The Guide to my Descend Guides!!

Hello and welcome to the first entry into my Descend Guides!

Descends are the most challenging dungeons ins PAD and they offer a wide variety of mechanics to puzzle your way around =)

What my goal with my future guides is to provide commentary on all the floors as well as the tips and strategies to employ in order to circumnavigate the most dangerous of foes. I will try to include as many screenshots as possible along with following my own template as set out here:

First Turn Danger: is the first turn you make as soon as you enter the dungeon potentially lethal? What can you do to prevent this through skill boosts, certain actives, or temp comps etc.

Skill Lock Resist Danger: does the dungeon have any crucial areas where skills can be bound/locked? Remember, each skill lock resist awakening grants a 20% chance to resist.

Delayable: delayable may not be a word, but I am going to make it a term to whether or not you can delay crucial floors through Echidna (my Echidna guide here), Okuninushi, etc.

Risk of Monster Binds: a simple warning of whether or not you need to be afraid of binds with preemptive binds being of the most danger

Blind / Dark Attack: Does the descend include any board blinding abilities that inhibit you to see your orbs. You can tap on each individual orb and reveal it without triggering a match, but need to do for all 30 and then memorize it. You get some ‘help’ by noticing the shape of the hearts are different and for this team, only red orb can be enhanced. General trend would be to start in one corner and quickly swap over every orb to reveal and hopefully trigger a match or two. I try to remember where my ‘dead’ orbs are or take a screenshot prior to the blind attack. Each blind resist awakening provides a 20% chance to reveal the board

Not the most ideal situation....
Not the most ideal situation….

Highest HP / Extreme Defense Floor: Simply gives you an idea as to what the highest HP floor is and where it occurs. Also I will include exceptionally high defense monsters that may require an active to deal with

Colour Preferences: Simply going to state if there is a certain colour attribute that is more/less favourable in the dungeon as it can make the dungeon easier or harder depending on your team

Major Threats / Conclusion: The too long, did not read part if you just want the fastest over view possible =P

Then I will do a break down of each floor in more detail, the top is mostly for quickest reference. I will also be linking the PADx website information to help ensure my numbers are correct =D

When I provide information on numbers I will list the Legendary Difficulty first followed by Mythical (in brackets). For example, floor 4 has 500k hp (800k) hp and does xyz…..etc.

As a forewarning, these guides will not provide help for the invades as they are random and rare in nature.

I hope this will prove to be successful and all feed back is encouraged and welcomed!



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