Question Time with Mantastic – February 2020


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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105 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – February 2020”

  1. Hey Mantastic,
    I have a question for the new yugi teams.


    A good team for yugi?

    (I want to trade for him) and if I roll him should I trade for another? And who will be subbed out for the second yugi?

    Or is double dragons, DM, and a flex better?

    My team covers everything except blind resist( which I have 2 subs empty for), thinking of akantor equip with pumpkin equip.


    1. I don’t know how you have enough SBs in the team above. I am using two fortress dragons, Lajoa and Yami Bakura. I start the dungeon with 14 SBs.


      1. Fagan equip x1
        Lajoa x4 (with SA)
        Bison x2
        DM x8 (with assist and active 3 turn delay, assuming first floor can be delayed)
        Nerg x5 (with assist and SA)

        I have exactly 20 effective SB’s without helper, assuming first floor can be delayed with DM.


    2. I don’t know how you have enough SBs in the team above. I am using two fortress dragons, Lajoa and Yami Bakura. I start the dungeon with 14 SBs.


      1. Use the Fortress Dragons’ active. Each of them provide +3 SB, so 6 combined. You should have 20 SB with the use of their actives.


    3. That team should be more than capable of clearing the vast majority of content. Since you can hit 20 SB easily, you have some flexibility as your friend may have one or you use SB badge.

      If hunting for Blind, Diaochan is a devil with 4SB and Super Blind and could replace someone

      The DM + 2 Fortress is a good starting template but Yugi’s team is so flexible


      1. Reincarnated Hades also works for the Super Blind Resistance, being a devil. He’s a poor sub in most other ways, but having the unmatchable status reduction is nice, also you can just inherit something over him.


        1. Hello there,

          First off, I appreciate your work and I hope you are doing well physically!

          I am wondering if you will be write more of an in depth review of Yugi and different subs possible for the 20 turns. (Or a reply is just fine)

          I was not able to roll a Wing Dragon (even after 30+ stones… frustrating) so I have trouble building my team!


          1. I have been tinkering away at it but it is going slower due to not owning Yugi (pancaaake is not always home) and other real life/health issues

            I do talk a bit about team building in my review and his specific section


  2. Mantastic,

    TL;DR: what assist should I put on base Yugi?

    I’ve been following you since about when you started I believe. Big fan. Thanks for all the content and I wish you well with your health.

    I’m usually savvy enough with this stuff, and don’t always agree with your opinion 😉 but I figured I’d get it this time since I’m pretty stuck:

    Got some lucky rolls with Yugi collab, but I’m trying to be optimal with subs and a potential trade. I have enough fodder for one 7 star trade, but I cannot decide which one will bring the most utility to my team. Ultimately I am trying to find the ideal weapon assist for base Yugi himself. I was thinking either trading for Yugi and using his weapon assist, since I can always devolve him into a working sub later if I want (and therefore have two Yugis), or getting Yami Marik, since his weapon assist is great and it’s a different card (though less ideal as a sub).

    The reason I haven’t jumped to getting another Yugi is because I have Yami Bakura on my team with himself as an assist (and therefore have reliable blind resist) and don’t need Evo Yugi as a sub for that defense mechanic.

    Or do I save my fodder? I have lots of other dark assist, and don’t really need to cover any other mechanics (have Crystal Noctis and Yuna too).

    Thanks, Mate!


    1. I would save your fodder in this case. I feel a trade should be a dramatic step up and in your case, it will make you stronger, but not by the margin I personally feel is right

      With that being said, I find Fagan’s Weapon to be one of the best on my friends as it solves Cloud and the extra two Team HP is significant along with one SB. Gives you more flexibility for team building and you could run RCV or TE badge instead of HP as you should meet all the thresholds


  3. Hey there. I was wondering what’s your opinion on 4/x/1 teams? I feel like with all of the auto fua leads that are being released, that some teams like Barbara and Julie will lose relevance because 7 by 6 leads and autofua asymmetrical pairings have become so common now. I just want your opinion because I haven’t been around for as long as you have.


