Beach REM Review – September 2017


The Summer Fall REM has finally returned to North America in September. While it may not be beach season for most of the Northern hemisphere, I am certain more tropical destinations are having fun in the sun. Regardless, the Beach REM has been significantly revamped to include 3 new cards along with a brand new evolution to one of our favourite busty girls.

Historically, having strong silvers present was what helped define a powerful Collab REM, but unfortunately, GungHo has been steadily shifting towards unique cards/abilities that cannot be mimicked through the regular REM. This has begun to force players to use their Magic Stones in these seasonal events even if the value is poor at the bottom.

I personally am not a fan of this trend as Magic Stones are already spread thin enough for the average player, but the Beach REM does offer incredible value at the very top. While it contains one of two colour absorb voids, the awakenings that the Beach Fujin carry enable her to be utilized beyond that of an inherit.

Video commentary

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Beach Collab at a glance

Beach REM Rarities
8-Star Base Beach Myr B Claire  
7-Star Base B Meta B Sonia B Pandora  
6-Star Base summer urd B Chester Meimei B Lakshmi
5-Star Base B Kurone B Fuu
4-Star Base B Awilda B Goemon B Navi Armadel

Rankings are in no particular order within each tier

Beach REM Rankings
A B Goemon B Claire
B summer urd B Pandora Beach Myr B Sonia 
C B Navi B Awilda Meimei B Lakshmi B Meta
D B Chester Armadel B Kurone B Fuu

Swimsuit Rankings by Pancaaake
S     B Claire
A B Meta summer urd B Pandora Beach Myr
B B Navi B Kurone B Fuu
C B Awilda Meimei B Lakshmi   B Sonia
D B Chester Armadel B Goemon

Perhaps the most important ranking table in this whole article. This is just for fun and should not be the reason you roll.

8-Star base

Beach Myr Beach Myr – B
Pros download
Cons x
  • Can still clear content as a leader
  • Lowest cooldown to produce 6+ heart orbs
  • Comes ready to use
  • Outdated as a leader
  • Heart Crosses are far less viable
  • Poor active outside niche farming

Beach Myr has suffered heavily from Powercreep and the diminished value of Heart Cross leaders. At the time of their debut, Heart Crosses were unbelievably powerful as they combined explosive damage and unparalleled durability. Unfortunately, their damage pales in comparison to present day leaders and their orb hungry nature/awkward spacial usage naturally lowers their combo count. As a result, Beach Myr has become outdated as a leader and while she can technically still clear content like Arena 3, we have far more efficient, fast, and safe teams at our disposal.

However, with all that being said, Beach Myr has emerged as a premier inherit for specific Cosmic Trinity farming teams. She possesses a 7-turn cooldown that will guarantee 7 heart orbs. This is used after a full board conversion of one element in order to have a 23-7 split. After, these 7 orbs can be manipulated into either an optimal board for rows, but more importantly for facilitating Follow Up Attack  and Damage Void  awakenings. While this is a very narrow usage and mostly irrelevant for the average player, her ability to act as an inherit with the shortest cooldown that produces 6+ off-colour orbs is crucial to farming success.

B Claire Beach Claire – A
Pros download
Cons x
  • 5 turn base cooldown
  • 3 unique Killer awakenings
  • Can equip Dragon and Devil Killers
  • Hot
  • Has both TPA TPA and rows Dark row
  • Hard to fully capitalize on all 3 Killers

Beach Claire has gained significant more viability through the addition of Physical physical killer and Attacker 37 Killer to compliment her preexisting Machine Machine Killer Killer awakening. While it may be challenging to fully capitalize on all 3 Killers, it can lead to efficient farming practices. Furthermore, she is able to utilize Devil and Dragon Killer latents that can help her cover additional popular threats; however, she cannot wield Machine Killer latents.

Killers aside, Claire has conflicting damage awakenings in that she has both 2 rows Dark row and 2 TPA TPA that usually end up in one going to waste. However, she does possess a Skill Bind resist Skill Lock Resist and a 5-turn base active skill. This helps facilitate easier inheritance options while retaining an offensive skill quickly after.

 Beach Fujin – S (New card)
Pros download
Cons x
  • Damage absorb void active
  • Amazing awakenings
  • Can be used as a sub
  • Relevant leader skill
  • Manta Ray
  • 8-star Collab roll

Fujin 3414 has always had a highly desirable active skill as it enables you to seamlessly bypass absorption mechanics. This has opened countless doors to additional teams that can tackle Arena 3 along with creating more efficient farming compositions. As a result, it has become highly advantageous to own a Fujin-style active skill since it will make your life significantly easier.

Unfortunately, Fujin is tied to a 6-star GFE along with possessing mediocre stats and awakenings that has relegated them to an inheritance role.

