Best Farmable Monsters to Obtain and Why

As the title implies, I want to provide a list of the best farmable monsters to acquire and where they can be found. Currently, GungHo has been very generous with events, magic stones, etc. and a new account are able to push through content much faster due to more REM access, higher multiplier leads, and hypermaxed (best) friends. All of this adds up to a lower need to search out and acquire farmable monsters, but many have value to this day. These will be listed in no particular order because everyone will place different value on each card as your team composition, team cost, and current progress affect your needs. From my own experience, I found Echidna Echidna , Valkyrie valkpad , Athena Athena , Dark Izanami Diza , Zaerog Infinity Z8, and Satan Satan to be the most helpful and still used to this day. Furthermore, I will try my best to keep this list up to date as new content is released.


Needs +3 more RCU…
  • Best place to find: Is a rare drop from numerous normal dungeons as well as the pal egg machine, but Echidna has her own survey dungeon: Scarlet Snake Princess
  • How easy to acquire? Beginner accounts can and should get her immediately
  • Uses and team roles: I wrote an in-depth guide to Echidna HERE, but she essentially has great recovery, a three turn delay, and fills the red slot on rainbow teams. Delays are starting to come back into style with more bosses having perseverance or resolve mechanics. By delaying the boss, you are able to circumnavigate their execution ability at 1% health. However, for beginning players, this delay could mean the difference between a successful 0-stone clear, or a painful death. Do not underestimate how Menacing Echidna can be =)

Awoken Dancing Queen Hera-Ur (Red Hera)

You are the dancing queen....
You are the dancing queen….
  • Best place to find: Hera-Ur Descended! has a 100% drop on mythical difficulty although she can also be acquired through other descends and challenges
  • How easy to acquire? I would place the descend as quite unforgiving and difficult as it is a very short 5 floor dungeon with two large preemptives and on mythical you are unable to delay or poison crucial floors
  • Uses and team roles: Aside from her charm and good looks, Dancing Queen Hera fulfils the orb enhance role on mono red and devil teams. It is worth noting that her ultimate evolution only enhances red orbs instead of red and dark. If you are using a purely dark devil team and are in need of an orb enhance, her Awoken Hera-Ur Awoken Hera Ur form may be your best solution. However, in her Dancing Queen Dancing Queen Hera form, she has superior awakenings and enables red teams to burst even higher

Avowed Thief, Ishikawa Goemon

Farmable Beefcake
Farmable Beefcake
  • Best place to find: His own Descend with mythical being 100% drop
  • How easy to acquire? Goemon’s descend is on my 7 ‘easier’ descend hit list in my NEW PLAYERS GUIDE so he is relatively easy to acquire in his base form. However, his real value and uses require him to be ultimately evolved and thus out of reach for early usage
  • Uses and team roles: Many high ranking players who are solely interested in speed farming use Goemon as a lead due to the “press one active, kill floor” play style. The teams can vary in sub choices, but the overwhelming trend is to have many skill boosts to use as little time as possible per floor. Do keep in mind that this team allows you to clear dungeons very quick, but you are still using the same amount of stamina and thus to truly benefit, you have to be willing to refill your stamina repeatedly

Gigas the Great!

4 Star Form is MVP for low cost
4 Star Form is MVP for low cost
  • Best place to find: Athena Descended! is perhaps the most reliable place to acquire him as he perhaps drops 1/3 times and you would be replaying Athena for skill ups any way. He does drop throughout numerous normal dungeons, but I found this was the best way to get him reliably and also in his 4 star form. As a side note, his skill up fodder is found practically everywhere in the form of Samurai Goblins Samurai Goblin .
  • Easy to acquire? Yes and he is also found in the pal egg machine along with being found in the normal dungeon, Tower of Giants (because he is so tall of course).
  • Uses and team roles: With such a great name as he has, Gigas is only truly great as a low cost team sub for the horrible cost restricted descends. Having 1 or 2 Gigas at max skill is a massive health increase and provides a 5-turn orb changer. Of course you can always use Gigas in his evolved form as a mono red sub, but I feel his true power lies in the low cost realm.

