was sacrificed as trade fodder, but her active is so situational.


  2. Yog, yog, yog, for sure. I got lucky with two Ferrule and have been clearing alt shura reliably but had to take obtuse measures to make it work without yog. Had to find ways to substitute the skill boosts, damage, and active Yog provided. Anyways cheers to another kindred soul who never received a yog despite 2000+ active days.


  3. Haha. I’m doing the same thing, I’ve never rolled a yog. I’ll probably exchange every medal I can for yog as I’m swimming in all the others (and expect to use it as fodder).


  4. The choices for me are really easy except the last one. I have all of the first week’s cards already, but only one Raijin, so getting another Raijin is obvious. Then, for the next two, I have all of them except Ney and Yog, so again, easy choices. It’s just the last week that I’m not sure what to do because I have all of them, including a bunch of Aten. If only I could get the last medal early and use it on one of the earlier weeks.


  5. I need to pick who I’m getting. missing Yog, Kamimusubi, and Morrigu and Ney (Not a single one, though I do have a Valentine one from last year). Also only 1 cotton, so likely worth getting second.

    Everything else I think I have at least one copy; so almost not a difficult choice.


      1. Wish it would have let me edit. Missed that I would get double tokens from pad pass. That makes it easier for weeks 1-6 (can get one of each I’m missing, and 2 Neys).

        The issue is just week 4 where it looks like I’m just picking up 2 trade fodders.


  6. I have a rather extensive box, but there are several of these I never rolled and one I traded my only copy of (Dantalion). So it looks like I will be getting First Paimon, First Sherias Roots, Dantalion, First Morrigu and Macha and then 3 Neys (only have 1, but have 3 cottens). It is still cool that we get events like this to have a chance at grabbing cards you missed out on.


  7. Since I got lucky on my 10+bonus pulls in January+February and got my last missing 6 star GFEs (Kanna and Macha) I’ll probably use my 8 tokens to get more Cottons/Neys for making equips, then picking up a second Kaede and either Kanna or Macha for week 4.


  8. I have yet to roll BlOdin or Typhoon so those are targets for me. An extra cotton and Ney for equips will also be welcomed. And I think Macha has a new Mega announced which might be of interest if not owning an Aten, which I agree is the obvious choice


    1. Would adding the Saline hat on Aten boost his usefulness by covering the more obscure typings… or would it only be “better” but not great because those enemies would still only have the single typing?


      1. It doesn’t hurt for sure, it’s a bit niche but it doesn’t hurt to have one. I feel the best benefit is the binding protection so with that said, for most dungeons you can use another equip that gives something more useful than those killers


  9. Over 2,300 days for me, and also no Yog! It will be nice to finally have one. I was also planning to get Scheat, whom I have never rolled, but I just rolled her in the 10 GFE machine for the Feb. 27 PAD pass, so that’s one more Cotton or Ney for me.


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