Santa Claus Descended Video and Merry Christmas!!

The inner child in me stayed up until past midnight on Christmas Eve and was slightly disappointed that Santa Claus did not visit me right away in PAD =( Also, what did Santa say to Christmas Hera? Ho Ho Ho!

I managed to wake up early and play some PAD while most of my family was still asleep. I was also able to record my mythical / aka SuperBlessed clear in the new Santa Claus Descended, so you can watch me waste stamina instead of you! Only some minor hiccups and I promise I haven’t started drinking nor hungover from last night!

I hope everyone else is having a magical day and that you all stay SuperBlessed and have time for family as well PAD =D
May the skyfalls be with you, happy puzzling, and Merry Christmas!~

Christmas Tree
My family’s tree!
My fabulous Christmas Tree
My Fabulous Christmas Tree =D

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