Broad-Minded Hell Deom, Scarlet

Scarlet Stats
Sexy in scarlet?
  • Best place to find: Scarlet Scarlet Icon is a guaranteed drop from Scarlet Descended!
  • Easy to acquire? Scarlet Icon ‘s descends is probably the hardest dungeon to date as it is very unforgiving and your monsters will not level up much due to less floors and no trash mobs. Any mistake is quickly punished by a swift death and clearing, let alone skill her up is a task for only the most veteran players.
  • Uses and team roles: Scarlet Icon can function as either a mono red lead or sub that places emphasis on fire row Fire Row enhances. Furthermore, you can combine her haste mechanic with other skilled up haste monsters to create a “system.” A system is a type of team that can repeatedly chain actives on every floor due to the bountiful haste abilities and low base cooldown. A luxury team consisting of only max skilled Scarlet Icon s can in theory use multiple actives every floor and this is referred to as a Scarlet System. Regardless, she can form a 25x multiplier team when matching 10 connected fire orbs. We are still waiting for a stronger row-based red team, but once we have that leader, Scarlet Icon will be a wonderful sub.

Permafrost Queen, Hera-Is

Hot yet Cold
Hot yet Cold
  • Best place to find: She drops from her own descend Hera-Is Descended and can also be skilled up via purple Hera found in Divine Queen’s Sleepless Castle for her Blue/Dark Hera-Is form
  • Easy to acquire? Yes! Hera-Is is certainly one of the more easily obtainable monsters from descends and I personally place her on my 7 Descend Hit List for what beginners should aim for! Also, here is my step by step GUIDE to clearing her descend.
  • Uses and team roles: Hera-Is was at one point a top tier sub in her Blue/Dark Hera-Is form as she filled two awkward colours on rainbow teams and gravities reigned supreme. Fast forward to today, her role as a gravity is less vital; however, with the inclusion of perseverance as a boss mechanic, her active can allow a safe kill as you can use gravity to push the boss out of their perseverance range, then match orbs to kill. In her Blue/Blue Permafrost Hera is (and prettier form) she fills the role of a mono blue enhancer should you not have a suitable REM replacement. She is able to be skilled up via the Summer Pad Event and probably need to wait a while to have access again.

Giant Arched Sea Dragon King, Volsung

Volsung Stats
Someone woke up on the wrong side of the aquarium
  • Best place to find: Volsung Volsung is the final boss drop of his own descend,  Sea Dragon King – Legend Plus
  • Easy to acquire? No as this is a legend plus dungeon and your monsters all start at level 1. In addition, the floors leading to the boss are quite challenging and require careful planning and orb management to be successful. Further reading on how I cleared his descend can be found HERE
  • Uses and team roles: Volsung has an impressive 8 awakenings along with the coveted Light Kali Kali style board refresh. Granted, Volsung does reduce dragon and attacker type monsters by 50% for 1 turn, but that is the price you have to pay for one of the most powerful actives in the game. As a lead, he forms a 36x damage dealing rainbow team, but that is sadly not strong enough in today’s meta, and you probably used a stronger team to clear his descend too. Further reading on my impressions of Volsung can be found HERE.

Blue Champion Seigfried!

10/10 Artwork
10/10 Artwork
  • Best place to find: Seigfried can be easily obtained from his own dungeon, Hero’s Hideout, at a 50% drop rate OR from Athena Descended in his 5 star (second evolution) form.
  • How easy to acquire? Heros Hideout is much easier to clear than Athena; however, it requires clearing Divine Queen’s Sleepless Castle which may prove tricky for very new accounts. Yet, Hero’s Hideout and Athena Descended are definitely easy compared to the rest of the content
  • Uses and team roles: Seigfriend can go either Blue/Light Seigfried or Blue/Red BR Seigfried in terms of ultimate evolutions with the decision really coming down to your own art preference or if you badly need the sub colour. He fills the wonderful role of Blue heart breaker and can be feasibly skilled up to a 5 turn cooldown making him invaluable orb generator for mono blue teams. Seigfried may lack in awakenings and be a bit too HP heavy, but in a pinch he can make appearances on many teams


