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Trading in Puzzle and Dragons – Guidance and Strategies


The concept of trading has been one of the most highly desired and debated topics within the Puzzle and Dragons community since the game launched. However, it has the chance to run awry if restrictions and limitations are not put in place. Many players would love to have the opportunity to trade REM cards, but that would simply result in players creating numerous alternate accounts, hoarding stones, then trading away to their main.

As such, GungHo has forbidden the trading of REM cards as well as any card with a sale price of 100 Monster Points or above. Furthermore, you must also be at least rank 110 and your trading partner must have been on your friends list for at least 30 days. Finally, traded cards must be of the same rarity/stars.

This article will explain how the trading process works, provide guidance on what are desired items, establish a baseline value for commonly traded cards, and advice on how to add value, improve your own desirability, and how to make the most of trading with multiple accounts.

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Trading in Puzzle and Dragons checklist

Trading is a phenomenal aspect to come to Puzzle and Dragons as it will allow players to round out their Monster Boxes, even out poor drop distributions, as well as acquiring specific evolution materials. Furthermore, it can also help empower your favourite monsters by being able to trade Pys, pluses, and Snowglobes.

While all of this is amazing, there will be some key points to bear in mind: Continue reading Trading in Puzzle and Dragons – Guidance and Strategies