    1. Teams that do not take advantage of 7×6 or Auto Follow Up are naturally at a disadvantage as those are currently the best leader mechanics

      4/x/1 teams can certainly function well today as we have more options for healing solutions which was their main crux before. Also, remember that no card becomes weaker/nerfed, just new things are released that are stronger. As such, things BJ could clear before can still be done but arguably easier with more powerful subs/inherits


  4. Hey Mantastic,

    First – glad you’re starting to feel better.

    For transformer leaders, how viable is using haste actives to make up for a shortage of skill boosts? I.e if you had enough boosts for a +2 then haste active on turn 1 that you’d immediately use to finish charging the leader?


    1. Haste actives such as Fortress Dragon work wonderfully well assuming their base active is ready by turn 1. Thus, if you had 14 natural SB and 2 fortress dragons, you could transform turn 1 due to the +3 haste twice for an additional 6 effective SB


  5. Hopefully your medical issues are getting better!

    With the lack of a dedicated skill leveling dungeon for the Yu-Gi-Oh collab and many people rolling heavily, it seems like a lot of folks will find themselves wanting to skill up lower-rarity cards in the “Challenge Duel!” difficulty of the collab dungeon. However, this dungeon, unlike skillup dungeons, has actual mechanics and foes with several million HP.

    What would be your recommendation for leader pairings that are likely to be able to reliably carry a large number of un-leveled, and often un-awoken, subs through this dungeon in solo mode?


    1. As a follow-up to this, I found that a Karin Shindou (Dark) leader pair with Yuna as a sub was able to trivially drag 3 cards through the “Challenge Duel” difficulty, which appears to have a 100% skillup rate, so I would definitely recommend that approach for skilling up the cards that appear there.

      The other floors, however, have an atrocious skillup rate (even with the x5), so I would definitely recommend using pys to skill up Bakura, Mai, Joey, Seto, and Marik.


  6. Hey Mantastic,

    I’ve been buliding a PhenomInal team.

    So far, I’ve been running (as subs): Planar/Eir/

    What should I do for the last 2 subs?

    I think evolved Yugi is better than Veroah. He sacrifices the combo orb for another row, and the SBR for full blind resist. His super Awakenings aren’t as good, but I feel like sacrificing 5% bonus HP for the full Blind resist is probably better.

    So, that makes the subs: Planar/Eir/Yugi.

    Do you have any suggestions for the final slot? I understand that Hiei/Negrigante is quite popular, but I don’t have either. I DO have New Year’s Tsukiyomi, HCotton (which seems like she would be good for Phenom, but what do I know), or I could run another Yugi. Any thoughts on the best option for the final slot?


    1. One thing that team lacks is a triple 7c card to help carry the damage on non-VDP floors. Maybe Planar is enough with her 7c SA but you may need to experiment. I would not use Halloween Cotton as she is a damage solution of the wrong colour.

      Do you own any triple 7c Dark card? Conversely, if Planar seems sufficient, layering more Enhanced Dark orbs can make a difference as you should have numerous rows already


  7. Hey Mantastic, I’ve been building a yugi team, and this is it so far:

    Yugi – fagan rai assist
    Dark Magician – rikuu assist
    Fortress dragon – elf assist
    bakura – sephiroth assist
    yami marik – achtungsblick assist

    and I was wondering if it is still worth to roll for a second fortress dragon, since i do have enough skill boosts to get yugi up with fortress dragon then dark magician delay and stall 3 turns.

    one problem I see right now is how yami marik is not super great as a sub, because i rarely proc the 10c awakening, and if I change him to an assist in the future, I wouldn’t have a sub to replace him with.

    Outside of Kaiba, I have already acquired all the top and middle tier cards of the collab with some dupes of the middle tier, so I would like your advice on wether to roll for a second fortress dragon or to just save up for the next event.

    Also, another question I have is the latents. A while back the meta was mostly stacking killers among the team, but now I feel like everyone is going with just SDRs. Is SDR the meta now for all cards? Should I be sticking 6 SDRs on everyone, or 2/4 plus killers?

    I also have a really deep monster box, so I was wondering would you think the optimal yugi team would be?



