– Azazel Descended – Dios Leader Farming Guide


Coming up on Friday, April 21, 2017, a new Descend Dungeon will come to NA. Azazel Descended will feature Azazel , who is another farmable card whose active is inheritable. His active will boost your ATK for 1 turn by 70% for every Resistance-Dark Blind ResistAwakening (better known as Blind Resist) on the team. In other words, your ATK will be enhanced by 1+(0.7*n) where “n” is the number of Blind Resist awakenings you have on your team. Some of you may find a use for Azazel, others may be looking to farm for the additional dungeon drops, but regardless, here’s a Dios-lead guide for farming this dungeon!

Dios x Dios

Dios x Dios

Team A
Card Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios Tengu 3390

Team B
Card Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios Tengu Raphael
Dios x Dios; Floor-By-Floor
Floor 1 Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 2 Raphael Raphael, Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 3 Grodin 3390, Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 4 Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 5 Dios Ult Zeus Dios
Floor 6 Dios Ult Zeus Dios


  • The Tengu on both teams are not necessary. I left them there more as place holders for any additional actives or subs you might need to bring or inherit to accommodate for your own box. This can be something like wood subs with Devil Killers, or a damage enhancer, etc…
  • Both teams can be fully farmable, with using Grodin Tamadra  as a replacement for Grodin 3390, and Chinbowdra  as replacement for Raphael Raphael. (Just make sure you have the necessary amount of Skill Boosts for actives to be up in time)
  • Just to add, during the weekend that Azazel Descended arrives to NA, there will be a special campaign/challenge where you must clear the dungeon with a Super King Metal Dragon  on your team. Since the Tengus on both teams are just place holders, you can instead replace them with a Super King Metal Dragon and clear the challenge campaign as well. (Again, make sure you have enough Skill Boosts)
  • ALB x Dios and ALB x ALB will also work. Just replace the leader and keep the subs the same.
  • While +297 isn’t truly necessary per se, ATK plusses are definitely a must. So just be on the safe side and +297 all Dioses, or at least +99 in ATK


Azazel Descended seems to be incredibly straight-forward and easy to clear as it only has 6 floors and mechanics to counter. Whether or not it’s actually beneficial to farm one is up to you to decide.

Happy Puzzling!
– Rawrzcookie


10 thoughts on “– Azazel Descended – Dios Leader Farming Guide”

  1. Thanks Rawzrcookie (wookie cookie?) I appreciate you and Mantastic and Fantastic and everyone who helps us out!

    I hope M/F is doing well!


  2. Maybe I’m just lacking vision, but I can’t see how any of the recent descends are worth doing aside from the stone. Ras, asazel, serket, kurimitsu… All terrible.


    1. Kuramitsuha is a GREAT base for inheriting and putting on teams. Of course, Hinomitsuha (rare invade spawn in place of Boss) is much better, but they are great to have. Short active CD, great awakenings, great stats.

      Azazel is kinda meh. Really niche.
      Serket is meh
      Ras makes for great SDR protection when inheriting onto Dioses. It’s basically a free SDR latent Tamadras via inheriting as her CD is so huge, it just protects Dios’s base active


      1. Hmm. Ok, let me take a stab at why that might be. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        She’s good because… of the no skyfall leader skill and a farmable active?


    2. I’ve seen this video for a Yomidra Arena 3 team and double Serket is amazing to block all poison/jammers. After I’ve maxed a Serket on each account, I’ve taken them for a quick run through Arena 1 and it makes so many turns stallable (hey Beelz), it’s pretty awesome.


  3. well you can farm kurimitsu (butchered the spelling lol) and try to get the D/R one to spawn, may take 50 bajillion tries but aparently itd really good


  4. Is Azazel the only descended that’s inheritable? If I recall correctly, an update will come out where more will be, but is this the first?


  5. Thanks for this guide! I don’t have Raphael so used Ceres to heal and tank the preemptive. Worked great until Legend plus with a super king metal on each team. Did not have enough pop to one-shot the boss. Oh well, krishna team did the trick, just took longer.


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