Have a MOMtastic Mother’s Day!

May 8th is Mother’s Day and this year I have the opportunity to share my love for my Momtastic Mom in a unique and entertaining medium. Many of my readers already know my Mom is an avid Puzzle and Dragoner and has surpassed 850 login days and rank 468. She has a burning passion for the smoking hot Awoken Shiva Shiva but sometimes dabbles in Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon and will have a hypermaxed Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ ready upon release.

I am quite fortunate to have a close relationship with my mother even though I moved out several years ago and a large contributing factor has been Puzzle and Dragons. Throughout my life, my family has been relatively anti-video games and it came as a surprise she took to PAD with enthusiasm. Perhaps it is the puzzling aspect that appeals to her as she has quite the analytical mind as she has no interests in collecting pretty/cute cards. Regardless, I think she mainly started playing as a means to bond with her son (as most parents struggle to find a way to connect). I do not know many parents who would make this level of effort and I will always be grateful to her for more than just PAD. As a way to make this Mother’s Day extra special, I am hoping all you Awoken Shiva (and Yomi Dragon and future Awoken DQXQ) users can send her a friend request as she does have hers Pentamax with 5 attack latents.

Momtastic ID

Hopefully you remembered to call that special someone in your life to remind them that you care. Perhaps you could also surprise them with the gift of Puzzle and Dragons with a freshly rerolled account that has a strong starting monster! If you are lucky, you may begin to receive wonderful messages and have someone else who understands why you need to disappear for an hour when Star Den opens.

Mom text message

Happy Mothers day and Happy Puzzling!

4 thoughts on “Have a MOMtastic Mother’s Day!”

  1. I loved this homage to your mom. I started playing when my son was going through a rough time: it gave us a starting point for conversation as we waited for our stamina to refill in 10-minute increments! Things are better now but we both continue to enjoy the game–after 1,000+ days. And now that he’s at college it’s a nice ice-breaker for texts or phone calls. I still have no clue what I’m doing but I carry on, and plan to read your articles once summer vacation starts to help me develop teams. Please keep writing!


    1. That’s wonderful you and your son continue to bond and I’m thrilled to learn another family loves PAD as much as mine!
      I also remember the “dark” days of 10 minute stamina. Granted there was less to play, but I definitely appreciate the pace and content we have now.
      It’s also great you continue to play and I plan to publish new posts on a regular basis along with improving site navigation to better find relevant articles =)


  2. What a sweet post! I play with my son, too. You should see some of the janky teams we’ve put together to do multiplayer with his Lucifer and my Bodin. I’m always grateful that he still wants me to grab a controller (or in this case, my phone) and play with him.


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