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As 2018 finally winds down, I would like to take this time to plan for what myself and viewers want for this website. I started all of this in October 2015 approximately 15 months after suffering a serious back and neck injury that has left me unable to work. While continuing to struggle through variuos therapies, this website and community has helped hold my life together by being able to escape reality and become someone else. For that I thank each and every one of you who have had a positive impact on my life.

As a whole, Puzzle and Dragons NA is making a comeback as seen from the increased volume of content being released and exceptionally generous rewards. This makes me inclined to believe that PAD is still going strong and my hopes is that the gap between NA and JP timings can be shortened.

While I do have my own plans for my website, I want to hear your feedback as to what you want to see published and have several ideas planned.

Primary focus

At this point in time, I am mostly focusing on Collab and Godfest reviews as those tend to be the most popular and seem to resonate best with players. In addition to this, I will continue to try and create First Impression videos on my YT YouTube Channel for newly released content in JP and re-share it on my website for easier access/summaries.

Current projects

My most viewed post of all time is still the Popular Leaders and Their Full Sub List with 147k+ views but that format is sadly outdated and was also during the higher point of viewer traffic. I have wanted to revive this type of guide and believe I have found modest success through the recent Team Building in 2018 which explains a leader’s strengths and weaknesses and how to approach team building with all the new tools at our disposal. I have been currently working on a more detailed and expanded article following this format which I hope will be ready in early 2019. Generally speaking, if it takes you a minute to read something, it takes over and hour to produce.

Your input

In the past, I have done a Question Time with Mantastic article in which readers are able to ask PAD-related questions that cannot be answered with a simple Google search and are often highly specific or team building related for specific situations along with where I feel the meta will shift etc. With that being said, I plan to resume the Question Time posts starting in January following a similar template as before.

In addition to this, I would like to do a monthly article that is based on community feedback. In essence, I will make a separate post detailing the criteria and comments left will help guide and shape the monthly article. The voting period will take place for about a week at the beginning of the month and the writing will occur during the remainder of the month.

2018 statistics

WordPress allows me to see a detailed breakdown of readership stats and thought it would be fun to share them.

In total, there has been 2,176,231 views from January to December. My most viewed day of all time surprisingly came on October 31, 2018 with 33,383 views due to the 10-Stone Voice Godfest and 100 free Magic Stones.

The most clicked link on my website was to Macha  with 3,576 people who were curious as to what she does. Second place was Edward  with 2,721. In total, 225,000+ clicks were made to padx.

Finally, a big shout out to my most interactive readers!


2018 has been an exciting year for Puzzle and Dragons and my website. I wish to continue making meaningful content moving forward into 2019 with the help of your input as to what you wish to see.

Happy Puzzling and New Year!

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27 thoughts on “2019 for Mantasticpad.com”

  1. Great, now I -have- to keep posting to maintain my position 😉

    In general, I read all your posts, but sometimes find the videos to be a bit long and the content is pretty comparable so I skip them. I’m more likely to watch your rolling videos or dungeon runs since they’re less likely to show up on the blog.

    Guest posts are great, enjoy reading those.

    I generally follow reddit for news these days… I wonder if a weekly “reddit highlights” post would be interesting? Instead of writing a ton of stuff yourself, maybe link to some interesting team builds, ranking/challenge dungeon guides, or fan art? Not sure what pct of your readers also reads reddit (I assume a majority).

    Anyway, I’ll keep reading what you’re posting… I always enjoy your analysis and commentary. Keep up the good work and here’s to a great 2019!



    1. That was my secret plan all along 😉

      The main idea with the videos is that people who prefer to absorb information via audio can do so or for those who want to listen in the background

      As for the Reddit idea, I am not sure how well that would work but I feel summarizing the first impressions videos and including on the website may be better and keeps it as “original content”


  2. Thank you for all of your insights and opinions. Happy New Year. Wishing you all the best in PAD and your personal endeavors. – g.r.


  3. Thank you so much for all the time and work you put it. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.

    Wish you joy, peace, love and health in 2019, Mantastic!!


  4. Thank you for all the the time and effort you put into your posts; I love reading your insights into particular teams, dungeons and strategies behind them. All the best in 2019!


  5. Thank you for all of the great posts you have made! I especially loved your collab and REM reviews, since that helped me decide what to roll and what to chase or what to trade for! Thank you for all the effort you put into your website, and thank you for everything! I bid you good luck and your website will strive for as long PAD lives for 😀


  6. 7th most active poster? Congratulation to me, myself and I.^^
    Now I will try to focus on A4 and AA.
    Good start for everyone. NY is coming in 12 hours (for me).


  7. Personally I find the ranking dungeon strats the most helpful. I’m a relatively casual player despite being rank 725 and they have greatly helped me not have to “reinvent the wheel”.

    I’ve been a bit disappointed that often they seem to be coming out later and later into the ranking dungeon.


    1. Sometimes the timing of the announcement conflicts with my own personal life and there is no time to feasibly make something and the fixed team ones are essentially a combo well game


  8. Absolutely love your videos and I saw someone else post that they didn’t enjoy the longer vids but I love your vids where you put out your thoughts on whatever you’re reacting to or reviewing / analyzing. I may go as far as to say I’d be completely fine with you extending your videos or guides and going into more depth about whatever it is you’re reviewing. Obviously first impressions are just the surface of what you initially see. But like you mentioned in your post, about one minute of reader’s reading equals about one hour of your work thus making what I’m suggesting quite taxing and thus may lead to burn out or may simply not be possible while you having to maintain and actual life lol. Regardless, I credit almost all of my pad knowledge to you because without you, I wouldn’t have “joined” the PAD community, wouldn’t have joined discord, and wouldn’t have learned what I have about PAD. Really exciting for your new posts and can’t wait to see where 2019 takes you and us (your readers)!!!


    1. Thank you for your kind words and suggestions!

      The main idea with videos is to give my readers a different medium in which to absorb information as everyone has different preferences/learning styles.

      I will see what is both the best for myself and readers in regards to videos moving forward =)


  9. I just want you to remember that it’s alright to take breaks sometimes and focus on yourself as well. Thank you for everything you’ve done thus far and I hope you continue to be positive and I want to thank this wonderful community we have as well. Happy New Years to everyone!


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