Question Time with Mantastic – January 2019


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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61 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – January 2019”

    1. Not much has changed since previous health updates as I still struggle with chronic back and neck pain. It negatively impacts my ability to function whether it be walking or sitting and currently doing a modest amount of physio to simply try and retain some level of function

      I have a new appointment with a specialist/clinic at a local hospital that had a 3 year wait list so hopefully that bring something in February

      In addition to that, the eye in my lump is still there and I also have my regular follow up with my Ocular Oncologist in early Feb


    1. Sadly, little to no improvement overall. Currently seeing a physiotherapist and doing all of their movement religiously along with walking in a pool (cant swim so walk in the water so its less tension and pain). I was on a wait list for almost 3 years to get into a program at Saint Pauls hospital this Feb so hopefully that bring something


  1. A couple questions:

    Do you think gung ho will make high skill high payoff leads viable in “standard dungeons” (arena and such) such as giving a similar card to amen less damage and a hp multiplayer.
    How much box space should you have in your opinion. My box is close to being full and I just wanted some advice on if I should add little by little or just dump a whole bunch at once just in case a good Collab gets announced

    Thank you for writing these articles they really give my friends and I something to reference.


    1. In regards to high-skill cap leaders, I am not sure how much GH will pursue that as they still want to appeal to the average player. If they cannot use the leader effectively, it may cause unrest among those players. I’d say the closest to a high-skill cap leader for traditional content is Dark Metatron as she requires combos and HP management along with naturally having low movement time

      Box space is all about what is most comfortable for you and what you can manage. On the bright side, Enhance materials (Snow globes, Pys, etc.) will stack very soon as JP has already had this update. With that in mind, can you hold out but I would only add a little at a time until the stacking update


  2. I have been farming A3 reliably with the following team, but would like to step up to AA. So far it’s been unsuccessful. What changes would you make to this team? Am I missing any important inherits you would recommend?


    1. Going from A3 to Alt Arena requires a slightly different set up as one should only rely on a single Fujin active which will help open up an active slot

      Generally speaking, Alt Arena requires a Burst, Delay, and shield (if one cannot tank Goemone preemptive)

      On your team, Light Vaj may not provide enough burst so a Gemstone is often preferred.

      I would remove Cotton’s inherit in favour of a long delay (also give Cotton 7c SA)

      I would switch Christmas Ilmina’s inherit with any tri-board with Hearts (eg Saria)

      Eir would ideally be valentine’s ney

      On Fujin, I presume that is Kralice rapier (rathian) which is ideal

      Friend’s leader can be what you feel is needed to succeed so either more orb changers, delay, shield etc


      1. Thanks for the detailed reply! I plan on saving stones to go nuts on the valentines REM, so hopefully I get lucky with Ney and a gemstone.

        One follow up question, which floor(s) is the delay for?


        1. Vney is super luxury but imo one of the best bind clears for dark/light teams

          As for the delay, f16’s Hashihime is almost mandatory to delay but can be used on Metatron or f17 Deightros


  3. In general, how would you weight awoken skills vs ‘fit’ for subs?

    By which I mean, for example – if you had a sub that didn’t have an ideal sub attribute or active for the leader, but DID have something like triple 7 combos or strong killers, at what point would you take the awoken skills over the natural sub fit?

    As a test case, let’s say something like Light Ideal instead of say Tachibana on an otherwise light/blue or light/fire team (Ilmina or Yusuke in this case)?


    1. One major factor would be the base cooldown of the card in question and how easy it would be to inherit over top of them. Another large consideration is their total awakenings and weighted stats

      Ideal has an absurd amount of weighted stats and team hp and is the main reason why she is seen so often

      I feel a good example of a situational card is Aife. She has 3x 7c but poor weighted stats and mediocre active along with non-inspiring other awakenings. As such, she would often not be used on say a Yusuke team but if there is a potent Fire spawn or if lacking any other hard hitting card


  4. Hi Mantastic!

    I’d love to get into streaming. I have a great box, decent skillz, and years of entertainment experience – but ZERO streaming experience. You have a great setup, and I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for how to get up to speed.