Not Quite as Loud as a Siren...Beeedoohhhbeeedooohhhhh
Not quite as loud as a siren…
  • Best place to find: Siren has no exceptionally easy way to obtain per say; however, if I had to name a dungeon, it would be Blue Sky Dragon for 30 stamina in the Normal dungeon section.
  • Easy to acquire? Yes and no….she can come out of the old pal machine, as well as a rare drop throughout numerous special and normal dungeons. The difficulty in dungeons is low, but the time investment may make your head spin
  • Uses and team roles: Aside from playing fancy orchestras under the sea, Siren is one of the best (and farmable) heart makers in the game! She is very easily skilled up via the blue Marine Goblins Marine Goblin and has amazingly high recovery. You can use Siren on a team that combines bind revoery Bind Clear awakening awakenings with her active to have a makeshift bind clear through a row of hearts. Siren can also play the defensive sub role in mono or rainbow colour teams. Since her access to skill ups is so common, you can have one max skilled very early on and be able to stall on bosses longer due to frequent heart generation and high recovery

Wolf Hero, Ignis Cu Chulainn

Choo Choo
Choo Choo
  • Best place to find: This Noble Wolf Hero Chu Chu can be easily obtained from his own dungeon, Hero’s Hideout, at a 50% drop rate OR from Athena Descended in his 5-star (second evolution) form.
  • How easy to acquire? Heros Hideout is much easier to clear than Athena; however, it requires clearing Divine Queen’s Sleepless Castle which may prove tricky for very new accounts. Yet, Hero’s Hideout and Athena Descended are definitely easy compared to the rest of the content
  • Uses and team roles: I call him Choo Choo for some strange reason, but could be mainly because of the previous naming released early on. Regardless, Cu Chulainn Chu Chu is an amazing mono green sub but only truly shines in his Green/Red form as this evolution unlocks the TPA awakening which is immensely popular in mono green teams. The rapid access to green orbs combines with well balanced stats, makes for an excellent sub even along side REM options.

Ancient Dragon Knight, Zeal

I had an evo form once upon a time...
I had the ult evo form once upon a time…
  • Best place to find: The green Mystic Knight ADZ can be most easily found in his own survey dungeon:  Dragon Guardian.
  • Easy to acquire? Yes! Like all the Mystic Knights, ADZ is found in more that just his survey dungeon and can also be obtained via the older pal machine.
  • Uses and team roles: Once regarded as a strong 9x lead for dragons, ADZ has fallen out of favour simply due to time and powercreep. However, he is still a 5 turn orb changer of red to green which is a boon to all mono green teams as well as Umisachi Yamisachi U&Y teams (who do not use red orbs). Yes I know mine is not fully evolved, but I did have one a long time ago and fed him away for the pluses once I realized Sakuya Sakuya was my dream team.

Divine Law Goddess, Valkyrie Rose

Probs my fav art of all farmable monsters
Probs my favourite art of all farmable monsters
  • Best place to find: This lovely lady is a guaranteed drop from Mythical Goddess Descended
  • How easy to acquire? Her descend is one of the easier to conquer as it was released probably 2+ years ago and as such has less mechanics to deal with
  • Uses and team roles: Eye Candy aside, Valkyrie valkpad fills the green slot on rainbow teams as well as being a powerhouse on the light primary rainbow teams. The fact she can be skilled up to 5 turns as well as providing the main damage orb makes her almost irreplaceable. Perhaps I am biased as she was my second hyper max and has an almost guaranteed spot on my Sakuya Sakuya and Light Kali Kali teams. Awakenings are quite strong for a farmable monster as the two prong attack TPA and double light orb enhance +light orb awakenings pushes your damage when combined with at least 3 other +light orb awakenings because it guarentees all light orbs will spawn with a plus and adds +50% more damage for all light monsters. I could probably ramble on more about my love for Valkyrie, but I should restrain and make her own post at a later date =) TLDR, if you own a rainbow or light team get her!