On the flip side, Beach Fujin actually has a relevant leader skill as well as amazingly powerful awakenings. This means you can use her as a sub or leader while also retaining the option to be used as an inherit.

The benefits of using Beach Fujin as a sub beyond the awakenings is the fact that she will charge up significantly faster which can be crucial for certain farming set ups. However, you do want to use Fujin on your team.

Beach Fujin possess the highly coveted dual 7 Combo 45 awakenings, three Time Extends Time Extend, the new team RCV awakening, and 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost (quite rare for water teams). All of this makes her a stellar sub option for mono water and combo based teams

As a leader, Beach Fujin pilot a 100x ATK / 43.75% Damage Reduction team for Attackers when reaching 6 combos. This is doable from essentially every given board and will always ensure you have your damage mitigation component in tact. However, you will be unable to effectively stall as you will most likely sweep the floor or not heal enough along with missing out on your shielding aspect. This is further compounded by her vulnerability to binds will often leave you with a stronger option available.

 Beach Eschamali – B
Pros download
Cons x
  • Powerful active
  • 7 Orb Enhance blue + orb awakenings
  • Bewbs
  • Water lacks a premier 5o1e leader
  • Scheat has a similar active skill
  • Does not fit well on any current team

Beach Eschamali is essentially a colour clone of her REM sister Eschamali as she share the same awakenings and active skill but swapped for blue. While the copious amounts of water orb enhancement are wonderful Water lacks an ideal 5o1e leader to fully capitalize upon them. Furthermore, Beach Eschamali has somewhat direct competition with Scheat Scheat for heavy orb changing plus skyfall augmentation.

All of this makes Beach Eschamali a relatively non-unique Collab card outside of her 7 water orb enhances blue + orb.

7-Star Base

B Meta Beach Metatron – C
Pros download
Cons x
  • 4 turn base cooldown
  • 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • 2 Skill Bind Resists Skill Lock Resist
  • Light Metatron in a swimsuit
  • Can call her Wetatron
  • It’s Light Metatron in a swimsuit
  • No offensive awakenings
  • Easily passed over for better options

Beach Metatron or Wetatron has always been plagued by the Light Metatron  curse of irrelevancy and while GungHo has tried to spice things up with a bikini, it does not chance the fact that her base kit is lackluster. Granted Wetatron has an interesting set of awakenings, the lack of any offensive aspects leaves more to be desired. While one can argue that the bind immunity/bind recovery component coupled with a 4-turn base cooldown can have merit, the fact that you add no offensive value is too limiting to comfortably work around.

However, Beach Metatron does possess 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and 2 Skill Bind Resists Skill Lock Resist which can have niche applications for certain farming builds when coupled with her low base cooldown.

B Sonia Beach Sonia – B
Pros download
Cons x
  • 2 turns haste
  • Bi colour board
  • Does not fit on any meta team

Beach Sonia/Gronia is deserving of her B ranking because Pancake said so. Thankfully Pancake is never wrong and Beach Sonia is a viable card to own!

Bicolour board changers have powerful applications for combo based teams and farming set ups, but the 2 turns of haste really set Beach Sonia a cut above. With 2 turns of haste, you are able to help cycle your active skill through their second usage or possibly hasten the cooldowns of longer inherits.

Unfortunately, no top tier team demands her as a sub so her usage will be situational overall.

B Pandora Beach Pandora – B
Pros download
Cons x
  • TPA oriented Pandora TPA
  • Enhances heal orbs
  • Healer Killer Healer Killer
  • REM Pandora is usually superior

Beach Pandora has the same active of her non-awoken REM cousin as she produces dark from wood, hearts from light, and enhances all heart orbs. While the loss of haste can be problematic, Beach Pandora has 1 less turn on her cooldown and the enhanced heal orbs can be vital to teams with poor RCV or massive HP pools.

However, unlike the REM Pandoras, Beach Pandora is TPA TPA focused while also having the situationally useful Healer Killer Healer Killer awakening. Thankfully, Beach Pandora retains her God and Devil typing to allow her to be used across a wide variety of teams.

 Beach Artemis – S (New card)
Pros download
Cons x
  • 1 of 2 Colour absorb voids in NA
  • Double orb changer
  • Valuable Water sub
  • Colour absorb voids are not too important yet

Beach Artemis is one of three new cards being added into the Beach REM and she is naturally powerful and highly desired. Artemis will become the second card in North America/Europe to possess the colour absorb void counter which is still tied behind rare Collab pulls.

