Hello Everyone!

Hello Fellow Puzzle and Dragoners!

I am Mantastic & Fantastic and have been playing PAD for over two years and currently play two different accounts (rank 470 & 376 at time of posting) and very iap light. PAD is currently my most played game with only WoW attempting to compete (only 3 raids a week).

 PAD box chrPAD box chr2Box +s

Mantastic is my main account and I never knew about rerolling and started with countless 3 & 4 star things and sorting by CHR looks quite distressing and would have looked worse if i had not fed away numerous plus egg mistakes. My first real REM god (I am excluding Gabriel as he was the first REM god, but not helpful) came around 3-4 months into my PAD life and was Kirin Sakuya!!! I had up to that point cleared Purple Hera, Two Heros, The tricolour Takemanakati (sp), as well as legendary Thief Descended. But once I did acquire Kirin, my pad life skyrocketed in terms of fun and excitement. I used a team of Kirin, Valkyrie, Verche, Echidna, and King Bubblie (Hera-is before physical kirin) and this team surprisingly cleared a lot of content including True Endless Corridors and the Zeus Vulcan when it was current content!

Old Kirin TeamTEC First ClearZeus Vulcan Clear

 Fast forwarding I now have 10 hypermaxes as well as a full 300 friend list with around 60 BFF. My friends list is vastly populated with Kirin and Kali and that probably helped with gaining best friend tokens as I have consistently run Kirin for almost 2 years.

Box +sFriend ListMantastic ID

My alt account (Fantastic) was inherited from a friend who quit around rank 200. It had one hypermaxed Umi Yami and essentially no other plus eggs. Now it has nearly 5 hyper maxes and I am mostly looking to populate their friends list with Awoken Shivas and then more Umi Yami when the new extended ult evo comes out and he becomes popular again.

Fantastic + box Fantastic ID

I am pretty much love the play style of the match 4 colours -> 25x dmg and I am trying to branch out to other top tier leads that I have acquired over time with only Awoken Shiva providing a competitive alternative to U&Y with minimal plus eggs. Currently, my most played teams are Sakuya & Kali for Mantastic, while Fantastic uses Umi Yami and Awoken Shiva. I switch teams based on the dungeon requirements as each have their own strengths and weaknesses. I will in the future make team building for my most used leads in a separate posting.

My goal with this blog is to provide a valuable resource for all pad players, but with the specific focus on newer accounts and low/no iap game play. I know there are other existing blogs/resource sites, but even I found them to be over the top in terms of time/money investment required to utilize them to their fullest potential. I wish to show everyone that Puzzle and Dragons can be thoroughly enjoyed at all levels of play. Among my friends and family (most notably my rank 380+ mother), I have become a ‘PAD database’ in terms of strategy and advice; and as such, I wish to share with everyone! I am still new to the world of blogging and I would love any feedback/suggestions/or even words of encouragement. Thank you for reading thus far =)

One thought on “Hello Everyone!”

  1. Wow you know so much about pad! I look forward to keeping up on your blog and getting to better know how to succeed at PAD most efficiently!


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