Awoken Freyr Released

Freyr Awoken Freyr is a hot new addition to fire teams. Forgoing their silly mounts, they instead gain a sparkly sword and much fiercer facial expression. Artwork aside, Freyr gains a tremendous boost in weighted stats (most notably in health) at the expense of losing recovery. With the current top fire team being Awoken Shiva Shiva (and Shiva Dragon Shiva D  for 300k monster points) who grants a recovery boost, the loss in healing potential is negated. Freyr received an active update with their awoken evolution and now will boost fire and water type monsters by 2x for 2 turns along with one turn haste on a 12-turn cooldown when max skilled. As with I&I and Awoken Thor Thor active changes, Freyr ‘s feels like a sidegrade and not a meaningful power boost that I associate with awoken evolutions. Increasing the base cooldown lowers the haste potential if your team runs multiple haste actives. However, the additional two  TPA and double Skill Lock Resist awakenings allow Freyr to play on either row-based Fire Row or TPA teams.

Gaining two TPA and double Skill Lock Resist allows Freyr to be utilized on a TPA heavy Shiva team. Freyr will primarily be competing with Set Set for the damage enhancing role on a red based team and as previously discussed in my November 18th Evolution Post, and Freyr is superior in almost every way. Both Freyr and Set increase fire attribute damage which stacks with enhanced orbs that Shiva ‘s active generates and this is another way to guarentee a one shot on a powerful boss. It becomes redundant to stack too many orb-changers on a team because you are unable to use too many on one turn for an Shiva team because you have to be able to make at least 6+ combos. Lastly, the damage carrying over to a second turn can allow you to kill the second to last floor with ease and transition into the boss with one more turn of enhanced damage. This can preserve other actives or take down a boss in two turns who grants a free turn when pushed into a certain health threshold.

The blue subtype for Freyr screams out a spot as an Urd Urd sub as you will now benefit from the augmented health and recovery stats. Urd teams are not considered top tier at the moment, but perhaps when more subs that cover red and blue are released may increase her viability. In addition gaining an ultimate evolution may push her teams ahead.

Of the three Awoken Norse Gods ( I&I , Thor , and Freyr ) currently released, Freyr has the most viability because water is currently the weakest colour and Thor has no true role to fill as most light teams are rainbow based and currently are not in a true need for a 12-turn cooldown to augment damage as they already have very high base multipliers. If I am fortunate enough to pull Freyr in the next godfest, I will most likely place them on my Shiva for Fantastic as there are times when I do need the extra burst of damage.

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