Guardian of the Sacred City, Athena

No Chariot, More Pew Pew
No Chariot, More Pew Pew
  • Best place to find: Athena has her own descend and has a 100% drop rate in Shining Goddess
  • How easy to acquire? Athena would be one of the first descends tackled by new players as she is on my 7 descend hit list as explained in my other GUIDE. Furthermore, her descend can also drop Gigas, Seigfried, and Choo Choo in their second evolved form
  • Uses and team roles: Athena Athena makes a fantastic farming lead as she provides an unconditional 9x damage multiplier along with a modest hp buff for god types. Simply match a yellow two prong attack TPA and BOOM! easy floor sweep. Her active is okay as the enhance does add damage, but it is quite dependent on how many light orbs your board has and needs to be comboed with an orb changer.  However; Athena can also provide the role of an offensive powerhouse on rainbow teams. In addition, her 2 TPA awakenings allow Athena to burst incredibly high and is able to pierce through high defence monsters with ease. Furthermore, her 2 blind resist Blind Resist awakenings means she provides 40% protection all on her own. Lastly, she can fill the green slot on rainbow teams. I am pretty biased towards her as I do find her power to be fantastic and is one of my hypermaxes.

Empress of Creation, Izanami

Baby Dragon goes Rawr
Baby Dragon goes Rawr
  • Best place to find: She drops from Izanami Descended from the 5th floor, but it is not a guaranteed drop even on Mythical
  • How easy to acquire? Her Descend is modestly challenging and I did write a very in-depth guide HERE. Once you are able to clear the descend, it may take a few clears to actually get her to drop.
  • Uses and team roles: Light Izanami Light Izanami is less powerful than her dark cousin Diza as the shield only lasts 1 turn compared to 3 and is harder to skill up. I am only wanting to bring attention to Light Izanami because she is more “on” colour for many light rainbow teams and can fulfil the blue slot as well. Her stats are quite well balanced and her active, if you can make use of it, is powerful way to avoid a killing blow or large preemptives.

Godly Knight of the Sky, Verche

a 'God'
a ‘God’
  • Best place to find: Verche Verche drops conveniently from two different dungeons: Blade of Justice and Light Carnival
  • Easy to acquire? Yes! He drops like candy in Light Carnival as well as Blade of Justice. In addition, he has countless appearances in other dungeons
  • Uses and team roles: Verche functions as a fantastic 5 turn orb changer and removes those pesky dark orbs for Sakuya Sakuya teams. As a sub in mono light / god (Athena Athena) teams, Verche acts as a quick and easy orb changer who also has a TPA awakening. I used him extensively in my early Sakuya days and still use him on my Athena team to make runs go faster.

Pacifying Yomi Goddess, Izanami

Diza stats
She just wants a hug!
  • Best place to find: She drops from Izanami Descended as a guaranteed drop on Mythical
  • How easy to acquire? Her Descend is modestly challenging and I did write a very in-depth guide HERE.
  • Uses and team roles: Dark Izanami Diza is regarded as one of the best subs in the game due the advent of haste on dark teams. Diza provides a 35% damage reduction shield lasting 3 turns on a 6-turn cooldown. When using haste actives, you are able to potentially chain her active repeatedly and thus have a permanent 35% damage reduction shield. In addition, she provides 1,500 worth of auto healing through her 3 Auto heal awakenings. Furthermore, her large health pool can allow you to survive significantly more painful attacks even without the use of a shield.

Maleficent Phantom Dragon King, Zaerog∞

King of Dragons
King of Dragons
  • Best place to find: Zaerog Infinity (Z8) Z8 only drops from his own Legend Plus Descend: Zaerog∞ Descended – Special
  • Easy to acquire? No! At the time of his release, he was the most challenging descend to date. However, over the past few months, we have gained access to more awoken evolutions and thus making it a bit more manageable. Lastly, the descend gatekeeps newer players as plus eggs have more benefit because they provide their full value regardless of your monster’s levels.
  • Uses and team roles: Aside from the pure trophy aspect, Z8 is a top tier lead and sub once max-skilled. However, farming for skill ups can be quite challenging as the dungeon is difficult to clear and requires 10 successful skill ups. The power of enhanced skyfalls, enhanced dark orbs Dark Orb Enhance , and haste result in a fantastic active overall. Some mono dark or combo teams may like to have 2 max skilled Z8 to have a permanent skyfall buff, but that alone is an obscene investment. If you have the capacity to clear and skill him up, Z8 will become a dream monster to have.

