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Chrono Ma:Gia New Player Introduction Guide

This is my first time creating content for Chrono Ma:Gia and may continue to do so if this proves successful


Chrono Ma:Gia is the newest game to be released by GungHo and is a digital card game. In essence, the game revolves around carefully planning each turn to outmaneuver your opponent through Creatures, Spells, and Magia Skills.

While GungHo has released an official Beginner’s Guide, I feel it is still valuable to present my own perspective along with tips and tricks not covered already.

As a fair warning, Chrono Ma:Gia was only released on April 9, 2018 so the meta is still fluid and things may change quickly over time. Furthermore, I am by no means an expert in this genre but still have a modest amount of experience playing Hearthstone at a somewhat competitive level years ago. As such, this article will be placing most of the focus on early game management and how to avoid newbie pitfalls and get the most out of your game experience.

One distinct advantage of staring Chrono Ma:Gia now is being right on the cusp of Powercreep since everything is new. Furthermore, the learning curve will be gentler since less cards have been released compared to what will be available in a year’s time. Finally, there are currently very generous Login Bonuses during the first week and should be taken advantage of.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Community resources

All gaming communities have valuable player-created resources and Chrono Ma:Gia is no exception. I strongly encourage you to join either the Community Discord Server as well as checking out their Reddit Page.


Rerolling is a common term within most mobile games and is the process of restarting your game until you acquire a powerful starting Creature.

For Chrono Ma:Gia, rerolling means you complete the tutorial, open as many packs as possible, then clearing data/deleting the game and starting again until you acquire something “good.”

However, from my experience, the need to min/max your Rerolling is partially tied to your patience level along with the rarest cards being only marginally better overall. However, if your starting Pack of Cards yields 5 Commons, I would reroll. Continue reading Chrono Ma:Gia New Player Introduction Guide