Beach Artemis is able to completely negate any colour absorption mechanic for 1 turn and should not be confused with damage void or damage absorption, she only removes the colour absorb. This only has a few applications at this current time as off the top of my head, I can come up with Noah Dragon, Machine Hera, and the Puppeteers as dangerous spawns. However, future content may hold terrifying encounters along with the ever present threat of older spawns gaining massive stat boosts for future Challenges.

As a result, Beach Artemis’s active is certainty nice, but has far fewer applications and usage compared to something like Fujin. Thankfully, Beach Artemis comes with a built in double orb changer as she can convert Fire and Heal orbs to Water along with possessing offensive awakenings. This can enable her to be used as a sub on mono water teams and even if you are unable to capitalize on her colour absorb void component you have a powerful orb changer to fall back on.

 Beach Tachibana – S (New card)
Pros download
Cons x
  • Double 7 Combo 45
  • Active adds +2 combos with board changer
  • Amazing combo team sub
  • 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • Best volleyball player in the REM
  • 18 base RCV
  • Board change produces 5 elements

7 Combo 45 are the way of the future and it is still quite uncommon for a card to own two of them. However, Tachibana is one of those lucky exceptions which automatically propels them into the higher tier rankings. However, unlike their REM cousin , Beach Tachibanna retains the +2 combo count alongside their mediocre board changer.

The +2 combos can make the difference against variuos encounters, but will also guarantee you hit your maximum multiplier with your combo-oriented leader. As a result, Tachibana can be powerfully employed on any combo-based team.

In regards to her other awakenings, Beach Tachibana comes with the team HP +5% which is amazingly valuable for Anubis 3385 teams as they often struggle to achieve certain HP thresholds. Finally, the double Skill Boost Skill Boost is often vital to your success as Anubis teams can often struggle to have skills ready in time.

6-Star Base

summer urd Beach Urd – B
Pros download
Cons x
  • Tri colour board with hearts
  • No FUA  like REM Urd
  • Sub slot is highly competed for

Beach Urd shares the same active skill as the REM version  in that she produces a board of Fire, Water, and Heal orbs. Unfortunately, she does not share her awakenings and is without a Follow Up Attack . The exclusion of this awakenings diminishes her overall value as she no longer keeps abreast with Powercreep.

Beach Urd was often used in conjunction with Andromeda  on mono Water teams to produce an optimal kill board, but we now have other options, Skill Inheritance, and flashier subs to use nowadays. As a result, you may still use Beach Urd as a sub, but her level of prowess has diminished.

B Chester Beach Chester – D
Pros download
Cons x
  • 4 SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Better options exist
  • Ugliest card in entire REM

Beach Chester has 4 Skill Bind Resists Skill Lock Resist and was his original claim to fame. Unfortunately, the Heroine Navi  has the same 4 resists and farmable Raguel  with 5 all make for superior choices.

He is also ugly/not a pretty girl but that has absolutely no influence on his rankings.

Meimei Beach Meimei – C
Pros download
Cons x
  • Unique tri-colour board
  • Lackluster as a sub
  • Does not keep up with Powercreep

The Chinese Celestials have retained their level of power/popularity through their Reincarnated forms that grant them exciting awakenings. Unfortunately, Beach Meimei remains an orb enhance sub with a non-haste active (but generates unique colours) with no hearts, low base stats, and no real home to use on. Just remember you can change her to either base Water or Wood to better suit her limited uses.

B Lakshmi Beach Lakshmi – C
Pros download
Cons x
  • Technically can clear some challenging content
  • Far better leader options exist
  • Is inferior to Myr
  • No longer best volleyball player in the REM

I have a Beach Lakshmi on one of my accounts but never actually used her. This is because she is inferior to the farmable Myr Miru while at the same time being a heart cross leader who are all on the decline. This is not to say that Beach Lakshmi cannot clear challenging content, but in order to do so, you will have to expend far more effort while also having a significantly lower clear rate.

On the bright side, she comes ready to use right from the get-go and we do have quite a few powerful water/heart making cards at this point in time.

5-Star Base

B Kurone B Fuu Kurone and Fuu – D
Pros download
Cons x
  • Kurone has a cat riding Whaledor
  • Everything else

Absolutely horrible and a waste of 5 Magic Stones. At least Kurone has a pretty sweet cat riding Whaledor.

4-Star Base

None of these cards can be used as assists via Skill Inheritance due to no evolution.

B Awilda Beach Awilda – C
Pros download
Cons x
  • Passive 25% damage reduction vs Water
  • Used on cheese teams
  • No real applications outside of cheese

Beach Awilda is almost exclusively used for 100% water resist cheese teams that utilize the Wood Puppeteer Green Puppeteer Courage to change the Boss to Water attribute. Outside of this, she has minimal uses.