Awoken Hel

Hel Stats
An evil temptress
  • Best place to find: Awoken Hel Awoken Hel is the final boss drop from her own descend, Princess of Darkness
  • Easy to acquire? No as Princess of Darkness is quite the challenging descend as the final boss has 6.8 million health on mythical.
  • Uses and team roles: Awoken Hel is quite the unique monster and deserves special mentioning as she is capable of forming a 49x damage lead with 4x recovery. However, you must match 6 connected poison orbs to trigger your full multiplier. This unique playstyle offers a new challenge as you must simultaneously manage your health, poison orbs, and dark orbs to deal damage. Awoken Hel is able to be max skilled to a 6-turn cooldown and between the 2 leads, you should be able to chain skyfall actives. Fun to play, but challenging to master is perhaps the best way to summarize Awoken Hel .

King of Hell, Satan

World's End isnt that Scary....
World’s End isnt that Scary….
  • Best place to find: Satan drops from his own Descend at 100% chance on the single difficulty level.
  • How easy to acquire? He is on my 7 descend hit list found in my New Player’s Guide and his dungeon’s main hurdle is overcoming 6.66 million HP (which is crazy high for an old dungeon) but the difficulty is offset/enhanced by no heart orbs spawning.
  • Uses and team roles: I use Satan Satan as a speed farming dark row, devil based team and most notably for King of Gods Farming. Satan provides an amazing health pool, but you are unable to actually heal any health when matching heart orbs (can still heal via awakenings and actives). This makes his gameplay different as you have to find a balance between stalling and sweeping the floors. Luckily, there are many dark devils available and his triple row enhance can wreck modest bosses when speed farming. I pair Satan with a Lu Bu Lu Bu to bring myself to ~40k hp and many row enhance awakenings

Crazed King of Purgatory, Beelzebub

Vroom Vroooooom
Vroom Vroooooom
  • Best place to find: Beelzebub Beelzebub drops from his own descend, Fiend Prince Mythical
  • How easy to acquire? I would place Fiend Prince in the middle in terms of descend difficulty as it is relatively straight forward and numerous actives can hard counter the dungeon mechanics. With that being said, it may be best to wait until you develop your teams more or complete other descends.
  • Uses and team roles: The crazed motorcycle riding demon acts as a powerful leader especially when paired with Red Sonia Red Sonia as he provides a large HP boost along with a strong damage multiplier. Beelzebub ‘s awakenings are sadly TPA TPA based and that goes against the norm of devils being row based Dark row . However, Beelzebub ‘s leader skill is still powerful. One neat trick I have learnt while farming King of Gods is that you can use Lu Bu Lu Bu twice (floor 9 and 10) as Beelzebub provides a heal to push your health above 1 in order to use the second Lu Bu Lu Bu for the 10th floor.


That outfit...
That outfit…
  • Best place to find: Lilith Lilith has no survey dungeon to acquire so the best two spots would be Satan Descended and Purple Skydragon (normal 30 stamina dungeon)
  • How easy to acquire? There is no place where she is a guaranteed drop; however, Satan and the Skydragon dungeon do have a modest drop rate and she can roll out of the older pal egg machine
  • Uses and team roles: Lilith has historically been valued for her ability to poison high defence monsters and effectively bypass their mechanic and instantly kill them. This still holds true and can be used to remove dangerous pii (coin dungeon, challenge 5), or high defense monsters in the various weekday dungeons. She also now has the benefit of providing a small 50% boost to devils for one turn and thus allowing her to double dip in her active usage. It is good to note her recovery is amazingly high for a devil and will provide a huge RCV value to any team. Lastly, you can use her poison to kill a boss with resolve (who does not have status shield).

