New Evolutions Overview – Lu Bu, Nephthys, & More


GungHo continues the wonderful trend of providing new evolutions for existing cards. This is important as it can help recycle a card back into relevancy as the landscape of PAD can change so quickly as new cards are continuously released.

In fact, having thousands of different cards is problematic as it makes it incredibly difficult to be chosen as a leader/sub/inherit as there are just so many options and many simply take up Box space.

Regardless, this article will take a look at all of the new evolutions that were released late last night.

Video commentary

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New cards

Lu Bu

  • High personal damage when below 50% HP
  • Huge ATK multiplier from LS
    • Amazing farming potential
  • Active provides Burst + HP cut
  • Active does not generate Dark orbs
  • Modestly long cooldown

Reincarnated Lu Bu becomes a terrifyingly powerful farming leader due to his outstanding 24x ATK with a single leader (576x with two) for all Attackers and Devils when below 50% HP. Furthermore, he can also abuse Rows Dark row to improve the team’s damage output.

This is incredibly easy to achieve and and his multipliers are significantly higher compared double Shivnia or Dark Omgea who have 256x and 324x ATK respectively.

This is a huge step up and will make it easier to push through content such as Training Arena 2. With that being said, one thing Lu Bu lacks compared to these other two is an orb changer along with a modestly long cooldown. This can make it more challenging to inherit orb changers along with many players already having a mindless Training Arena 2 farming team.


  • Can say “That’s Nuts”
  • Does not achieve much
  • Awkward as a leader
    • Have to remain full HP
    • Have to combo
    • Active does not heal
  • Lackluster awakenings
  • No Resists

Nut has never been a truly magical card within Puzzle and Dragons and her new Reincarnated form does not make her much better. This is because her awakenings are truly awkward as >80% has the lowest ATK multiplier along with there just not being enough to function in Ranking Dungeons (eg. Tilly ) along with an impractical leader skill.

While the multipliers are on the higher end, players have to remain at full HP which will not happen in challenging content along with having to actually combo which prevents swipe farming.

As a whole, I am not Nuts about this evolution.


  • Exceptionally high personal damage
    • Four <50% awakenings
    • 16x personal damage
  • High ATK multiplier
  • LS lacks 7×6 or Auto Follow Up
  • Juggling HP may be problematic
  • Low Effective Health
  • No VDP
    • Useless vs Voids

Osiris has tremendous personal damage when below half health due to four <50% awakenings. These propel his personal damage up to 16x with any match provided he is below half health. This has tremendous potential when Farming content as you can quickly sweep a floor with little effort.

Sadly, his Leader Skill does not truly take advantage of this as players must match 6 or more combos. While the multipliers are impressive, juggling HP may be difficult along with low Effective Health that is further compounded by ideally being below half health.

As a whole, Osiris can function as a powerful damage solution for Wood teams that wish to remain below half health.


  • Super Poison
  • Valuable active
    • Generates a row of Dark
    • 1.5x ATK Burst
  • Fantastic art
  • Lacks an ideal home
    • No Devil typing

Nephthys has the makings of a powerful card but she sadly lacks an ideal home to use her on. This is because Dark teams are still dominated by Yugi due to his incredible VDP , immunity to Poison damage, huge multipliers, and numerous viable asymmetrical pairings.

As such, if a mono Dark sub wants to truly shine, they must be Devil typing at this point in time. This will change as soon as Yugi becomes Powercrept.

With that being said, I still like Nephthys as a whole due to the fact that she can quickly generate a row of Dark and overwrite any ATK debuff along with Super Poison Resist which are both meaningful mechanics.

Pixel Kali

  • Full Bind/Awoke Bind clear
  • Active produces 5 colours
  • 3 SB Skill Boost
  • Skill Charge
  • Does not produce Hearts
    • Cannot heal
    • Cannot FUA

Pixel Kali is a significant upgrade from her previous forms as she is now able to generate a board of all five colours along with being able to fully clear Bind/Awoken Binds.

