Second Live Streaming at 6pm PST

My second stream via Twitch goes live tonight (Thursday, June 16) at 6pm PST. You can catch me at:

Looking forward to seeing you all there tonight.I am going to try and adhere to a Monday & Thursday 6pm PST streaming schedule. I will only stream for 2-3 hours at a time; however, I will try my best to interact with my viewers. So please drop by to ask any questions you may have as your queries are probably shared by other players.

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Happy Puzzling!

P.S. New Shirt =D

Deal With it Shirt

8 thoughts on “Second Live Streaming at 6pm PST”

    1. I only just enabled broadcasts to be recorded. Thus, every subsequent stream will be available to watch any time after. I will be creating a streaming tab at the top in the near future too

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  1. Did you make a post about combining plus eggs btw? I saw you mention it on first broadcast and been doing it that way since. It’s great

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