    1. I don’t think their is an “optimal” yugi team as it is so flexible and everyone has a different box. For Latents, use SDR on non VDP cards and Killers on VDP monsters is the best generic approach I use.

      I agree that Yami feels a bit meh but do you have any other 2-3 SB cards you might want to use? For example, Diaochan has a much faster active, 4SB and Super Blind. Double Yugi with a Bakura should dish out more than enough damage

      As for rolling, its up to you, you have enough to comfortably transform (DM + FD is 13) so you don’t truly need one. Also, if you did use a second FD, it would mean you need to have another SBR assist

      On a different note, I am working on a team building article for Yugi despite not owning him


  8. More Yugi team q…. sorry!

    I am in a position to trade/burn for Yugi, I have a 2000 + day box, haven’t cleared Aa2 Colo2 yet. I have Tifa/Dkarin, minaka, raoh, bj and Zkitty teams for my end game needs. Yugi seems broken and the trade, while costly, seems like a sure thing to endgame.

    (2x Xkali for sure, then 3 of: my one shelling ford, one of 2 zelas, my one zcore, my one BEsca, one of 2 Lajoa… or I could pay for the 7* bundle and worst case use it for fodder). I don’t care for GHC or chasing more witches.

    I have pulled with all my free stones (and don’t anticipate pulling further):
    2x winged dragon
    2x bakura
    1x DMG
    And muktiples of all the low tier cards except DM, LOL.

    Of cards suggested to be used on the team, I have:
    Leaderswap: Rii and Macha only.
    Equips: all the ff cards, Tokageru.
    Other cards suggested on game8: valeria, lumiel, lajoa x2, AD Luci, Chuan, Veroah, Diaochan.
    Also have Kaioh from fotns if that is useful.

    No Hbastet, Hmadoo, Nergigante etc.

    I appreciate your work and am happy that you are a bit improved pain wise


    1. You can most certainly build a strong team with enough SB to cover transform turn 1 and with 2 Bakura, you have a gigantic damage solution

      If you saw Pancaaake’s account clear AA2, it was DM, 2 FD, Bakura with no latents and mostly budget assists/Yugioh ones so I am confident you can replicate that and do better. Her account basically just rolls, never plays dungeons so putting together a team on the spot and clearing AA2 should be a testament to Yugi’s power

      As for trading, do you have any more event medals to redeem? You should have a Valkyrie/zeus/athena one from 2020

      Those could help you reach the 5 trade fodder with less gutting


      1. Thanks Mantastic! Yeah I have used all my medals for trades except Zcore. I figure that GH will make all medal cards suck pretty quick after they come out. Valk was a nice lead for S ranks lol. Time to duel.


  9. Is it worth it to trade 5000 MP monsters for 1 rainbow medal? I have 6 Keiji and I’m wondering if the rainbow medal trade is good deal. I have 51 rainbow medals, so it’s not like I’m hurting for them.


    1. Maybe? I have not traded mine since I have 70+ but at the same time, Pantheon cards are languishing. I guess if you have numerous dupes and those ideally dont have +s


  10. I dropped my android phone that had one of my 3 Pad accounts on it, it was the one I had from the beginning (over 5 years ago) and was my best account. Apparently the phone can’t be fixed. I put in a recovery request mid December, and after an email requesting more information, I’ve heard nothing. Many hundreds of dollars down the drain, and a gazillion hours of time spent building up my monster box. Looks like they don’t tell you if you don’t qualify to have your account recovered? Honestly that is really unacceptable for there to be no way to backup and recover your account, except maybe on an iPhone.


    1. Do you have any IAP receipts? No proof, but I’ve recovered 2 accounts, and I felt like the account with proof I’ve given them money got done faster. Hope you get it figured out!


    2. Dude maybe I’m nuts but can you not just type your player # and email account into the game on a new phone? At some point you must have linked it to your google.

      I have android, my phone got soaked and I just moved on to a new phone.

      Have you tried? There’s also a code you could have written down to get it recovered but I guess you didn’t write it.


