Brave 2 and Wisedragon Series Review and Analysis


As part of the REM overhaul, 10 new monsters have been added to the pool while simultaneously removing the less than desirable Late Bloomers, Elementals, and Fruit Dragons. This will at least cut down on the excessive silver/troll gold fodder while giving players the opportunity to pull new and exciting cards. At this point in time, the Late Bloomers and Fruit Dragons are often part of various gift dungeons but the elementals are now currently unobtainable.

This article will review both the Brave 2 and Wisedragon Pantheons along with advice and suggestion on how to use them.

Video commentary

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I will be following my S, A, B, C, D ranking scale with +/- as required. I will also incoperate these the next Godfest review charts. The order they appear in is irrelevant as only the difference in tiers should give you a general baseline to go off of.

One last point to keep in mind is that all 10 of these cards will be available at any time unlike Gala exclusives.

Brave 2 & Wisedragons Rankings

Brave 2 Pantheon

The Brave 2 series features pretty girls that have interesting active skills that are akin to Aizen 3359 in that they generate their sub element, hearts, and change their primary attribute to their sub element for 2 turns. Furthermore, their leader skills rely on using their two elements for maximum output which can prove challenging to build a team that specific. However, this output is for providing additional HP, but that still leaves them vulnerable due to poor base RCV. Having a larger HP pool means little when you cannot heal enough to replenish it as all of their base RCV levels are abysmal at best. As such, they will probably act as pseudo glass cannons for specific dungeons.

If used as subs, all of them feature the same 6 awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist  Multiplayer Bonus that encourages you to use them in coop to take advantage of their 50% improved stats. While this can lead to problematic damage control scenarios, the additional bulk has merits while also doubling as a bind clearing option. Furthermore, some players would be interested in using the Brave 2 cards as bases for inheriting Grimmjow 3363 as the massive base attack (multiplied by 50%) can enable you to deal spectacular damage on a button team which will enable you to successfully button Star Den and cheese certain ranking dungeon spawns.

However, all the Brave 2 cards can be used as powerful orb changers through Skill Inheritance as they can offer a different board changer synergy than what you may have currently available. Unfortunately, they will not be able to transfer stats to those respective mono-colour teams which does lower their overall appeal.

Finally, they all have 8 million experience curves but no evolution process and come out as base 6-stars.

 Solais – A+

Solais features the highest base ATK of the series (and highest in the game for coop play), but pays for it through 43 base recovery. She is able to convert water to light and dark to heal and would compete for Wukong’s spot as a mono-light orb changer. We will soon gain access to a tri-elemental board changer (Amenominakanushi ) that produces water, hearts, and light so there will be more value in the future.

As a sub, it will be hard to justify her usage on mono-light teams, but fire/light teams are gaining in popularity and Solais will help provide additional colour coverage along with a synergistic active skill.

As a leader, Solais is able to form an amazingly hard hitting team that relies on multiple light combos. As such, she will feel like a slightly more durable Sarasvati 3069.

 Arondight – A

Arondight features a fire to light orb changer along with dark to hearts. This provides more openings for mono-light teams as an inherit because Wedding Akechi W Akechi and NY Hanzo LD Hanzo tend to be much harder to find. This has beautiful synergy with Saria Saria boards, but I feel that Arondight will lack viability as a sub until the release of Amenominakanushi .

Amenominakanushi relies on using light/water cards and functions like a row-based Aizen 3359. As such, Arondight will provide RCV along with a beneficial orb changer that will allow you to bring more mono-light cards without compromising your healing potential (despite having 22 base RCV).

As a leader, Arondight relies on matching 6 connected light orbs to trigger 100x damage. This is quite easy to achieve and will result in wonderful damage output.

 Caladbolg – A

Like Solais, Caladbolg produces light orbs from water, but chooses to use fire instead of dark for their heart orb generation. The same nuances apply for skill transfer lacking any stat boost along with no board changer until Amenominakanushi .

As a leader, Caladbolg relies on light crosses while prioritizing Light/Wood cards for the health multiplier. However, you only require 1 light cross for 100x damage (400x for 2) so she is less orb hungry if you are playing through various content.

 Gan Jiang – A

Gan Jiang converts water to dark and wood to heal which is a shame as you cannot use them as an inherit for Dark Athena 3193 teams. However, they still have merits as an inherit due to the fact that they can act like Subaki  while trading haste/hazard removal for heart orbs. As such, you can use them to combo with Ryune Ryune boards which fantastic for other mono-dark teams.

As a leader, Gan Jiang functions like Caladbolg, but instead relies on 6 connected dark orbs. This has merits for easier farming content but may end up acting as a base for damage inherits for button farming.

 Misteltein – A

Misteltein changes fire to wood along with light to heal. This does provide alternative to Perseus  and Michael Michael for mono wood teams as all 3 utilize a different combination of orbs. Furthermore Misteltein can function on Ruel  teams as an additional orb changer.

