Farm GungHo Collab Dungeon for Easy Pys


The GungHo Collab is in full swing and while the REM portion has modest value, the event dungeon is incredibly lucrative. This is because players are able to acquire GH Tickets which in turn can be Monster Exchanged for Pys at an incredible 1:1 ratio of Gold Ticket to Py.

Furthermore, the conversion ratios for Bronze -> Silver and Silver -> Gold only requires 3 instead of other event’s 5.

As such, this is an amazing time to farm for any colour Py as you can easily Swipe/Button through the dungeon as the dungeon features few mechanics.

With this in mind, I have created a Swipe build for my two account in order to coop with myself.

Video clear

Team used

GungHo Collab Farming – Shivnia x Scheat














Inherit Skill Boost



I decided to use my Shivnia paired with Scheat in order to always have access to Shivnia’s explosive damage and Scheat for No Skyfalls to simply hasten clears. When I think about it, the only really key card is Shivnia along with Hera Luna’s Weapon Assist as the majority of other cards are replaceable along with many being Farmable along with many of the subs simply being there for their Skill Boosts Skill Boost and naturally short cooldowns.

One key inherit is  GH PEM Typhon who is able to deliver a 200,000 Button to all enemies along with 2 turns of Haste. This Haste allows me to recharge Shivnia post-Transform in order to use her again later on in the dungeon.

When you face floor 5 and their Void mechanic, using Satan’s full board changer plus any double row make will let you easily match a VDP .

There is not too much else to say outside watching the video as the dungeon is quite straight forward along with no dangerous preemptives.


The GungHo event dungeon is a lucrative place to quickly and easily farm Pys of any colour. This can be achieved in solo mode by using leaders such as Veroah and Dungeon Boosts to inflate drop rates when playing on lower difficulties.

On the other hand, if you are fortunate enough to have 2 accounts, it is quite easy to build a Swipe team as there are relatively few mechanics within the dungeon and you can also trade over Pys from your alt if needed.

Let me know what team you have been using for this dungeon in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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7 thoughts on “Farm GungHo Collab Dungeon for Easy Pys”

  1. Swipe farming at it’s simplest. Wood team with mega awoken two sylvies with Team A using 2 dios and Enola (w/ attacker killer equip) and Team B using 3 dios. Since Enola’s active makes the vdp block, it’s one active and swipe all the way to the end. The equip is to ensure the kill because the previous floor debuffs attack.


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