Street Fighter Collab Event Dungeon S Rank + Medals


The Street Fighter Collab is now in full swing and has an Event Dungeon to play/farm hiding in the Quests Tab. This tab will have 10 Fixed Team challenges that give you a chance to play with all the cards from the REM via Fixed Teams along with The Path to Greatness.

The Path to Greatness is the three bottom dungeons and will drop the Event Medals to trade in for an undetermined card. Historically speaking, the past few events had valuable prizes and it would not surprise me if Street Fighter also offered something meaningful.

In addition to the Event Medals, the Hard difficulty can also be S-Ranked for additional rewards and the easiest way to achieve this is using two leaders (that have strong multipliers and built in time extends) and no subs. This will drop your average rarity down low enough that you only need to complete the dungeon to secure an S-Rank.

S-Rank video


The Street Fighter Collab Dungeon is hidden away under the Quests Tab and can be easily cleared for an S-Rank. While we do not know what the prize will be from the Event Medals, it does not hurt to get a head start on farming along with clearing all 10 Fixed Team challenges for additional loot.

Happy Puzzling!

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11 thoughts on “Street Fighter Collab Event Dungeon S Rank + Medals”

      1. Now that he’s released, thoughts on him?
        I see him as a good farmable leader but doesn’t hold up to popular meta leaders in Dmeta, B&J, Edward, Shirou, etc. I can’t see him as a very useful sub, maybe situational.

        That being said, I’m going to farm him and leave it in my box for who knows how long lol


  1. i hate and love how my 2 accounts can have such differing luck. Pull both Akuma, Sakuya, and 2 Balrog on one account, and no Crystal, no Balrog and Ken on my other. 11 pulls all on that account using the 2 free, the .99 pull, and other stones i have built up. Blah. SMH


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