12 thoughts on “900 Days of PAD and why I Keep Coming Back for More”

    1. Well you could say I am pretty, put on sunglasses, GungHo about this game 😉

      And this is an individual game so my progress should not draw away from your own successes. So congrats to you and your own 900 day anniversary =D


  1. you are such a pro in PAD! I am forever jealous. I just started playing the game quite recently. I’m still working on my matching and strategies. I hope to get better at it soon 🙂

    Congratulations on the 900 day PADniversary 😀


    1. You are far too kind ❤ I am certain your puzzling skill will make leaps and bounds (especially if you read my content!)

      If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Thank you once again and Happy Puzzling!


  2. 900!!! Great job and great dedication. I think regardless of individual game success, your guides/blog have provided an incredible resource. I am in no way a PAD pro, but I am also not a beginner and I frequently find myself learning a great deal from you. Thanks and cheers on 900!


  3. Dude, it’s a lot of +297 on that box, Even for 900 days!

    Why blue is so popular in this game?
    I have noticed friends on my list changing to blue (and letting me down)
    Technically, Light & Dark aren’t the strongest(lossless)?

    And Again, Congrats on all your accomplishments.


    1. Thank you! I have worked long and hard and was quite proud of my 4 full rows =D

      Blue is mostly popular due to I&I/Ryune and Blonia teams. Dark still has arguably the strongest depth of monsters to draw from and some very high end leads (Pandora, Lucifer, Anubis). Light is mostly Ra Dragon, Sakuya, and Awoken Ra

      Best of luck in your own PAD journeys!


  4. so many +eggs!!!

    I rolled 9 times in the Chinese + Sengoku and didn’t get a single Chinese or Sengoku 😦 Instead I got 2 6* GFEs (but they weren’t named Eschameli, Scheat, or DKali), Ryune and Dark Metatron. I think DMeta will be a great addition to my FA Lucifer team. With Pandora + DMeta I can “mimic” Akechi Mitsuhide’s active to some extent, plus I have a damage shield if I ever needed that.

    And I think I’m going to start making a Ryune team, plus now there’s one more person for I&I users to friend if they need to.


    1. Plus eggs have become so much easier to acquire with 10x, my jump from 800 to 900 days (the time when 10x was introduced) was ridiculous. I remember grinding hard in Starlight Sanctuary and Star Vault. Now 10x does that in a day.

      My godfest luck was quite lackluster. Nearly the same as you minus the 6-star GFE =( Yeah Dmeta is a flexible option and also a speed farming lead if you have a skilled LuBu or Durga to reset your hp to 1

      You would be very popular with Ryune as they are quite rare so be prepared to be flooded with friend requests =P


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