Question Time With Mantastic – December 2021


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers. With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering. If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:
  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?
x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:
  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression. Happy Puzzling!
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15 thoughts on “Question Time With Mantastic – December 2021”

  1. Where do you farm coins and with what team setup? I have been doing Ganesha x NYGanesha in Sunday dungeon but its pretty tedious.


    1. I feel they are interesting and a big dmg stick who sadly cannot take the double damage cap latent

      As such, a modest amount of awakenings are redundant and I personally don’t feel she is worth chasing


  2. What are your thoughts on the new GFE, Safirah? I’ve been using her and find her shield activation requirement to be extremely difficult to activate at times..


  3. I’m coming back to PAD after a real long time away when I used to run the top tier dungeons. All of the stuff in my box now seems woefully underpowered compared to what I see in the helper list (it seems 20x is the minimum leader skill now, a far cry from the old days when matching all color for Sakuya’s 10x was elite). Should I just treat coming back as basically starting over? Do you know of any resources out there that might help be see if anything in my box is worth mining?


  4. Where is the best place to research data on dungeons/cards/monsters? I find a wonderful amount of data here, but there are no good dungeon guides or monster researcher (ilmna does well, but I preferred the old pad)

    Prefer the gold old walk through and team building optimization (different with different dungeons now)


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