This two-in-one active will always have value for Rainbow teams as at least one component will be useful but one must also be cautious of not produce Heart orbs. This is because it will prevent you from healing while dealing damage, but the bigger concern is not being able to kill Resolve spawns via FUA . As such, only leaders with Auto Follow Up Attack can take advantage of this board changer but thankfully her God typing is utilized by Dyer .

Pixel Australis

  • 3 VDP
  • Passive Damage via 4 Wood Rows Wood Row
  • Active heavily generates Wood orbs + Locking Wood orbs for 10 turns
  • Active removes Hearts
    • Cannot heal
    • Cannot FUA
  • 1 Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • Low ATK
    • Hinders VDP potential

Pixel Australis has strong VDP potential due to their three awakenings but is also offset by her lower ATK stat. On the bright side, she is able to provide some Passive Damage due to her 4 Wood Rows Wood Row along with a powerful double orb changer that also produces 10 turns of Locked Wood Skyfalls.

This will allow for sizable burst damage but at the same time, must be used on Auto Follow Up Attack leaders due to the removal of Heart orbs. At the same time, their 1 Skill Boost Skill Boost will probably have them passed over on Transforming teams which leads me to believe she will be underutilized.

Pixel Fenrir

  • Makes 15-15 Dark/Jammer board
    • Always 10 combos
    • Alternative to Majic Lin
  • 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • Kit revolves around Jammers
    • Underwhelming/awkward mechanic
  • Jammer Blessing only provides 1.5x ATK
    • Pollutes board with Jammer Skyfalls
  • Active produces Jammer Skyfalls
    • Extra animation

Pixel Fenrir Viz is a truly unique card as his entire kit revolves around Jammers which is an underwhelming/awkward mechanic overall.

Historically, there have been some dabbling with teams who want to match Jammers for damage but it proved awkward and never took off. Fast forward today and not much has changed as it is not rewarding enough due to no strong leaders and Jammer Blessing   only providing 1.5x ATK. As such, Pixel Fenrir has only 6x personal damage while polluting the board with Jammers.

On the other hand, their active is quite unique as it will provide a perfect 15-15 board of Jammer and Heart orbs which will in turn yield 10 easy to solve combos. This has the most merits in Ranking Dungeons where speed and combo count are prized with this active having a slight edge due to only 1 colour of pings. Sadly, the extra animation time of the Jammer Skyfall will offset this along with diluting any Forced Skfyall actives such as Xellos .

While it is less ideal compared to Majic Lin , Fenrir can be directly subbed in if Skill Boosts are short along with 15-15 boards being rare.

Pixel Zuoh

  • 3 SB Skill Boost
  • High VDP potential
    • Additional damage vs Dragons
  • Tri colour board changer
    • Also spawns a column of Dark after
  • Active removes Hearts
    • Cannot heal
    • Cannot FUA
  • 0 RCV

Pixel Zuoh is the final new card released with the latest update and he now comes with an interesting twist on a tri colour board changer. Zuoh has always been able to produce a board of Fire, Wood, and Dark but he will now also spawn a column of Dark as well.

This is valuable as it will help over populate the board with Dark which greatly aids when trying to form a VDP as you only need 4/25 Dark orbs on the remaining board which statistically likely to occur.

While this board changer does not include Heart orbs, Yugi teams can still overcome Resolve spawns and may be able to make some use out of Zuoh if lacking other options.


This new patch of evolutions is not as exciting overall. This is because outside of Lu Bu, most of these cards do not fulfill any particular niche well. This is partially due to these cards being lackluster before and they sadly did not receive the love they needed.

Let me know what you think about these cards in the comments below along with how you plan on using them.

Happy Puzzling!

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4 thoughts on “New Evolutions Overview – Lu Bu, Nephthys, & More”

  1. Didn’t the Jamfall awakenings get buffed to 2× recently? Maybe that hasn’t come to NA yet, but I could’ve sworn I read that on PADX.
    Also just a minor point, but I think PAD Australis is male


    1. I think you are right about Australis and I think I have called them a she in the past too XD

      As for Jammer Blessing you are also right that it did get buffed but still does not fix Fenrir =(


  2. Australis doesn’t give wood skyfall anymore. Just locks wood orb skyfall. Your analysis implies otherwise


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