Stellar Stage of the Supreme (WoC3/SR3) Mechanics Checklist


Puzzle and Dragons is a tremendously deep game that has years worth of content waiting for players. Sadly, there is essentially no in-game information as to what mechanics, spawns, or what can actually happen in a dungeon which in turn creates a terrible guessing game.

Thankfully, we are eventually able to “solve” any dungeon with enough trial and error and for myself, what I find most helpful when trying to tackle a new dungeon is a Checklist of notable mechanics. From this Checklist, I will try my best to address all of the dangerous mechanics while prioritizing unavoidable abilities.

For Stellar Stage of the Supreme (Shura Realm 3), players must enter the dungeon with all Attributes which in turn provides another hurdle of team building. With that being said, cards who Transform and change their colours are allowed, as long as you enter with all Attributes present. Colour coverage can be achieved via main or sub attribute.

Link to my master Checklist article can be found HERE.

Video commentary

How to use my checklists

With any dungeon, there are avoidable and unavoidable mechanics and it is important to address the unavoidable mechanics first. As such, there will be a priority-like system when looking at dungeon mechanics and you may have to forgo certain solutions depending on the depth of your Monster Box. Furthermore, certain teams/leaders may naturally counter specific mechanics.

Beside each mechanic I will put in brackets for the floor it can be encountered on and if I include a star (*) it means this is unavoidable or is a guaranteed spawn on this floor.

The bottom section will be a quick reference as to whether or not these are needed.

  •  download Need it
  • Nice to have but not a priority
  • x Not relevant

Another aspect is having sufficient Effective HP to survive unavoidable preempetives/attacks. For example, if there is a 200,000 hit and your team has 75% Damage Reduction, you would only need 50,001 HP to survive this.

I am also going to assume you have FUA / Auto Follow Up Leader Skills, L , and VDP or equivalent. I will highlight any notable Void spawns if they require an exceptional amount of damage to overcome.

Stellar Stage of the Supreme

Stellar Stage of the Supreme (WoC3/SR3)

15 Floors

Things you must bring

Floor 8+ have multiple different possible spawns

Great to have but lower priority
  • All spawns but floor 13/14/15 execute on 15th turn
  • All attributes on your team when entering the dungeon
  • Shield for Hexazeon <50% HP hit (F15*)
    • If possible, use this shield for Gremory (F11)
  • 2 turn Skill Delay (F1* & F6*)
    • Max Skill Delay on any is always 2 turns
  • Unable to Match Clear
    • 4 turns Hearts (F3*)
    • 6 turns Wood (F6*)
    • Possible 1 turn G/L/H if left alive (F7*)
    • 8 turns Hearts (F12)
    • 10 turns R or B (F14*)
    • 15 turns Dark (F15)
  • Awoken Bind Clear
    • 5 turns (F4*)
    • 10 turns (F10)
  • RCV Buff
    • 10 turns (F2*)
    • 3 turns 100%/Voids (F8)
    • 10 turns (F12)
    • 7 turns (F13)
  • ATK Buff
    • 10 turns (F5*)
    • 10 turns (F12)
    • 7 turns (F13)
    • 99 turns (F14* if below 50% HP)
  • 2+ turn Damage Absorb Void
    • Super Resolve spawn (F6*)
  • Movement Time Buff
    • 5 turns (F2*)
    • 10 turns (F11)
  • Colour Absorb
    • 10 turns Random 1 (F3*)
      • Will execute if left alone
    • 7 turns Random B/G/L/D (F13)
      •  Delay solves F13
  • Sticky Blind Skyfalls
    • 5 turns (F3*)
    • 4 turns (F9)
    • 5 turns (F12)
  • Preemptive full board Red from Senri (F12)
  • 6M Auto Follow Up or 812.5k eHP for Wood teams (F11)
  • Poison Resist
  •   Jammer Resist
  • download Blind Resist
  • Cloud Resist
  • Tape Resist
  • download Skill Bind Floor 1
  • Leader Swap (F7* for 3 turns, can be Delayed)
  • x 7×6 Punishment (Negligible Preemptive F10)


Team Building for Puzzle and Dragons can be a daunting task but with a Checklist of key mechanics that needs to be overcome, this process becomes significantly easier. For myself, this is how I approach any dungeon as I try to my best to counter the most dangerous and unavoidable mechanics first.

Happy Puzzling!

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