Voltron Collab Egg Machine Review and Analysis


The Voltron Collab is an exclusive series coming to North America and this is the first time NA will be receiving cards that JP does not. This is a tremendous step in the right direction as it grants us the chance to acquire unique cards or at the very least, a re-skin of a Collab we would never be able to have.

Collaborations in Puzzle and Dragons are a costly process as GungHo has to secure licensing, hire artists, and design the cards from scratch. This is partially the reason why NA/EU does not gain access to all the exclusive JP Collabs as the costs would not justify the potential income.

Therefore, having Voltron gives us the chance to show GungHo how much support NA can muster as well as hopefully granting us the ability to fill in the Monster gaps.

All players above rank 50 will receive 1 free pull on the Voltron Rare Egg Machine.

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Rolls overview

Voltron Egg Machine Overview
6 star rolls
5 star rolls
4 star rolls


Voltron Collab Rankings – April 23, 2017
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download download  

Voltron Overview

As mentioned above, Collaborations give GungHo the chance to design new and interesting cards to help round out our Monster Boxes. The appeal is further magnified through nostalgia, appealing artwork, and the sense of being a limited time offer.

Even if I am not a fan of the style of the artwork, Voltron appears sloppy and looks out of place in Puzzle and Dragons. Many of the cards have empty space in their art and most of the icons are off-center along with feeling flat colour-scheme wise. As such, it looks hastily drawn and is a disappointment even before we look at the abilities of the cards itself.

And the abilities of the cards are mostly disappointing. Perhaps our expectations for Collabs has had the bar set too high via Bleach, Final Fantasy, and Heroine, but for a North American debut exclusive, they could have tried to make it a little more appealing.

For the most part, the entire Voltron Collaboration is a re-skin of the existing JP Crows Collab minus one of the best cards. While a re-skin is not a bad thing, they should at least choose cards that are appealing and include a better top prize that is worth pursuing.

Taking all things into consideration, Voltron is sad debut for a North American-exclusive Collaboration. The poorly designed cards from an art and viability perspective is setting it up to fail before it arrives on April 24th. My underlying fear is that it will perform poorly from a business perspective and further hinder the chances of North America (and EU) servers bridging the gap between themselves and the JP server.

6 star roll


Machine / Physical / God
4,512 HP / 1,988 ATK / 73 RCV
873 Total
Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Bind Clear awakening Bind Immune Bind Immune Devil killer

Active Skill:
Remove Locked Orb status
Left Column Arrow Fire
Right Column Arrow Heart
9 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
Physical & Machine 2x HP, 2x ATK. 3.5x ATK for each fire cross
4x HP / 600.25x ATK

Pros Cons
  • Bind Immune
  • 600x ATK
  • 100,000+ HP in solo mode
  • Devil Killer Devil killer
  • 3 Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • Unlocks orbs
  • Modest sub potential
  • No RCV component
  • Hard to stall
  • Restricted sub pool
Ranking: downloaddownload

Voltron is the top prize from the Voltron Collaboration and is a reasonable card overall. He could have been a Fantastic leader if he lost the restrictive sub pool or gained an RCV component. Unfortunately, the pool of Physical & Machine fire cards is restrictive and will have almost no healing potential.

Several years ago, having teams with 4x HP / 1x RCV could work as dungeons were shorter and easier while having fewer gravities. Sadly, today’s meta is unforgiving and in order to succeed, you need to be able to dance out dangerous mechanics. One may argue that Reincarnated Astaroth  has a similar set up in that she is 4x HP / 64x ATK, but she can utilize Healers and the +35% RCV badge will be more meaningful.

As such, Voltron will mostly succeed in shorter dungeons with high damage requirements that do not require prolonged stalling. However, he has potential as a sub for both his unique unlocking mechanic, bind immunity, 3 Skill Boosts, and situational Devil Killer awakenings.

3 Skill Boosts is a rare commodity and will help Yamamoto 3357 or other Fire farming teams with the unlocking component being beneficial in SDR farming.

5 star rolls


Balanced / Machine
2,928 HP / 1,475 ATK / 348 RCV
704 Total
Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist 37

Active Skill:
Remove Locked Orbs
Randomly spawn 3 Light and Dark Orbs
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
Balance cards 1.5x HP / 3x ATK. Deal 2x counterattack damage
2.25x HP / 9x ATK

Pros Cons
  • Removes Locked Orbs
  • Can kill some resolve bosses
  • Low impact active
  • Low multiplier
  • Cannot kill most resolve bosses
  • Niche inherit
Ranking: 2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400

Shiro’s main appeal will be his ability to unlock orbs. Unfortunately, the actual orb changer is awkward at best. The only relevant team that can full capitalize on both Light and Dark orbs is Reincarnated Indra 3449 and Vritra 3450 who have modest capabilities overall.