    I need SO much help, it’s insane.. I can’t even figure out how to mirror my Android to my Mac, much less how to effectively use Streamlabs, show the title of ambiance music as it plays behind the stream, how to stream from my phone AND fire tablet simultaneously, show cool art on the sides, etc..

    I’d even be willing to pay you for some private lessons!

    Happy New Year!


    1. I am not 100% sure on how to stream from a Mac nor if it will be powerful enough as Streaming is quite demanding on your computer. You also require a powerful internet connection

      But for my own set up, I use:

      Streamlabs OBS to broadcast

      Elgato or Airserver to mirror screen (Elgato is superior but more expensive)

      Overlays/things you see on screen are done within OBS studio and can be various plugins/things available within StreamLabs

      Yeti microphone

      Logitech HD 1080p webcam

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  5. Do you have a personal favorite card artwork? mine is a toss up between B/x Ameno, and R/b Suou.
    Secondly, is there any card that you’re dying to see be turned into a seasonal variant of some kind?

    (I was originally gonna ask a question about the potential for improving awakenings like combo orb, auto heal, and L-shield, but I figured this would be more interesting)


    1. You can always ask multiple questions!

      As for favourite artwork, I love Dark Metatron as she is both animated while capturing the notion of a fallen angel. Her mix of dark and white tones blend together so well =D

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  6. Hi mantastic happy new year!
    I have a question regarding the kuroyuri loop. I have roots, Ryune and CIEL as my 4x hp leads and no Mel or mizutsune. I do have two hestias tho. I was wondering if it would be a worth purchase when they come back. I also have mega scheat which night use the loop. I also have two tardis to inherit the kuroyuris.

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    1. Tardis can certainly inherit Kuro but imo, Halloween Myne is the best base due to the Team HP but Kuro can always be used as a sub

      For Ryune, you can somewhat get away with Gabriel and I&I for healing and Roots can somewhat use Tardis

      Hestia is not the best colours for those teams but can still be used in a pinch

      We still have to wait for GH collab to come back and things may change by then

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  7. Greetings and happy new year,
    Would like your advice on my Edward team. Currently, my setup consists of Edward (alphonse inherit), Ideal, Tachibana, Light Cotton (metatron assist), Alphonse or Odin dragon. (other subs inherited with anti-blind/antijammer/anti poison). For Edward, do people normally use the VDP super awakening instead of the 7combo? I feel like, if paired with the Christmas Ilmina, it can be pretty strong for VDP. I don’t really have a good team for VDP yet. I do have Ameno (with light ney and lightning) but he has low HP and no damage mitigation, so preemptives are a problem.

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    1. I am assuming you do not have Yusuke or Dark Metatron as they are great VDP leaders

      I tend to gravitate more towards 7c on Edward as triple is pretty hard to pass up on. Also, most friends will want 7c so if you are in need of VDP, give it to Light Cotton

      Ameno can be a wonderful VDP leader for dungeons that do not feature huge preemptives/hits

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  8. Hello Mantastic and Thank you for your hardwork with Puzzle and dragons content!
    My question is: Why do PAD players like 5 stone godfest machines better despite the significant lower rolling rates foe GFE compared to the 10 stone ones?

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  9. Do you think power will continue creeping to 4 7c awakening cards like Suou? Or will other mechanics take it’s place like maybe multiple 10c awakenings will rise up? What do you think/do you think there will be another new evolution mechanic like re-reincarnation for older cards? Will they be old and forgotten or eventually furthered beyond reincarnation?


    1. The main issue with 10c is it basically requires 7×6 to shine

      I feel that we will start to see more triple 7c but doubtful four 7c. Suou technically has high damage output but offers nothing else. I would run things like Cotton, Ideal, Edward etc over Suou because they give some form of utility

      It would not surprise me if GH introduced a new evolution mechanic to try and revive old cards, but they seem pretty fixated on 7* cards now (pantheon and GFE)


  10. Hey Mantastic, your blog is great and I love reading it. I have a D-Meta team, composed of all the subs (Izanagi and Eir) and I also use Fujin and Norn of Excursions, Verdandi. My question is: as I am probably not gonna pull Planar anytime soon, is Verdandi the best sub I can use for her replacement, and overall what latent awakenings should I be using for my subs? THANKSSS


    1. If playing in solo mode, Myr may be one of the best FUA options along with Arch Angel Lucifer (both have FUA Super Awakenings)

      Verdandi does not provide that much for the team along with being off colour

      Dark Meta does not need latents for easier content but generally speaking, Skill Delay Resists for most cards and SDR/Devil Killers on Dark Meta


      1. On that note, could you explain why Halloween Verd is not a good sub for DMeta?

        I play solo and current use her on my DMeta team as my FUA. I thought she’d be great due to the 2x 7c and TEs. I inherit lucifer on her to get the FUA board.