Cyclone Devil Dragon

Like and evil T-Rex
An evil T-Rex
  • Best place to find: This Ripper dragon drops from countless places that it may just simply happen to end up in your box. If i had to give the ‘best’ place to acquire I would say either Hera-Is Descended or Purple Skydragon (normal 30 stamina)
  • How easy to acquire? I am going to say easy? He will probably come out of the old pal machine as a little black dragon or randomly from a dungeon, just don’t throw him away!
  • Uses and team roles: Cyclone Devil Dragon deserved mentioning because he is a farmable devil with an orb changer. Now, it may not seem that impressive to have a simple water to dark orb conversion at a max skill of 8 turns, but Cyclone Devil Dragon does synergize with Haku Haku to produce a board 2/3 dark and 1/3 red. Even if you do not own a Haku , Cyclone Devil Dragon can still provide an orb change for devil / dark teams. Even to this day, I still use him on my King of Gods Satan Satan farming team.

Dark Liege, Vampire Duke

He used to have better hair....
He used to have better hair….
  • Best place to find: Like the Cyclone Devil Dragon Cyclone Devil Dragon, Vampire Vampire kind of drops everywhere; however, he does have his own (albeit rarely seen) survey dungeon, Lightless Devil’s Nest
  • Easy to acquire? Vampire drops from countless  all the time and even comes out of the old pal machine. Just be aware that when it says Lightless Devils Nest, the lightless part is actually no light orbs, so provided you do not take a mono light team, should be a cakewalk
  • Uses and team roles: Vampire is the dark equivalent of Valkyrie valkpad with inferior awakenings and stats. Vampire has an amazingly powerful 5 turn heart to  dark orb change which is easy to skill up. The biggest drawback compared to valkpad is he only comes with 3 awakenings. But nevertheless, Vampire can play a central role in dark based teams as the quick access to dark orbs can allow you to pump out constant damage. He also has quite balanced stats and a large amount of recovery for devils.

If you feel I have overlooked certain strengths or missed your favourite farmable monster, please leave a comment below and I will make changes as needed. In addition, I will try to keep this page updated as we acquire more farmable options for our favourite teams.

Happy Puzzling!

10 thoughts on “Best Farmable Monsters to Obtain and Why”

  1. Slimes – 3x boost if useful for taking down bosses early in the game
    Golems – R/B/G has a decent damage reduction, L/D has armor break and damage reduction
    Angelion/Drawn Joker – Heart Makers and useful with combined with Heart Breakers
    Orges/Demons – 2x SBs along with active to take down high defense monsters
    Nebradisk – poor man GOdin
    Grape Dragon/Snow Dragon Noir – poor man Luci

    Nearly everything here is geared for newer players but they could be useful for older players


  2. Zeus/Hera/Zera – Gravity user to get rid of those perseverance
    Guan Yinping – Low cost savior though JP is planning to change the restrictions so maybe not as useful
    Tengu – Skill boosts galore


  3. Helpful! Your posts are giving me great results.

    Already got Valk and yesterday Athena.
    But the key to beat Athena was a farmable monster that was not listed here, the Valk’s little dragon!

    I think the tornado is a heavenly version of the Cyclone you mentioned above, but with better Awokens.
    I really enjoyed this dragon and recommend for any healer or light team.

    Monster number 1093



    1. Congrats on Valk and Athena! You are right in that I should be including a few other monsters and I will try to update this accordingly =)

      Always glad to have constructive feedback =D


  4. Hi, I’m kinda new to pad (2 months casual play)
    rank 149 right now (mostly due to the exp boost tama dungeons)

    I’m kinda lost on where to go right now. Most of my usable leads are the mini 3 kingdom leads, and my main team is: cao cao (mini), samurai goblin, island fuu, phoenix, phoenix rider valen. Then picking cao cao or red odin friend lead.

    link to my pad herder:,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    progression wise I can clear normal up to mars crater, legendary dragon footprints
    technical up to hill of iris’s rainbow.
    daily dungeon up to expert.

    Any tips of where i should focus? possible team build? felt a bit lost right now.
    I also have a +297 tama, (and 26 tama stashed) so i can awaken stuff if needed.
    skill wise… i think i average 3 to 4 combo/board.


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