B Goemon Beach Goemon – A
Pros download
Cons x
  • Produces full board of fire
  • 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • 4-Star card
  • 2 turn faster cooldown than Machine Goemon
  • You will probably roll every other silver first

Beach Goemon remains one of the strongest 4-star Collab cards in the game due to his 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and ability to produce a full board of fire orbs on a 15 turn cooldown. He is superior to Surtr just because of the additional Skill Boost. Beach Goemon is used on mono-fire farming teams and has gained newfound relevancy on Inahime  for Cosmic Trinity farming.

I am well aware that Machine Goemon has a full fire board and 2 Skill Boosts, but his base cooldown is 17 turns which may be inappropriate for certain set ups.

B Navi Beach Navi – C
Pros download
Cons x
  • Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus awakening
  • 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • 5 turn base cooldown
  • Valuable only in coop
  • Reincarnated cards have 1k weighted stats

Beach Navi avoids the D ranking due to her Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus and dual Skill Boost Skill Boost awakening. The Coop Boost will grant her +50% additional stats in multiplayer and while it was significantly stronger prior to Reincarnated evolutions, you can abuse her 5 turn cooldown for Skill Inheritance. Furthermore, she comes with 2 Skill Boosts  which is surprisingly rare for Water.

Armadel Beach Armadel – D
Pros download
Cons x
  • Ample wood orb enhance
  • 4 turn base cooldown
  • 600 weighted stats
  • No use on current teams

Beach Armadel is green which is weird to me and is sadly lackluster in today’s current meta. You cannot feasibly use her due to the 600 weighted stats and while the ample Orb Enhancement is nice, it is still hard to justify.

Some may argue that she has merits on Liu Bei  farming teams to use as a base for Skill Inheritance and then utilize her base active to enhance wood orbs 4 turns later. Sure this is viable, but this can also be accomplished by Griffin Griffin and those types of set ups are quite dated as Reincarnated Liu Bei hits significantly harder.


The Beach REM returns with several new and powerful additions but does little to remedy the value of the older cards. While the top is amazingly powerful and desirable, it is mostly restricted to the 7/8-star tier who all have less than ideal rolling rates. However, Beach Goemon remains the savior for more budget players and will be one of the key Silvers to own for those who enjoy mono-fire farming.

Let me know what you think about the Beach REM as a whole and how much you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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37 thoughts on “Beach REM Review – September 2017”

  1. Last year I’ve got Sonia and Lakshmi (and a couple of useless Fuu), I’ll save my few stones for future REMs.

    However, I wonder if Claire could be useful for my teams (DAthena and Aizen), I’m sitting on 870k MP, your advice?


    1. I don’t feel Claire is worth the purchase overall. We don’t have any amazing applications for her despite 3 killers. May be amazing for various challenges or rushes but we don’t have any long standing farming dungeon to abuse her in


  2. I know we have some good mp cards coming down the pipe, but I have yog so I don’t care and I’m seriously considering buying Claire (no valks yet!) And maybe the bmyr for the full board option…. But then part of me is terrified that there will be something new and amazing at Halloween. Sigh… Maybe I’ll just buy hzm


    1. If you are certain you can make the Yog CTA kill team, having Beach Myr will provide you with the easiest kill board vs any boss (Halloween XM makes both hearts and dark so it may be a liability if future dark teams emerge that abuse the full board strategy)

      Claire is nice, but we dont really have an ideal situation to use her on


  3. Rolled all my stones for Geomon and didn’t get him. Grrr. I did get Fujin, Urd, Claire, Pandora and no Fuu. Rolled maybe 14 times, so I am pretty happy,


  4. Woot! I got Beach Metatron! Pretty excited about her for the dual skill block, another blue team member, and her unbindability.

    Question, for Blue/green sonia, what about Balboa? Is he still being used?
    Also, a little off topic, but, what mp cards are coming down the pipe? I missed some japanese news and don’t know. Thanks!


  5. Rolled a Navi and Pandora. I think the beach Pandora will be better on my Dark Athena team (replacing REM Pandora): gains a second TPA, water subtype, situational healer killer. Loses second time extend, bind clear (situational since she is not bind immune), and loses some HP and RCV. Since I will be trying to make dark and water TPAs for Athena anyway, it should work out well.


  6. I rolled Beach Fujin the first day. I have a Blue valk, Y’shtola, and revo hermes, as subs, but I can’t figure out the what would make a good last sub unless I want to awaken my sarasvati which doesn’t seem worth it. Another option is khepri. Any suggestions?


    1. I agree with mantastic. Here are some more thoughts just for: Many cards get updates and upgrades throughout their hostory. However collaboration like the beach rem, while super cute and fun, usually only get buffs when they come around, which is once a year, and then only certain cards, like the top ones.

      The only exception would be your box. If you run a water team, then maybe roll once and hope for another water card to fill out your team


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