        Also, should I keep trying to roll for a Planar? I already rolled a Mel, 2x Sheena (Great inherits for Dmeta teams), and a Cherun but don’t have enough to trade for Planar!



        1. She is a strong sub, I was mostly listing the more budget options

          Rolling for Planar when already owning the two stronger 5* is a losing proposition imo. I would use your HVerd


  11. Hey Mantastic,

    Any suggestions on teams for this ranking dungeon? I cant seem to break the 20% mark. I’ve tried with Verse, and a few other leaders with a few buttons to quickly clear those first few floors. I keep getting hung up on those last few floors.



      1. Why do you bring in Despharion? Also, is there an alternate to Kiri if we dont have her?

        Thanks for answering all these questions!


  12. What can I do to make this team more consistent at farming AA?

    Should I replace eir’s super awakenings with recovery latents? I have oichi as her inherit because she won’t lose her bind clearing ability but also board changes to a more optimal killing board if necessary.

    Should I switch urukua to B/D? and should she get a skill charge SA? Or is fujin just a better sub in general for void damage absorbs?

    Any other comments are very much appreciated too! Thanks so much.


    1. using both Odin Dragon and Eir is a bit redundant as both can clear awoken binds

      Eir’s tape resist is probably never used in AA so the <50% ATK one grants her 8x personal damage

      I would drop Odin Dragon for something else (also, OD should generally have Physical Killer)

      I presume you don’t have Izanagi but he would be the ideal choice there

      As for Uruka, do you find yourself struggling to get the base charged up? Also, a gemstone may be better for 2 turn burst instead of overkill on one turn

      Also, one key piece you are missing is a delay for AA. Thus, I’d move your Kralice Rapier to Dark Meta and the new sub carries a delay


  13. i have the good fortune to build up a supply of rainbow tokens. i Did buy
    Odysseus on both of my Accounts, and was wondering if extras would be beneficial for the Weapon assist form, or are there upcoming things to buy in the future.


    1. At this point in time, nothing is in the pipe for JP so depending on how many you have left along with how valuable the weapon assist is, a second one may be worth it


  14. Hi Mantastic. I hope your health has been holding up.

    Two questions.
    1. What leaders do you think are the best to farm end game content (A3/A4/AA) given an optimized team?

    I’ve been struggling to clear AA with my Edward team. I’ve run the team setup by multiple players and they gave me a thumbs up, but I’m afraid my PSI is the only thing keeping me from clearing. I have very limited orb movement time (8-9 seconds) for my level of player skill. I can usually hit 7 combos with this team but it’s easy for me to screw up.

    How would you change this team? Any suggestions to improving move time or reducing risk of PSI messing me up?


    1. Health is not doing so well sadly

      As for farming teams,

      A3 is mostly about speed now as we have high enough multipliers to activate every time with minimal effort/actives needed and mostly becomes a matter of having enough fujins and maybe a colour absorb void for Noah Dragon. I haven’t done A3 in a long time but Reeche can solve all absorb issues but as a leader lacks the vdp option whereas Ameno is still super fast and easy

      A4 I found the best success with 7×6 Diablos with Anubis as it gives a bigger board, TE buffer, guard break, and ability to VDP

      Alt Arena is probably a toss up between Edward, BJ, Yusuke, and Dark Metatron

      As for your team, the link is not loading


      1. I see. I’ve found similar success farming A3 with Reeche, because she makes it extremely easy to blow up every floor except the Radar.

        the Radar I usually take up to 4-5 turns because I just grind them down.

