New 7* GFE: Norza & Aljae Review + Super Godfest Debut


The current Super Godfest that has gone live today features the standard 33% GFE rolling rates along with the release of two new 7-star Godfest Exclusives: Norza and Aljae .

Both of these cards are tremendously powerful as they Transform and are new. This may sound a little silly but new cards tend to be stronger compared to older ones and they are often at their peak power upon release.

This is due to how future buffs have the chance to be underwhelming and in order to generate hype/excitement, a newly released card has to be strong.

With this in mind, I wish to take a look at both of these cards in more detail to determine why they are so powerful and to give players a better understanding of they can expect if they do roll in this Super Godfest.

Video commentary

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Rolling 14x

New Godfest Exclusives


  • Huge offensive potential
    • High base ATK
    • Triple 7c 45
    • VDP
  • High LS multipliers + favourable pairings
  • Active is incredible for 2 turns
    • 2 Norza create the ideal loop/system
    • Overwrite RCV & Time debuffs
    • +3 Water & Hearts
  • Base form has SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Natural Cloud Resist
  • No typing restrictions in LS
  • Team building is challenging
    • Requires an active every turn
    • Requires 18 SB Skill Boost
    • Ideally run 2 Norza
  • Damage Reduction tied to matching 5 Hearts
    • Pairing with Tsukuyomi requires 3 Hearts for her shield

As a general rule of thumb, Transform cards are significantly stronger compared to regular cards as the initial hurdle of acquiring sufficient Skill Boosts Skill Boost must be justified. Otherwise, there would be much less motivation to run these types of cards as they will force you to alter your team in possibly negative ways.

With that being said, Norza is incredibly over-tuned as she features well distributed and high Weighted Stats, amazing offensive awakenings, and an active skill that does an absurd amount of things on a blisteringly fast 2 turn cooldown. Furthermore, Norza has amazing leadership potential when asymmetrically paired with GungHo Tsukuyomi :

When using an active skill and matching 5 connected Hearts, players will enjoy the above listed multipliers along with 500,000 Auto Follow Up Damage, +3 combos, and more than 4x Effective Health. Furthermore, the ideal team would be running two Norzas (one lead, one sub) which means you will also be enjoying 1.5x RCV and movement time. This means you will always counter these mechanics along with being able to get away with using less movement time cards and enjoying 7.5x RCV which is incredible.

While all of this sounds appealing, the biggest hurdle will be team building as Norza requires an active skill being used every single turn. Naturally, 2 Norzas are the best solution as she will generate 3 Water and Heart orbs to always activate and if you had 2 Hearts from before, you will enjoy the +3 combos and additional Damage Reduction.

Barring a sub Norza, the next best option is Evolved Yuri who also shares a 2 turn cooldown but is less ideal due to her only creating 2 Heart orbs and Locking all future Heart drops for 2 turns. Thankfully, Yuri is available to acquire for free if you manged to hold onto her special Monster Exchange Medal.

In addition to Yuri, players could use other 1-2 turn cooldown cards such as the long forgotten Claymore who also provides Super Blind Resist , 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, and her active will overwrite any ATK debuff. Lutina can also fulfill the active skill requirement but does not actively contribute to orb generation (only provides Water Skyfalls) which may still lead to an inability to activate. In fact, if you cannot match Heart orbs, you will be in trouble as all Damage Reduction will be lost and leave your team with only 2x HP. Furthermore, Rimururu also has a 2 turn cooldown and while she may not actively contribute to orb generation, she does come with 3 Skill Boosts.

I am aware that Deena also has a 1 turn cooldown but her main crutch is her ability to potentially overwrite Heart orbs when she randomly spawns 3 Water orbs.

Once you have solved you active skill issues, the next hurdle to overcome is sufficient Skill Boosts as you will require 18 -4 due to Tusukyomi to Transform Norza. Thus, you are looking at 14 Skill Boosts between 3 subs (4 if non-Norza) and 6 inherits which is most certainly doable.

