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– Azazel Descended – Dios Leader Farming Guide


Coming up on Friday, April 21, 2017, a new Descend Dungeon will come to NA. Azazel Descended will feature Azazel , who is another farmable card whose active is inheritable. His active will boost your ATK for 1 turn by 70% for every Resistance-Dark Blind ResistAwakening (better known as Blind Resist) on the team. In other words, your ATK will be enhanced by 1+(0.7*n) where “n” is the number of Blind Resist awakenings you have on your team. Some of you may find a use for Azazel, others may be looking to farm for the additional dungeon drops, but regardless, here’s a Dios-lead guide for farming this dungeon! Continue reading – Azazel Descended – Dios Leader Farming Guide

Linthia Descended – Dios Leader Farming Guide


Hello! I am Rawrzcookie AND (I don’t have an alt account) and today, I would like to introduce myself to all of you! If you do not know who I am, then no worries! I am a mod for Mantastic’s Twitch Stream, as well as an admin for Mantastic’s Discord! In terms of my PAD-life, I have been playing for 1200+ days and I am 100% NIAP. If you have any questions regarding my guides, don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM over in Discord and I will answer you ASAP!


Many people want to be able to obtain MP easily because let’s be honest; who DOESN’T want easy MP? However, the idea behind “MP Farming” is something most people feel they are unable to accomplish because they simply lack the leader capable of doing so.
This mainly revolves around Awoken Liu Bei, who can easily clear and farm many Rogue Descends. On the downside though, many people may not have been lucky enough to roll an Awoken Liu Bei, or any other farming leaders, and thus feel like they are missing a huge component of MP farming. Thus, I have come up with this idea behind Dios-Lead farming teams for those who are unlucky to never be able to roll a Liu Bei. I start with Linthia Descended as her dungeon is relatively straight-forward, and can be easily made with a fully farmable team (aside from one player owning and leading with Liu Bei). Continue reading Linthia Descended – Dios Leader Farming Guide