        My AA team is


        7c awakenings on Ed and Cotton, everything is limit broken where possible. God killers on Ed, Dragon killers on Ciel, and Balanced killers on Ney. I’m hoping to roll for the dragon killer SA that Ciel got in JP, sitting on a super snow globe and a few thousand + with her name on it.


        1. Team looks solid but only main downside is CIel just being a damage stick and not offering much HP or useful active

          Running something like Indra may give more value overall as he has higher HP and a very useful active. A stronger delay may be useful as well

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  15. Is Mega Scheat ( tachibana ) / Mega Blodin ( Athena) / Reincarnated U & Y ( Ea ) / Fire Myr ( Fujin ) / Odin Dragon ( Jhoira ) a good team when Mega Scheat comes out ?


  16. Is yog good for any of the arenas? If so, which ones? My team right now is yog / erika / erika / ciel / sakuya / other yog

    Also, right now my team that I have had the most success with is B&J/ RevoIsis(Urd) / RevoIsis(Urd) / Mel / B/d Uruka. The other asists I have are just random blue stat sticks right now.

    What kind of things could I change to help clear harder content? I’ve only really cleared A1 and A2, and I mostly just spam 3p arena (switch isis to skuld/rajin).

    Also, for dmeta, I dont have her optimal subs, but sometimes I use her for fun. Would Rajin, myr, or aten be better for fua?

    Thank you very much! c:


    1. Main issue with Yog in longer dungeons is he becomes too active skill reliant. Maybe in A1 its okay where you can sweep with 1 light combo but higher levels may hit too hard

      What other cards do you have for BJ?

      As for FUA for meta team, I personally prefer Myr as she has high stats and pretty solid awakenings for a farmable


      1. I also have a second mel, urd, skuld, ronia, blonia, aife, set, guan yu, karin, and a few others. I have a hard time weighing stats vs actives vs awakenings.

        Thank you very much for your time and help! I love reading all your guides.


  17. Do you know what is up with the PadGuide? It hasn’t been updated in almost a year. How are we suppose to know what going on daily in PAD and also how are we suppose to go into a dungeon not blind without it?

    PAD really should acquire the app and keep it updated. I play PAD a lot more when padguide is working.


    1. GH relies on user-based apps/websites to function which is not an ideal situation

      As for padguide, it has stopped being updated but you can try DadGuide (basically the same thing but only on android i believe)


  18. Good morning Mantastic. Long time site lurker here. Thank you for providing your help through this site and other media platforms. It’s proven invaluable to me and countless others in relation to PAD.

    Does Fantastic or Pancaaake need another best Friend? My PAD account is 366 909 455, rank 650.
    I chose Mantastic as best friend just prior to the reset so I can still choose another (BF).


      1. I was going to ask the same of Fantastic. Sitting at 499 rank with a best friend token. Id number 357558309. Thanks for all the guidance on upcoming content. Makes some of the decisions and options not seem so much.


  19. I was going to ask the same of Fantastic. Sitting at 499 rank with a best friend token. Id number 357558309. Thanks for all the guidance on upcoming content. Makes some of the decisions and options not seem so much.


  20. So here is a question that I think would be hard to google. I have a wood Fujin on a team with two beach Barbara leaders. Barbara has 2x attack for water, which is Fujin’s secondary attack. Does Barbara give Fujin’s wood attack a 2x multiplier as well since she has water as a secondary? Her wood attack levels seem quite high which made me think this might be the case. Thx!


  21. I don’t know if you’re still responding to these, since it’s been up for a while, but I was wondering what the best farming leaders are. I always hear about Liu Bei, Meridionalis, Recently Eugeo, etc. for the most part I understand why the popular ones are so acclaimed, but not all of them are obvious to me. For example, why is Revo liu bei so popular when Awoken Ishida Mitsunari seems like a more powerful version, and has been around for a while? (Not to mention Revo Ishida, which is even better). Is there something super desirable that Liu Bei has whereas Ishida does not? Thanks!

    P.S. Your reviews are always super helpful. Could you do one on all of the recent Mega awoken, awoken, Revo, and split evos? Like Lumiel, Maeda Kaeji, Scheat, Diaochan, Archangel Lucifer, etc? Thanks again!

    Much appreciation,
    A long, long, long-time fan


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