Looking at his Leadership potential, Shiro can kill very few Resolve bosses as their 1% ability has to not kill you as well as dealing damage before a heal (best example is Zeus & Hera). Furthermore, his measly 3x ATK will make pairing challenging as you will probably not have enough damage for the majority of the dungeon.

As such, Shiro will mostly be regulated to a niche inheritance card when you need to unlock orbs.


Healer / God / Machine
2,945 HP / 1,258 ATK / 620 RCV
753 Total
+light orb +light orb Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend 45 Skill Boost  Devil killer

Active Skill:
Heart Jammer Poison Arrow Light
3 turn Light skyfalls
8 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
Healer cards 1.35x HP/ATK/RCV. 3x ATK with 4+ connected Wood or Light orbs
1.8x HP / 16.4x ATK / 1.8x RCV

Pros Cons
  • Powerful active
  • 7 Combo 45 awakening
  • Guard Break  awakening
  • Devil Killer Devil killer
  • Relevance on Kush  & Light Metatron  teams
  • Not a leader
  • One of the worst artworks
Ranking: downloaddownload

Allura is one of the best cards in the the the Voltron Collaberation as she has a wonderful array of awakenings along with a beneficial active skill.

7 combo 45 awakenings is becoming the hot new thing as it provides 2x damage for that card when achieving 7 or more combos. This acts like a Killer awakening that can be turned on and off (barring skyfalls) and is effective against all types of bosses. Furthermore, the Guard Break  enables a rainbow team to instantly void all defense and trivializes PreDRA Fire PreDRA encounters.

This synergy of awakenings has great applications for Reincarnated Kushinadahime  users who lack a Valkyrie as Allura covers Light (assuming you are running Haku  as the other subs). While her base active skill takes longer to charge up, this is still a viable replacement.

Moving beyond Kush teams, Allura has potential on the future Light Metatron  teams for both the God typing and wood coverage. You require all attributes to trigger Guard Break and this can act as a replacement for Apollo Awoken Apollo if you do not intend to reincarnate him.

Overall, I like how Allura was designed outside of the poorly designed art that has her icon off-center and main image feeling empty.

4 star rolls


Attacker / Machine
2,468 HP / 2,025 ATK / 5 RCV
653 Total
Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Top Row Arrow Fire
Recover 50% base HP
9 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
3.5x ATK when above 50% HP. 50% Resolve. No Skyfalls
12.25x ATK / No Skyfalls

Pros Cons
  • Active helps in farming
  • 50% HP heal
  • Niche no Skyfalls
  • Great inherit
  • Helps with Ganesha 3071 x Yamamoto 3357
  • Niche leader
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Poor base stats
Ranking: download

Keith is a relatively potent 4-star Collab roll as he does fulfill an interesting niche for Fire teams. By spawning a full row at the top, you help ensure your bottom orbs remain preserved along with providing enough firepower to sweep most floors. While speed farming teams may or may not require the longer cooldown and healing component, it can be vital in certain situations.

Being able to heal and deal lethal damage is vital in Puzzle and Dragons as you may be facing orb troll or lacking ideal actives that help you accomplish both aspects. As such, Keith can greatly aid bulkier teams such as Krishna 3068 as the heal will be quite meaningful while providing 6/9 orbs for full activation.

Perhaps the most practical application for Keith will be for Ganesha 3071 x Yamamoto 3357 teams that swap Ganesha with Wangren. Wangren requires you to be at full HP and Keith’s active helps solve this problem while instantly creating a row to deal damage.

Finally, the no Skyfalls aspect may feel appealing for niche farming, but the >50% HP requirement along with low multiplier may make it challenging to fully capitalize on.


Attacker / Attacker
2,348 HP / 1,798 ATK / 178 RCV
654 Total
Skill Boost Bind Immune Bind Immune physical killer

Active Skill:
100x Water damage to a single enemy (reduced by element/defense)
2x ATK for Attackers & Machines
11 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
Attackers 1.2x HP/ATK. All cards 2.5x ATK when reaching 4 or more combos
1.44x HP / 9x ATK

Pros Cons
  • Very budget damage nuke
  • High base ATK
  • Bind immunity
  • Poor weighted stats
  • Only hits 1 target
  • Enhance is lackluster
Ranking: x

It is hard to find merits in Lance as he really does not accomplish much. 100x ATK nuke inherited on the highest ATK cards will not yield sufficient damage for any current content to be meaningful. Furthermore, it only hits one target and cannot be used to help button through Star Den (which as farmable alternatives). As such, he will remain a box cheerleader for the foreseeable future.