        1. Well I lucked out. GH had restored my game but they never sent me notification. I turned on the device I was going to restore to and the game data downloaded. Everything is restored. Dodged a bullet on that one. Definitely IOS users have an advantage when it comes to protecting your account.


  11. So, my rolls with the SSGF were average but at least is was not a total disappointment…

    Notably, I got Beach Fujin. She should be a great addition to my box except I recently rolled Uruka too. I know Uruka has higher weighted stats, can be bind immune with SA, and also has soft bind clear (which is very occasionally still good utility), so is there anything about Fujin that lets her serve a different niche? Or will she just be a box trophy (which TBH, I don’t mind bc I like her base form art better than the evo)?


    1. Beach Fujin has a non-disruptive active (no board change) which can sometimes be nice for non-rainbow teams (eg. using a 99 turn skyfall buff to always have enough orbs. With Uruka you may ruin that board with 6 elemental changer)

      I guess another notable difference is BFujin has one more TE


      1. Thanks for the reply!

        Yeah, I think Blujin could be nice if I ever ran a team that needed the Fujin-style AS but doesn’t want a rainbow board. I’m currently mostly using B&J though, so I guess Uruka is still the better option for now, since the rainbow board change prevents orb troll.

        I’m actually struggling to think of other teams that might want Blujin over Uruka… but I suppose it’s better than having only Uruka as a Fujin-style sub with strong offensive awakenings (the only other ones I have are Lugh and Gilgamesh, which are at best assists).

        I suppose she could always be a leader, since I have 2 Zela but no ZKitty? I might try her in AA2.


  12. Have you beaten the new Colosseum? What mechanics should we look out for? 200 stamina is quite a bit to go in blind. Hope you’re feeling better btw.


  13. What witchcraft must you utilize in order to roll a fortress dragon? I’ve tried sacrificing a kumquat in a pentacle of goat’s blood, but have only been receiving Gandoras and Mystical Elves 😦


    1. Go to your nearest grocery store, purchase a Dragon Fruit. Return home and then aggressively eat it whilst staring at a picture of fortress dragon. The gungho God’s will acknowledge this sacrificial offering and bless you with your inner most desires


    2. Once you’ve found a reason to not want Winged Dragon but some other 5-star from the machine, the RNG gods will resolve to troll you in the opposite direction and gift you infinite Winged Dragon.

      But your desire to get something other than Winged Dragon must be sincere.


  14. Hi Mantastic,

    I am currently running a Velkhana/Minaka team with BCottin, Cherun, evo Seto Kaiba, and Grand Starster. I’m trying to clear the new colosseum but without SA i don’t have enough vdp damage and i need evo seto for his poison resist. Suggestions? are there other cards i should be pursuing?


    1. I presume your cards are not leveled enough which means you would have to look into lower cost options

      Blue Cotton and Ney both will level up right away and can become double 7c + VDP and Ney does have two TPA. I am not sure if Velkhana and Seto Kaiba will level up enough but this could be a starting point


    1. Most likely not since they are GFE. The few GFE that were “tradeable” were the Valk/Zeus/Athena series, the Rex/Echidna/Hera series, and Zaerog/Fagan bc GH gave out a medal that gave you a choice of one in each series.

      I don’t think JP received any medal to let them choose Faska/Nere. So if they don’t get something like that, I don’t think NA will.

      The only way to get them so far is to get lucky in a Godfest, and the 2 that JP has had with them in the lineup were of very average rates. I would say that unless you can afford to drop a lot of stones on their SGF, there has been no reliable way to get them.


  15. Hi!
    I hope I am not to late. I want to know if my team is able to do Alt2 and grotesque beeing (and higher) or if I miss something:

    Diao Chan(Bind Resist)^Aeriths Crystal
    SRevo Anubis(FUA)^Uroborus Tattoo
    Rebellious Crow Tengu(finger+)^Ultra Senji
    Fresh Snow, Reeche(Devil Killer)^Li

    At the moment my strongest team and I am really adicted to combo/color.
    I miss jammer block, but with Tokagero I was able to deal with it. Tape resist comes from Ultra Senji…, but could replaced by friend Reeche (every friend has Reeche with Tape), if you thkng I should replace this book.