Blue Odin 3391 comes with 4 Skill Boost along with Super Blind Resist , 5 Water Rows Water Row, Tape Resist , and a 6 turn cooldown. On the other hand, Lamp comes with 4 Effective Skill Boosts, Super Poison Resist , and an active that provides a 3x ATK buff and full Awoken Bind clear. Pixel Sherias offers 4 Skill Boosts, Super Blind, and a 2 turn Damage Absorb Void but be aware that they will not produce Hearts through their active. Just be aware that neither Blue Odin, Lamp, nor Pixel Sherias comes with SBR Skill Lock Resist which only becomes an issue if running two of them.

Evolved Kaiba also comes with 4 Skill Boosts, Super Poison, and high personal damage against non-Void spawns. Another way to help you find subs is to utilize‘s Fuzzy search to find cards with specific awakenings, actives, etc.

Another interesting way to acquire more Effective Skill Boosts if using a non-Norza solution for 1-2 turn active is to have that card inherit a Delay such as the GH PEM Helen who has a 2 turn delay on a 12 turn cooldown. Thus, inheriting her onto someone like Yuri will bolster your damage output along with giving Yuri 2 more Effective Skill Boosts.

In summary, Tsukuyomi paired with Norza is able to lead a tremendously powerful team that is capable of clearing all content assuming players can meet the Skill Boost requirements and have a solution for using an active every turn.

Weapon Assist

  • 5 Enhanced Water Orbs blue + orb
  • Bicolour board changer with Water & Hearts
  • Norza is so strong in her Transformed state
  • Active skill is okay

Norza’s Weapon Assist is able to provide sizable amounts of Passive Damage for mono Water teams along providing a bicolour board of Water and Heart orbs. While these are nice aspects, there is a huge opportunity cost in making this Weapon Assist as Norza is incredibly strong when she Transforms and her ideal team has one Norza leader and one Norza sub.

Furthermore, this Weapon Assist’s active does not counter any current mechanic, it is essentially a bicolour board with +2 combos.

With this in mind, I would not convert Norza to her Weapon unless you somehow are swimming in dupes.


  • Four 7 Combos 45
    • 16x personal damage
  • Void Damage Void active
    • 5 turn cooldown
    • Creates 5 colour board
  • Easy to achieve 50% Damage Reduction
    • Just need 5 of any orb to form an L
  • 1,000,000 Auto Follow Up Damage
  • Numerous asymmetrical pairings
    • Basically anyone who uses Rainbow
  • No colour/typing restriction
  • Tape Resist
  • Base form has SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • 18 turns to Transform

Aljae is the second 7-star Godfest Exclusive to be released during this Super Godfest and she is a stellar Rainbow leader due to her impressive multipliers and comically high personal damage.

Four 7 Combos 45 will result in 16x personal damage against any spawn when hitting 7 or more combos. This is relatively easy to do, even with Aljae’s Leader Skill requiring one matched 5. This is because an average board will have 7-8 combos and there is a strong likelihood one of those combos will be a set of 5 which can be blobbed with no loss in combo count.

In addition to her high personal damage, Aljae also brings Tape Resist and a Void Damage Void active that also comes with a 5 colour board changer on a 5 turn cooldown. This helps solve the main issue with Rainbow teams as Void spawns are often a hurdle that is harder to overcome.

In regards to her Leader Skill, Aljae boasts 20x ATK and 50% Damage Reduction along with 1,000,000 Auto Follow Up Damage. This Auto Follow Up Damage is triggered from any 4/5 colour match which should be doable on most boards. While a match-5 condition may feel cumbersome, it should be manageable and with careful planning, would hopefully not negatively impact your combo count. which in turn opens Aljae up to various asymmetrical pairings as she has no typing nor colour restriction.

