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JP 7 Year Anniversary Stream Recap


The JP 7 Year Anniversary Stream took place early this morning and will set the tone for content being released in the upcoming months.

Due to the fact that the JP server tends to be about 2 months ahead of North America, we can use this information to make informed decisions for our PAD life and Monster Box.

This article/video will be highlighting the major upcoming buffs, evolutions, and Collabs that are on the near horizon. As such, one should use this information on where they plan to spend their Magic Stones as we will be seeing a return of Monster Hunter and Yu Yu Hashusho (YYH) Collab.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Returning Collabs

The JP Stream announced 4 returning/new Collabs with Monster Hunter and YYH having already occurred in North America. This means there should be no reason why we would not experience them once again.

At this point in time, no information has been released outside of their return but it is not a far stretch to expect buffs for existing cards (most notably Limit Break/Super Awakenings) along with new top rarity monsters. Continue reading JP 7 Year Anniversary Stream Recap

[First Impressions] Massive QoL, Thank-You Festival, New 7* GFE, new GFE/Pantheon Evolutions, plus 200 Free Magic Stones


JP just finished their massive PAD stream in which they announced/released countless new content. As part of my YT YouTube channel, I try my best to deliver First Impression videos fo the new content to better prepare my North American audience for things to come.

Generally speaking, NA is 2-3 months behind JP but this can vary based on events so nothing is guaranteed.

My thoughts have been split into two separate videos as each one features a hefty amount of content.

Video commentary

QoL & Thank-You Event

Notable highlights include UI improvements with the ability to see inherits on a team including with stats/awakenings, new cosmetic Orb skins, Super Godfest, ability to gain one of three new 7* GFE, and 200 Magic Stones.

If intending to roll in the Godfest, do not acquire your free 7* GFE until after to avoid rolling a duplicate.

New 7* GFE, Mega Evolutions, and Reincarnated forms for Pantheons cards

Notable highlights include the new 7* GFE, Baldin + Sherias Roots Mega forms, Reincarnated Lucifer (not Archangel), and buffs for Uriel and Gabriel.


The news coming in from JP is incredibly exciting as it will help usher PAD into a new era with QoL improvements along with the ability to acquire a powerful card for free.

Generally speaking, NA gains JP content 2-3 months later but maybe something exciting will be teased on the NA stream on Friday evening.

Let me know which of these features you find most exciting along with how you plan to prepare your Monster Box moving forward.

Happy Puzzling!

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