    Any ideas?


    1. You would have to experiment as I have no experience with NY Reeche along with Rainbow teams in the past couple of years as I lack any Void Damage Void

      Do you have a means to reliably proc your 3×3?


      1. Hiei is my 3×3 guy. 1-2 boxes, and he is making enough dark orbs. Tengu has also a box for more flexibility with different colored boxes. I habe no problems with doing boxes and killing VDP monsters most of the time.


  16. Is there an ideal number of rows before they start to fall off in terms of other passive damage enhancements like orb enhance? I know stacking rows will still increase damage, but is there a “too much” where other awakenings would be a better investment?


  17. Just a thought experiment:

    Why are there so many duplicate rolls? If the chances are as given (1.5%, 1.66%, 2%, etc.), shouldn’t that rarely, if ever occur? I get that the odds of rolling a pantheon are in their favor, but am I missing something else? Or just feel lucky that I won the Vajrayaksa lottery?


    1. RNGesus will ensure you never roll what you want, and you will only roll what you already have absurd amounts of and don’t want


  18. Hi!

    Are any of the farmable token monsters really worth it these days?

    I could see the value in the tamadra swimming ring for example, but looking at the past NY farmable tamadra and the yugi oh card, I get the feeling gungho isn’t really rewarding the grind enough. Thoughts?


  19. Hope it isn’t too late for a question!
    I just recently started to watch your content so first and foremost, great work. Been fun.
    Ironically, my question is about the only collab you didn’t comment, due to your health issues (hope you’re better!): can you give your take on Super-1? I feel like he could see more use if only wasn’t a boost for attackers. Hopefully the new witch give him some appeal. So far, even with the shitty awakenings for not-fire teams, seems his assist is the best option. Can I ask your opinion?


    1. Never too late!

      I am not a fan of the multi-step transform due to how it cannot be “cheesed” by simply loading up on skill boosts. It is a cool concept but I feel it does not play out as well in practice

      Also, what kind of context were you planning on using him


      1. Hey, thanks! I guess you answered in your question: I don’t plan, for now, using him in any context. PAD player life is lonely sometimes, cooping witg your alts (lol) it just happen that I rolled super-1 in both accounts so I kind of long to feel better about it giving him some use. But theres indeed no content he’d be the best option, at least for now.


  20. Hi Mantastic,

    I have the ideal Yugi team but I’m having recovery issues. I don’t have HBastet to help me out. Do you know what I can do?


      1. You got me there. It’s not ideal for me. I have lead yugi and my subs are uevo yugi, dark magician, and two fortress dragons. On one fortress dragon I have a maric equip. I have two Bakuras but the poison drops dilute my board too much when using 6×5 board.

        I have plenty of equips, potentially, but I have to evo them first. I have one more fortress dragon I can turn into an equip.


        1. Id certainly not say Bakura dilutes your board too much. I love the poison mechanic on him.

          If I’m adding up correctly, you’ll have Yugi up turn 1 but u’ll have used nearly all your actives (11 from awakenings, 3 from delay and 6 haste).
          DM’s delay and the haste from fortress dragon will help replenish some but not many. Maybe use a SB equip on your Yugi if you have one and look for a friend leader with one too and use the skill badge. This way you can replace any of the subs with a high RCV card ( assuming they can bring 3 SB )

          I’m using 1 fortress dragon, Bakura, Anubis and Nergigante. the latter two have huge RCV and 4 SB each including super awakenings. I only need to pop my fortress dragon to have Yugi up turn 1.