When used as a leader, Misteltein will also act like a bulkier Sarasvati due to the potential for improved HP and 100x ATK with 3 wood combos.

 Wisedragons – S

The Wisedragons all come out of the Rare Egg Machine as an actual (5-star) egg that hatches and grows wiser with their evolution. Actual logic aside, the Wisedragons are alternatives to Gemstone Princesses for their respective element that may or may not be easier to acquire due to their non 6-star rarity and inclusion across all Galas/Carnivals as they are a regular REM card.

While the Gemstones are more universally versatile due to them scaling off of awakenings, the Wisedragons are a force to be reckoned with once their JP buffs go live. These buffs will enable them to provide 5x ATK and 2 turns of haste for their primary element. This will almost always eclipse the actual damage enhancement of a Gemstone Princess (1 + 0.3n where n is number of awakenings) while providing an invaluable 2 turns of haste.

2 turns of haste will help cycle your active skills back up towards the end of a dungeon and can also help with specific coop farming builds as it may allow you to save an active skill slot since you can reuse them again.

However, their main drawback is only bolstering damage for a single turn which can make the end floors of Arena 3 more challenging as you often use your burst to finish off the Radar Dragon and then to pierce through the shield on the Kali right after. As such, the 5x can almost been seen as a tad wasteful and slightly overkill as even 3-4x is usually more than enough.

Thankfully, all the Wisedragons have 1,000 weighted stats which results in a significantly stronger stat transfer through Skill Inheritance. I highly discourage using them as subs due to the measly 4 awakenings and should instead upgrade your existing burst active sub.


Both the Brave 2 and WIsedragon Pantheons add additional depth to the Rare Egg Machine and their debut is also marked by the joyous occasion of the removal of Elementals, Late-Bloomer, and Fruit Dragons.

While the Brave 2 series comes out as 6-stars, the Wisedragons should be easier to acquire due to their 5-star rarity.

Let me know what you think about these 10 new cards in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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37 thoughts on “Brave 2 and Wisedragon Series Review and Analysis”

  1. Managed to pull Caladbolg and the light Wisedragon. Looking forward to finding teams for them!


  2. Caladbolg should be rated higher then any of those .. he is just like aizen with a HP boost instead of rcv
    Only first form too 400x vs 576x.. much more tanky then aizen ..


    1. While Caladbolg will have higher HP than Aizen, it is not always feasible to always fill with light/wood cards. Furthermore, having a massive amount of HP really does not fare well in longer/end game content where you need to heal.

      One of Aizen’s greatest strengths is his ability to full recover from a few heart orbs and Caladbolg teams will struggle due to both leaders having exceptionally low RCV

      In addition, Aizen does have a higher static multiplier with no cross and is able to make use of dark cards which tend to be the strongest atm


      1. What u don’t realize is caladbolg doesn’t have a evo yet once that comes it would be pretty good
        There a lot of good light/green too. caladbolg will be strong .


        1. I agree that not having an ult evo leaves room for potential, it does not mean they are going to be amazing/released any time soon as nothing is teased/determined


  3. I started a New us Account after loosing my old iPhone and with it my old eu acc. Now I have to play on a Samsung.
    Anyway. Rolled 2 Apocalypse, this red gem stone girl, Amaterasu, Napoléon, the Green rider and this black/green brave thing. Beside the fact that this yellow brave thing would have been better for what I have I think it is crazy to make 700k+ damage after 2 days of playing. 😀

    On the other side: great to have something for fast success. This early.


  4. Solais is easily the best leader in the new Brave 2 Series, and I am not confident that your evaluation speaks to her full potential – she should be an S or S+ on your rating scale.

    She has many split leader pairings that she synergizes well with: Ilm, Ilmina, R.Minerva, R.Leilan, Tsubaki, Kenshin, and Tifa just to name those off the top of my head.

    She adds much needed bulk and damage control (thanks to a scaling multiplier) to the aforementioned leaders while giving a 10x multiplier of her own in exchange 3 light combos.

    She is THAT good.


      1. Exactly how I’d reply if I had no clue how to articulate an intelligent response. Well done, many internet points to you sir/madam! 🙂


    1. I agree that Solais is the strongest of the series for a variety of reasons, but none of those split pairings are outstanding leaders (from an end game perspective) on their own. Yes the additional bulk will be helpful along with a form of damage control but all of them are vulnerable to binds and you are to a certain extent very orb hungry.

      She adds depth to good leaders, but does not form a great team overall


  5. Pulled the green and dark wisedragon eggs on my new alt account, They seem very noob friendly, but that 32 mil xp will take some time


  6. I noticed upon entering a rogue dungeon (the “special” special dungeons like zaerog infinity) all of my monsters levels were reset to 1 except for my wise-dragon, he started out at Max level. I didn’t see anything about that in the main post.


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