This is quite unusual for a Transforming card and gives her a certain edge over her competition as you can more easily build her team unlike Norza as the main requirement is someone who is Rainbow-oriented.

With this in mind, Base Menoa works wonderfully well as she has nearly the same activation requirement (4 colours and match 5 orbs in an L) which in turn pumps your Damage Reduction up to 75% which is equivalent to 4x Effective Health but stronger as you can survive >100% Gravities. Furthermore, Valentine’s Ideal and Shinji are also strong 6×5 pairings.

Another thing to consider is that your team already has a large chunk of their damage output carried by Aljae which lets you utilize more utility-heavy cards such as Polowne with relative ease. Regardless, the main idea with team building Aljae is to have sufficient Skill Boosts to Transform along with using the appropriate subs when asymmetrically pairing.

  • 3 turn Void Damage Void
  • 5 Enhanced Wood Orbs Enhanced Wood Orb
  • Long cooldown
    • Harder to accidentally charge up
  • Active favours Rainbow but awakening are mono Wood
  • Cannot use her powerful Transform evolution

Like Norza’s Weapon Assist, Aljae’s is able to provide 5 Enhanced Orbs for her primary colour along with changing her active skill. In this case, the cooldown has been greatly extended to 26 turns which can help in preventing accidental charging but the bigger issue is the opportunity cost in making.

Aljae is an incredibly strong and relatively easy to build leader (as far as Transforming goes) which means she should be utilized in this form if only a single copy is owned.

With that being said, dupes of most Transforming cards are hard to use as running two will possibly require too many Skill Boosts to be effective.

To roll or not to roll?

The current Super Godfest features the standard 1/3 GFE rates which will be the lowest we can possibly go for a 10-Stone machine. Furthermore, there are no Seasonals featured which is another negative aspect along with the promise of stronger future events.

This is a continuous problem for North America as a whole because we are around 2 months behind the JP server and with the rate of new cards being released, the future always looks more promising.

I like to think of this almost as Rolling-Creep in the sense that future events will often hold a slightly better line up/rolling odds/new cards but by the time that particular event does come around, something better is once again on the horizon. Furthermore, there is no guarantee we will get the same events as things can change or be skipped.

Another thing to consider for this Super Godfest is the fact that the two new cards are incredibly strong leaders who are at the height of their power. This is the case for the vast majority of top rarity cards that are released and being able to take advantage of them right now will help you progress. Furthermore, Aljae and Norza are looking like they will have tremendous staying power unless the future Arena 7 features something that neuters their efficacy.

Taking all of this into consideration, I do plan on rolling a modest amount in this Super Godfest today around 4pm PST on my Twitch Twitch stream as I have a relatively shallow Box for 7* Godfest Exclusives along with lacking an ideal team to tackle AA4.


Both Norza and Aljae are incredibly strong Transforming cards that are able to lead powerful teams for current end game content. While it will always be a gamble rolling in any event along with the possible prospect of better events on the horizon, this Super Godfest gives you the chance to acquire two top-tier leaders at the height of their power.

For myself, I do plan on rolling a fair number of times and hope you will join me around 4pm PST for a Fantastic rolling stream on Twitch Twitch.

Let me know what you think about Norza and Aljae in the comments below along with what you managed to roll in this Super Godfest.

Happy Puzzling!

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24 thoughts on “New 7* GFE: Norza & Aljae Review + Super Godfest Debut”

  1. Thanks for the writeup. Coming in clutch with the timely analysis and info.

    I want to praise draconic orchestra Lutia as a cd1 Water skyfall solution sub for Tsukuyomi/Norza. Her SB aren’t helping the transform, but consolidating skill usage is imho a big deal.

