Big Updates to my Stream!! Also looking for new Twitch Mods!


I have been streaming Puzzle and Dragons on Twitch for a brief period of time with only two short streams a week. I do have reasonably strong views by PAD standards, but I wish to improve the experience for both myself and viewers. While recovering from my eye surgery, I had a lot of time to think about the direction I want to take for my stream and came up with a lot of fun and exciting way to evolve my stream from a 5-star to 8-star status! The two most notable changes will be more streaming sessions to help catch people in different time zones along with implementing a viewership reward system that awards a currency from passively watching which can be redeemed for Fantastic prizes!

Video commentary

More streaming sessions!

People love watching me play with myself, in coop, with my Mantastic and Fantastic accounts. As such, I wish to provide more times in which you can be entertained while trying to provide streaming sessions that are more convenient for viewers who are not on the West Coast. Note all the following start times are in PST:

  • Monday at 6pm
  • Thursday at 3:30pm
  • Friday at 3:30pm
  • Saturday at 2pm

I will try my best to adhere to this schedule and may still shift times/days around as needed. The best way to stay informed is to follow my various social media platforms as I will make announcements for when I go live and any delays that may happen:

Mantastic Icon Mantastic Social Media Mantastic Icon
FB icon Facebook twitter Twitter YT YouTube Twitch Twitch

New currency system

One thing I always try to achieve while streaming is engaging my audience through verbal interaction and entertaining gameplay. However, I want to go above and beyond the average streamer by rewarding my viewers with an in-stream currency to give them more options to interact with me and have a lot of fun at the same time.

I had a test stream on Friday and one viewer (forgot the name, sorry!) suggested I name my currency Myracle Stones as it is both punny along with tying into my love for Myr. Viewers will earn 1 Myracle Stones every 3 minutes they spend watching (Oh look, it is just like stamina!) and there is a large list of rewards they can redeem that will have a message pop up on stream along with a flashing an image and audio component.

Silver Egg redemptions all cost 25 Myracle Stones

These are fun and quick ways to grab everyone’s attention and I won’t spoil the surprise of what each one does, you will just have to try them all!

!wow redeem
!myraculous redeem
!senpai redeem
!salt redeem
!mantastic redeem
!fantastic redeem

Gold Egg rewards all cost 297 Myracle Stones

I am still thinking of other rewards to place in this tier and always open to suggestions

!boxreview <link to PadHerder/Pic of Box by Fav> – A quick on-stream box review

6-Star GFE Rewards all cost 750 Myracle Stones

These rewards are meant to be challenging to acquire and are truly Myraculous:

!makeitrain redeem – Make it rain 50 Myracle Stones to all current viewers. Everyone will love you long time
!singasong redeem – Mantastic will sing one of his favourite songs with YouTube providing a nice background ambiance


I will also be hosting raffles in which you can purchase tickets with Myracle Stones and a winner will be chosen at random. The more tickets you purchase, the more likely you will win. This will probably be used for viewer coop runs and will most likely be for a descend/rogue descend dungeon that is of an appropriate level.


Contests will allow you to gamble your Myracle Stones against other players during various events. You simply need to use the following commands along with the number of Stones you wish to enter.

!bet A is usually for YES
!bet B is usually for NO

Other contests may have more options so simply follow the prompts or listen on stream =)

Freebie stones

I will also be giving out Myracle stones at random times or when I clear exceptionally challenging dungeons. I may also bestow Myracle Stones for favourable Godfest rolls etc. so just keep watching!

IAP Myracle Stones

You can also IAP Myracle Stones by donating to the stream! For every dollar you spend, you will be credited 50 Myracle Stones and works retroactively if you donated in the past before this system was implemented. Just give me a friendly reminder and I will credit your account accordingly. For example, $15 will yield 750 Myracle Stones and can be used to make me sing Karaoke….

Summary for Myracle Stones

Myracle Stones are meant to be a way to reward loyal viewers. The goal is the more you watch, the more you will earn and be able to spend. You can still send a WOW or other silver egg reward every 75 minutes so even short term viewers will have something to do.

I am open to suggestions and would love feedback if possible.

Looking for new Twitch Mods

I do foresee my stream growing and while I have a very healthy twitch chat that needs little moderation, I want to be prepared. In addition to basic chat moderation, I hope my new mods will also help answer questions and provide sage advice to other viewers. What I look for in a Twitch Mod is someone who has shown stream/site loyalty along with an eagerness to step up to the plate when I become too fixated on my PAD matching.

If you wish to be considered for a Twitch Mod, please leave a comment below along with your Twitch name and a brief explanation as to why you want to be a Mod.


