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New Evolutions Overview – Lu Bu, Nephthys, & More


GungHo continues the wonderful trend of providing new evolutions for existing cards. This is important as it can help recycle a card back into relevancy as the landscape of PAD can change so quickly as new cards are continuously released.

In fact, having thousands of different cards is problematic as it makes it incredibly difficult to be chosen as a leader/sub/inherit as there are just so many options and many simply take up Box space.

Regardless, this article will take a look at all of the new evolutions that were released late last night.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

New cards

Lu Bu

  • High personal damage when below 50% HP
  • Huge ATK multiplier from LS
    • Amazing farming potential
  • Active provides Burst + HP cut
  • Active does not generate Dark orbs
  • Modestly long cooldown

Reincarnated Lu Bu becomes a terrifyingly powerful farming leader due to his outstanding 24x ATK with a single leader (576x with two) for all Attackers and Devils when below 50% HP. Furthermore, he can also abuse Rows Dark row to improve the team’s damage output. Continue reading New Evolutions Overview – Lu Bu, Nephthys, & More