    I’d run Aljae as a Chakeol sub. Team has ample VDP and doesn’t need more anti-void, but the x16 decent stats body is welcome enough, and you just inherit some Godzilla stomp board change active like zela or menoa on top and play as an inherited ability slot. (I’d also run Aljae as a lead of course, just saying she slots in to a few teams.). If you have a tricked out luxury subs Chakeol team, with stuff like x3 rcv vraska equip, team has survival pilot you with chakeols anti-bind / orb freeing effects, and damage is solid, so I could see running either as leads, but I might bias mildly to Chakeol with Aljae sub, versus Aljae with Chakeol sub, as you will be heart orb trolled on Aljae leads at some point.

    The power curve of the cards, and the decent, if not special, general roll rate means I’ll roll some, even though I’m not lacking decent teams already. I won’t go wild, but I’ll probably roll 100 stones or so, casually fishing.

    I wish you great luck in your own rolling session.
    May the rng gods be generous and kind.


    1. Ah well. 15 rolls and only came away with a duplicate Fasca and a random hera trade fodder, but that’s the way of the world. Feast and famine. Fasca inherit on Fasca is a slight upgrade, I think, team didn’t really lack for damage, and it’s hard to tell without some high end run attempts, but the three turn x2 time if the inherit comes up can do some pretty optimal board solve things for end floor boss fights. Feels cornercase rare though.

      Hope everybody had good rolls.


    2. Thank you for your always detailed comments!

      My main concern with Lutina is she does not actively make any orbs, just gives skyfalls which can be helpful but at the same time, does not solve your needs right now

      How has your Chakeol teams been faring as it sounds like you did roll Aljae?


  2. I know she is not the best support (but I am sure you will heal everything :-D), but Elsha brings 6 skill boosts.
    I got the green girl. Not sure if I will play her with having Dyer in the back hand. I wish I had rolled the blue girl.


  3. I got 4 Algeas and 1 Norza…too many rolls. I tried for the second Norza but I’ll wait for the Red witch to drop. I sid 7 packs btw… I do not recommend doing the same.


  4. Is it a good idea to buy Tsukuyomi with cards like Deena, Elsha, Skuld, Lampeid, Zeta, Gabriel and Ysholta?
    Want to play tsuku/Norza.


    1. If you still can trade for Yuri aka you still have your medal, then maybe. But for an optimal team, you need 2 norza or 1 yuri and one norza. Deena is an ok sub, but as said mantastic she doesn’t create heart.
      But maybe it it possible to tackle A6/AA4 with her, can’t tell


    2. I just made a more detailed look at my team but I feel having Yuri makes a significant difference as Deena can break activation

      Also, what kind of content are you playing through?


      1. I did not finished both grotesque beeing, but I did not really tried yet.

        But I am bored of rainbow/combo leads, so maybe even Tsuku/Norza will not be able to satisfy me.
        I still hope for this green/red guy from Shaman King for a even better Gregory. 😀


  5. So right now I’ve been using Yugi team (Don’t have Nelle or Fasca).

    I see this GFE has Fasca but not Nelle – and of course the 2 new cards. Is it worth rolling? It seems there’s multiple opinions on which is better pairing for Yugi (Nelle vs. Fasca). Thoughts?



  6. While I’m saddened that I got only Pantheon cards for the Godfest, I feel like Aerith from the FF Collab is a budget solution for my Tsukuyomi/Norza team. Although she doesn’t provide any damage, she provides a 10% Heal Skyfall every turn and helps to bolster the team’s Effective Health.


      1. No, I don’t. I was being impatient and exchanged for Grandis, which I now realize was a bad move. While I hope that Grandis gets more usage in the future, Aerith is all I’ve got.


        1. I saved the medal, rolled Grandis, buyed Jiraya and now I miss Yuri. Thats live 😀
          (Yuri was called the weakest of all 3 at release, so it is how it is)


        2. Yeah with her postbuff LS upgrade she will be much more valuable. While the +2 combos may not always happen, the 6 elements does not impact ATK multiplier

          With that being said, one thing I have heard from other players is that you can never miss an L as you would then have 1x Effective HP


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