Question Time with Mantastic – May 2021


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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35 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – May 2021”

  1. What’s your favorite card artwork in these three catagories and why?
    Classic (really old cards)


    1. Animated: Norza (I like blue things lol and she is a pretty girl)
      Non-animated: D/R Persephone (super old card)
      Classic (really old cards): Dragon Fruit as I saw a real Dragon fruit in a supermarket in my early PAD Days and it stuck made me chuckle


      1. Right now I am running a mono blue team
        Leader: Naga
        Norza (shark seal)
        Valentine Andromeda (R Nene)
        Distel B/D (Indra)
        Klaus (yamato)
        Leader: Hitagi (BlOnia) (might change to damage boost active or a tank active)

        I am having trouble with the invade of Scheherazade in exploration 2. What kind of strategy/change would you recommend? (I have a vast box). I try to 10c, 5 orb match, 2 blue combo, and L the heart orbs to get max sheild (along with naga active) to tank the <50% hits, but I cannot tank it and don’t do enough damage to 1 shot after the sheild. Would the Distel active be enough to tank for a few turns? Should I inherit a dmg boost? I can make a ney assist evo and isis assist evo. I thought about inherting a BlOnia on naga just for the stat boosts. I have 9 enhance water combos and 6 enhance water orbs. I do not have any dragon killer latents on due to using mostly the utility ones. Latents in order (Leader Swap/SDR/Jammer Surge/Poison Surge/3x Atk Killer/Att absorb Piercer). I have control of the Hitagi due to it being my card. I could change the attack killers to dragon killers. Let me know if this is too open ended. I would just love to farm those invades. I only have 1 gem of each right now (could use them for assist evos if needed).


      1. Yup exactly because of the cost to roll her i was asking. Given the advent of transforming teams, she seems like a godsend. Not bothering rolling the machine since I’ve netted almost all the low rarity and have 2x Lajoa, 1x ideal, and 1x suou. Granted of course I’m one of the poor fools who doesn’t have a seina despite purchasing the guaranteed 7* three times (all mikage) and 2 Ryumei’s in 500+ Stones (whose new LS kinda trivializes dupes)

        Since transforming meta isn’t going away any time soon and the absurd amount of SB she has, is she worth trading? Thank you!


    1. She can self pair but I feel going with Zinogre will be the best as you gain access to his active and his high Damage Reduction offsets Sonia’s lack of RCV multiplier

      Also, her +2 combos helps you hit the 10c for maximum damage


  2. Would you consider doing late shorter/highlight reviews even if your health doesnt permit a normal release at start of the machine (ie dragonbound/caller machine now or few days previous)


    1. I would need to figure out how to make that work but one major issue with me is that when I am in more pain, it is crippling and I cannot focus on anything. I spend large chunks of the day either lying down or sitting and doing nothing


      1. By late I meant after the fact (like now when it seems like it bothers you less). I understand sometimes nothing is going to be possible/ I was thinking of the case where first few days are particularly bad having something for last few days is still helpful, even just tier list+conclusion would be awesome towards the end of a machines time.


    1. If you have stamina to spare, yes but at the same time, it is often an entire day’s worth so you need to judge whether or not it would be better compared to farming something like GH collab for pys


  3. Think the enhanced cross match awakening will do anything to make that play style relevant again? Or is it doomed to be another failed (see also: jammer) meta?


  4. This might be a bit early, but what are your thoughts on the Demon Slayer collab that was just announced? Is it worth rolling over the Marvel one?


    1. It’s been a long time coming, so assuming no buffs from JP it’s been powercrept out to an extent. Like, Tanjiro was a strong fire/water lead but he’s been surpassed by Seina. He’s still good if you don’t have her, though, and he makes a great sub on Seina teams. Nezuka is probably one of if not the best fire clerics in the game (totally not salty the DS collab got announced literal minutes after I rolled Xmas Gremory from the sgf, the one I felt safe rolling in because DS was never coming to NA), and a few others can patch specific holes in specific teams. So Marvel’s probably the stronger collab, but whether or not it’s coming to NA is very much in question. Not knowing your box, I’d say it’s probably worth dropping a few stones on but Marvel or no it’s probably not worth rolling aggressively.


  5. Silly question, been playing for 4+ years and then left, recently came back… I thought you could play multiplayer dungeons single player? But I don’t see that option. In other news, I can’t find a single 3 player match. Is anyone still using multiplayer?


  6. I constantly play, but struggle to understand great team compositions and strong leaders. To put it into perspective, I really only change my team once or twice a year after receiving a lead that is really well known and pushed by social media. Think Norma/Tsuku or Barb&Jul x2.

    My google searches for “current meta” and “great team leads” usually only show outdated information. Where can I go to get full party recommendations from you, or current leads/subs. An S ranked lead gets me excited, but I never know what to pair them up with. I’d love a source for full party layouts.


    1. I often showcase end game clears on my YouTube channel which can give you an idea/starting point of what to build etc

      Key is building your team to counter the mechanics in a dungeon


    1. Coins have little value outside of 110 -> 120 which is only for end end game

      Using coin boosting leaders such as (NY) Ganesha greatly aids this when doing the gift dungeons right now which do award lots of coins


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