        2. Your team has more than enough SB and you can safely drop a Fortress Dragon as you are left with 4, 4, 3 natural SB and 6 more Effective SB

          One Yugi probably has a SB weapon so you have quite a bit of flexibility with your final sub


  21. Hi Mantastic! I’ve been on your website for several years now, but I think it’s been like over two years since I posted a comment, lol. As always, thank you so much for putting out the content that you do; so, so many of us find it incredibly helpful 🙂

    I have a few questions, if that’s alright; if not, feel free to answer whichever you fancy best
    -In your opinion, where do rainbow teams stand in the meta right now (only strong rainbow leader I can think of from recent times is Akine)? Do you think they’ll ever make a comeback to the top of the metagame, and if so, what would it take for that to happen?
    -Over the last few years or so, there seems to have been a big shift in what players invest most of their in-game time on; once upon a time it was a great ordeal to get a team that was fully max skilled, +297, fully awakened, etc, etc. and grinding out the resources to get there was a great ordeal. Nowadays, (and this is from my perception, I could be totally wrong) GungHo has made it very easy to get a fully maxed out team, and most of lower level players I imagine are focused on getting stones to roll for better teams and higher level players are grinding out Arena-esque content (although this has been true for high-level players since A1 was released lol). How do you feel about this shift in time commitment and whatnot regarding the overall health of the game its ability to keep new players’s attention for long enough for them to reach a high level? (If this helps add perspective/context to the question, I’ve always found that I end up more engaged in resource grind-heavy games that make it difficult to power up your units; to me, that makes for immense satisfaction upon making a fully maxed out team and now in PAD it’s not really that big a deal anymore)
    -Throughout all your time playing PAD, what was the most enjoyable/engaging meta-centric team and playstyle for you? (ie heart cross teams when Myr was big, Awoken Ra, the age-old Ronia teams, old or recent row-based teams, etc etc)
    -Finally, what is your favorite (if a single favorite is too hard, then a short list works too lol) monster in the entire game regarding the art ONLY?

    Thank you for your time on my excessively long questions, lol. I wish you the best, especially regarding your back injury — that was absolutely heartbreaking for me when you made the first post about it 😦



    1. Glad to have you posting again!

      Rainbow teams will always have a disadvantage due to orb dilution and harder time VDP. Yes actives exist to counter it but VDP works with any orb changer so it is much easier for most players to overcome
      I feel cards do not “last as long” as they used to due to the increasing number of new collabs/events that have to be stronger to entice players to roll. As such, it is easier to create a team with pluses etc. since you will probably have to change again sooner rather than later
      I feel when A3 was new was the most exciting time for PAD as we could use a pretty wide variety of teams (including many farmables), coop worked (was nice for myself and 2 accounts), and fujins were not mandatory as I cleared countless A3 runs without one due to noskyfall or damage control
      Art-wise, I feel I have not clear winner and perhaps my experience playing Fire Emblems has pseudo ruined PAD because their characters are so much more immersive/have stories etc


  22. Hello Mantastic,

    First of all, hope you’re feeling better! Second, what assists do you suggest for a yugi team? I am currently running yugi, winged dragon x 2, dark magician, dark magician girl.



    1. I would not run Dark Magician Girl as a sub simply because you have enough SB already and would gain more value from a different card

      As for inherits, your priority should be covering Blind, Cloud, and Skill Boosts unless the dungeon calls for specific things


  23. Hey Mantastic, many thanks for your hard work you put into this site and pad in general. I rolled 3 bakuras and I was wondering if I was to lead with one, what would be a good pairing? Should I keep all 3 bakuras and add other equips with non bind or 2 bakuras (1 bakura equip)? Thanks


    1. For pairings, you need something with higher Effective Health in order to truly take advantage of Bakura’s own damage reduction. Thankfully, this is not tied to his ATK multiplier

      I feel pairing with Gaslowe may not be a bad idea


  24. Hi Mantastic!
    It’s already 2020 but since I have a soft spot for farmable cards, do you think that they can bring something extraordinary to the table this year? I really miss the golden era of heart-crosses meta Myr and stuff, and I would love to see them thrive once again. Both at leader and sub capability? I had seen some dudes playing farmable cards at 3P while collab farming and it was not going so well though, mostly because of mediocre damage. Any thoughts?


  25. Hi Mantastic,
    I do not like transformers one bit. Combine this new trend with the daily, weekly, and monthly grind, I’m thinking of taking a pause for a while after my consecutive day gems in a few days. Any reason to stick with it in the near future?