I hope you are as excited as I am for all these big and Myraculous changes. The currency system will hopefully be a hit and hopefully entice more people to come by and watching my stream as well as providing another level of interaction with myself and other viewers. My goal is to achieve Twitch Partnership as it will unlock an additional level of content for viewers as well as providing another medium for you to support my work.

Please let me know what you think along with any suggestions you may have.

Happy Puzzling!

17 thoughts on “Big Updates to my Stream!! Also looking for new Twitch Mods!”

  1. Hey Mentasta, I really enjoyed your test stream on Friday the new content was very exciting!

    I am interested in becoming a moderator for your stream. I am an avid fan of your content and the puzzle and dragons. I tune in consistently to your streams, bookmark your site, participate in chat and comments, and have even donated in The past. I try to take an active role as a member of this community on both your sites and social medias, the pad the sub Reddit, the pad discord, and even the pad Facebook page occasionally .

    I have really enjoyed watching you imnprove as a streamer over the past month or so and hope as a moderator I would be able to help both improve your experience and your viewers experience in your stream.

    Kaz272 (Frederick)


  2. Hey Mantastic, I really love watching your Youtube content, and always try to watch your stream when it’s up. I would love to be a mod of the stream and help everyone in the community.

    Thank you,


  3. Good to see you already start doing stuff about that! I was present at the Friday streaming and it was nice, people was enjoying it and everybody was pitching idea to help you out(and confusing your A3 run a the same time XD)

    Btw I think you did a typos on the titel, ”Twtich” xD


  4. YoYo Mantastic!,

    You’ve been dedicated to your PAD life even when life was throwing challenges at you from every corner. You’ve also helped me clear arena before so haha I want to help you now by moderating your stream :V

    xD Good Luck !
    Blank2101 (Haree)


  5. Would be nice to moderate your Twitch channel. Mainly I just wish to help out with anything that you might need. Keeping your chat running smoothly.

    KuuWhip, Kuu@PG


  6. Hey Mantastic and Fantastic!!

    I would love to be a Mod for your stream! I’m pretty sure you recognize my name. Honestly, I can’t say for sure how helpful of a Mod I will be but I will do my best to help you and everyone else in the stream and the PAD community! Plus, I’ve been playing PAD as a 100% Non-IAP player for almost as long as you have (as of 9/25/2016, i’ve reached my 997th day, so I’ll finally reach 1000 days on 9/28/2016 !!) so I do have knowledge of some, if not most, content in PAD.

    Happy Puzzling!
    Twitch IGN – Rawrzcookie
    PAD IGN – G_Saur@PG


    1. Plus, I was the one who suggested you name your Currency “Myracle Stones” (You should add my name to your post) [shameless plug].


  7. Hey Mantastic, I’ve been a big fan of your content since i’ve discovered you about 4 months ago. I stick mostly to the youtube side of things and always keep up with your site posts. I try and catch streams as often as possible and would be forever greatful to be a mod and give something back to you. Truly, you help brighten my day and keep me informed with the current pad news


  8. OMG Myracle Stones YES. I probably won’t be getting any for a while, I have class during all the times you stream >.> But I look forward to watching them in the future during breaks or holidays! 🙂


  9. Hello Mantastic! I am interested in becoming a moderator on your stream. I have been watching your videos and reading content from your site since around 5 months ago. Although I’ve only been to two streams, I will be visiting and chatting every time I can make it (Hopefully every time). I’m always a positive person and I have prior experience with being a moderator on twitch. I’d like to become a mod because your stream is one of my favorites and PAD is one of my favorite games (Been playing for three years on old account so I have decent knowledge of PAD). Many people apply for mod because they want the authority – which is something I hate with a passion. Mod should be a position that is used for the sole purpose of making the streaming community a better place and to give back in any way possible. Whether or not I become a moderator, I will continue to enjoy the “fantastic” content you put out on youtube and on twitch. Hopefully this wasn’t too long – Thanks for Reading!

    Twitch IGN – CH1CK3NMANMC



  10. Hi Mantastic, I’d like to be considered for mod on your twitch stream. I’ve been a long time and avid follower of your content and your thorough analyses have aided me greatly in my pad journey.

    I’m quite a veteran myself at 1231 days played and rank 632, so I like to also consider myself fairly adept as far as game knowledge, combo skills, and the meta are concerned. Often times in your stream and other pad streams, I answer questions and give advice (often common questions that streamers get tired answering) and I feel you have seen me answer questions at times yourself.

    Additionally, I’m no nonsense when it comes to harassment, racism, over the top spam, and similar negative chat contributions. I haven’t seen a great deal of bad behavior, but it’s been there and there are times where you’ve had to read some rather rude or crass comments that could have been timed out – allowing you to read more wholesome twitch chat goodness.

    Let me know if I can be of assistance 🙂


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