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Guests Writers are Coming to


In the past, I have featured some guest writers who would share their thoughts and opinions on various PAD topics that could range from team building, efficient farming set ups, along with card reviews.

Due to the fact that PAD is a complex game with no “perfect/ideal” way to play the game, having a diverse sets of opinions can be beneficial when making decisions for your own Monster Box.

As such, I have decided to invite a few individuals to write various articles on topics of their choosing. They plan to release their content whenever is convenient for them.

Guest writer line up

At this point in time, InSomnia and Miso are the two planned guest writers who will be providing their insight and expertise for their fields of interest. Both are high ranking, multi-crowning players who will be able to provide a new perspective on advanced topics.

There is no planned time for their articles to be released so just keep checking back but InSomnia is nearing the completion of their publication.

My influence

I plan to give each guest writer free reign when it comes to their content and mostly plan to only provide formatting help to make it look more consistent with my own posts along with general proofreading. I wish to try and preserve their voice and writing style so I will try to keep my influence on the actual writing to a minimum.


Guest writers can provide a healthy new view point on various aspects of Puzzle and Dragons. There are many reasons why players choose to play this game and having differing opinions is healthy overall.

Happy Puzzling!

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