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Thoughts on 5 Year Anniversary JP Stream


A 5 year anniversary for any game is a significant milestone and GungHo intends to make it memorable through a massive array of buffs, new evolutions, and quality of life improvements. I do not plan to comment on every single detail of the stream, but instead wish to highlight what I feel are more meaningful and how they can impact the player base.

If you wish to read the full details, I encourage you to visit the puzzledragonsx posting HERE. Just bear in mind North America tends to receive any new changes about 2 months after JP does.

Video commentary

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Recorded broadcast of JP Stream

Monster Box folder system

Sorting/filtering the monster box has come a long way since the inception of PAD, but it still has plenty of room for improvement. The new Monster Box folder system will allow you to more seamlessly sort your box to show cards of interest.


We will have an all folder, categorized, 2 custom, evolution material, awoken materials, and enhance materials folders. As someone who spends quite a bit of their time looking at their monster box, this will be quite an amazing update as it will better allow us to customize it to our liking or simply leave as is within the all card folder.

3 person coop

The debut of two player coop was met with mixed reviews and I can foresee a 3-way to be just as controversial. However, unlike the coop we all know, there will be some distinct changes/restrictions: Continue reading Thoughts on 5 Year Anniversary JP Stream