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  26. Two questions:

    Have you finished ultimate annihilation Colosseum? How’d you handle all the rcv debuffs on the final floor? I’m using a phenom Yugi team and have one veroah and eir for healing but I can’t seem to heal enough in the Odysseus+ floors.

    Also, would you recommend Yugi uvo or Yugi transform as a sub for a phenom Yugi team (in the case of coop disconnect where I could transform both immediately)


      1. Thanks for the tips. I finally did it!! I beat Col2 (using coop disconnect to leaderswap — Could do with Nere in the future).

        I had veroah but the back to back rcv floors were too much, so I traded for Valentines Ideal assist chocolate to get a second RCV overwrite. Expensive but worth it.

        My team was: Orphen 7×6 (chuan); phenom (Bonta-kun, leaderswapped); Yami Yugi (Dorothy’s shoes); eir (ideals homemade chocolate); veroah (winged dragon of Ra); with Yugi transform as a helper (mystical elf).

        I could truly one shot anything with a row and a vdp with a couple more combos for luck.

        Thanks for all your content it guided me the whole way!


        1. Congrats on your clear and Veroah is a wonderful option due to low CD.

          Coop disconnect is a wonderful way to actually build the team you want while still being able to transform


  27. Do you think 326,756 is enough to crown in this ranking dungeon? I’m right on the edge with at 3% and wanna know if I should push for a bit higher


  28. Hi Mantastic,
    I’m a relatively new player (1.5mths in) wondering about how to further upgrade my team with assists. Are there any farmable assists in general that you recommend a newer player to work toward early on?

    FYI the existing assists I have are as follows:
    Using for B&J team = build driver & rabbit, rider belt typhoon, trojan horse, mystical elf card, V-buckle
    In box = zero cutlass, yugioh collab exchange assist, new year event exchange assist, starling’s dress
    Possible assist evos = BVeroah, NYReeche, Hera-Luna, Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamen Rider W, Joey Wheeler, Gandora


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  30. Hi Mantastic,

    Just want an opinion. After around 25 rolls of the Yugioh REM I managed to land both a Yugi and Marik. Since Marik isn’t really a good sub for a Yugi team, I was thinking of trading him + 3 Halloween Sonia Gran + 1 other trade fodder dupe for a second Yugi. Do you think this would be more beneficial in the long run since I can see Marik going down in value as newer content gets released?


    1. I feel you will regret trading away Marik as his weapon is quite powerful and as you hit more and more end game, you will need to have stronger weapons as well

      Also, I do not feel a second Yugi is needed mostly because if he does get powercrept as a leader, you can swap to sub form for future teams


      1. Thanks for your input. The idea came to mind because I’m not sure what to do with Halloween Sonia Grans. They pretty much just take up box space and aren’t always usable for exchange fodder. (except in Yugi’s case)


        1. I agree that H Sonia Grans are awkward and have never used one myself. One thing to keep in mind is that she is trade fodder for various other events as it is a GH-created card so no licencing issues


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  32. Do you think you’ll do an updated rainbow team build guide? I feel as though V. Ideal is really changing the rainbow meta and then we’re getting the update for SAO with Kirito.


    1. I feel rainbow teams are now mostly finding the best LS and then having Void Damage Voids on your Skill Charge cards. After that it is simply a matter of finding the correct counters for whatever dungeon is at hand


  33. Hello Mantastic, I managed to get a good Yugi Team with:
    Yugi (Akuma prayer beads)
    winged dragon (kuriboh card)
    winged dragon (mariel euphonium)
    nergigante (one legged dragon pendant)
    Bakura (the winged dragon of ra card)

    would be traiding for another Yugi card make my team significantly better to clear AA1 -AA3? I Would sacrifice some cards (no dupes) i didn’t use at all like rex, zeus giga, beach eschamali, Zaerog core.

    What do you think?


    1. That team should not have any issues with AA1-3 assuming you can layer in some SDR so actives are ready.

      I do not feel trading for another Yugi will work that well. One other thing to consider is if you don’t want to run Yugi x Yugi, you can change your own to sub form and then revert if needed in the future etc


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