One Step Closer to my Dream Team

The previous Player’s Choice Godfest, I managed to roll a Susano Baby Susano in my 14 rolls for Mantastic. He competes with my hypermaxed Kush Baby Kush and Dark Izanami Diza as a shielding option. However, Awoken Susano Susano outclasses both of them because of his bind-immunity and covering both red and green for my Awoken Sakuya Sakuya team. Having both Susano and Sakuya being bind-immune allows me to activate my leader skill even if the boss tries to bind every monster on my team. This will save me at some point or another and I am looking forward to trying a new Sakuya team roster.

Dream Team
Nearly there…

This was one of the dream teams I always wanted to build as mentioned in my Awoken Sakuya Guide, but was missing Susano and a second Light Kali Kali .  I got lucky on a previous godfest in pulling the second Kali on my second pull. Now I just need to finish 3 more skill ups for Elia Elia and get the remaining 120 plus eggs. (no more attack please!). The team provides 100% skill lock resistance along with 2 board refreshers, two haste actives, a 3-turn shield, purple to light orb changer, bind-clearing, and 2 20% gravities.

After finishing this team, I will most likely not need to do any adjustments to my Sakuya team and possibly branch out into working on a dark based team. Regardless, Exciting times ahead!


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