Leaderfest Review

2016 called, they want their leaders back

Just don’t roll the TRAPLeaderfest

As a side note, my Monster Hunter Review is in the works

Happy Puzzling!

21 thoughts on “Leaderfest Review”

  1. Fresh off of a 5x GF and with Monster Hunter on the way you would think they wouldn’t bother with this bait.

    But i guess if they gave away at least 2 stones per day(globe and tamadra clears…not to mention stones for each floor of SSL) for the last week they assume that stones will be burning a hole in peoples’ pockets.


    1. I feel many players don’t follow their social media so everything is a “surprise” and yeah, the temptation to roll for newer players will always be there


  2. Woot! Got Charizard!! Ripping awesome leader. He’s ultra rare, and has 1.3X HP and RCV to dragons and X3 attack when leaving at least 1 fire orb on the board, up to a X12 when there are 4 or more fire orbs left on the board.

    His awakenings are:
    3 skill boosts
    1 skill block
    2 fire TPAs
    2 Red orb+
    1 7c

    3200 HP
    2400 Attack
    120 RCV

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  3. Another astute review Mantastic!

    Seriously though, I’m looking forward to your Monster Hunter Review. Until then, happy puzzling!


  4. Have’nt seen a post from you in while Mantastic! Hopefully we all have goodluck rolling in the upcoming Monster Hunter Collab!


  5. Now I wish I could trade my Uruka for Diablos…….. The funny thing is when I rolled Uruka, I didn’t know she was good, and when I want something good, I never get it. Now how do I convince myself that diablos is bad?


  6. This event is more of a bait than trap, the real trap is that the confirmation window when you die on a dungeon floor, they purposely swap the order of prompt to confuse the crap out players, where you have to click multiple times to exit, but click only once to spent the stone, it trap me every time, its so cheap!

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  7. On the topic of the monster hunter collab, do you plan on pulling the monster hunter R.E.M. even though you generally avoid colabs?


  8. Could not resist. Got Liu Bei, Alcyone, Tsubaki and Shiny Dragon Swordsman. I stopped after this guy. Now I need to know if I should roll 3 times MH or the next GF…
    I am not a Fan of MH. I need stuff, so I should be fine with GF. But will I be able to resist?


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