Balance / Machine
2,708 HP / 1,383 ATK / 320 RCV
654 Total
Skill Lock Resist Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Skill Lock Resist Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb Multiplayer Bonus

Active Skill:
Wood ATK 1.2x for 5 turns
+1 second to orb movement for 5 turns
6 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
Balance 2x HP / 2x RCV
4x HP / 4x RCV

Pros Cons
  • 9 awakenings
  • High up-time on buff
  • Doesn’t actually do anything
Ranking: x

Pidge may have 9 awakenings, but has no real purpose. Maybe one can argue for double SBR Skill Lock Resist and coop boost, but with coop, the SBR has no real purpose and wood has amazing double SBR options otherwise. While the active skill has a high uptime, it fulfills hardly any purpose as the boost is so minor and the best it can be used for is to override movement time debuffs or bait out status void attacks.


Physical / Machine
3,515 HP / 1,508 ATK / 0 RCV
653 Total
TPA TPA Skill Boost Skill Boost

Active Skill:
99 True damage to all enemies
Dark Jammer Arrow Light
10 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
Light cards 2x HP, 2x ATK
4x HP / 4x ATK

Pros Cons
  • True damage inherit
  • Light orb generator
  • Niche inherit is primary role
Ranking: 2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400

Hunk is a reasonable inherit for mono-light teams that wish to deal with high defense monsters such as PreDRAs. However, outside of this niche role, he has little value as the orb changer tends to be a hindrance for any other team.

One last thing to consider is that the 99 damage value enables you to easily bypass Reincarnated Zeal encounters with ease.


Healer / Machine
2,228 HP / 1,340 ATK / 503 RCV
658 Total
Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Unlock all orbs
Dark  Arrow Water
Green  Arrow Light
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
Healers 2x HP, 2x ATK
4x HP / 4x ATK

Pros Cons
  • Unlocks orbs
  • Generates Water and Light without breaking hearts
  • Niche inheritance at best
Ranking: 2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400

Coran is the final card in the Voltron Collab and he is more lackluster version of Gan Ning  as he generates two colours without breaking hearts. Unfortunately, the generated water and light have no practical uses on any current team. As such, Coran will be a situational inherit for mono-water and light teams if you need to remove locked orbs.


The Voltron Collab is a milestone for Puzzle and Dragons North America as this is our first exclusive Collab. Unfortunately, the featured cards fail to live up to the expected hype as we received a reskin of an average JP Collab without one of the better cards. Furthermore, the artwork for Voltron feels rushed and lacks the spirit of Puzzle and Dragons while their actual viability is disappointing for the most part.

Perhaps our expectations were too high and our first debut may be met with a half-hearted response as the Collab is lacking overall.

Voltron could have been an amazing opportunity to showcase the support North American players have for GungHo and Puzzle and Dragons, but releasing sub-par cards will not garner the response that was hoped for.

However, there are some positive aspects we can take away from this. Most notably, the fact that we are somewhat closing the gap between NA and JP content. A reskin is the simplest way to circumnavigate licensing issues when trying to bring over JP Collabs and their respective monsters/actives. Maybe this is just a test, but it could hopefully be a start towards bridging the gap between server equality.

What do you think about the Voltron REM and how much do you plan on rolling?

Happy Puzzling!

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28 thoughts on “Voltron Collab Egg Machine Review and Analysis”

  1. Side Note from Rawrzcookie :3

    Personally, I think it’s interesting how Gungho NA at least tried to get “past” the whole licensing stuff to at least grant us some “JP-Only” collab cards/actives by giving NA an exclusive collab with same/similar actives as JP collab monsters. At least it shows that they still do want to get us NA players the content that JP has. Perhaps this initial Voltron Collab is just a “test”? Or maybe it’s just the first step in trying to shorten the gap between JP and NA in terms of collab cards and actives that JP has that NA may never get? We don’t know and can’t say for sure, but I do want to give Gungho NA the benefit of the doubt in attempting to give us JP-like content.


  2. I definitely want to IAP a bit and roll just to support this effort, even if the cards are lackluster. I can only imagine how difficult this kind of effort is for them, and would like to see them try again in the future.


  3. I’m not excited for this collab, as I didn’t know about Voltron until this collab was announced (so no collection appeal), the art is … disappointing, to say the least, and the units themselves don’t seem very good. Well, I’m happy for the 3k (or so) mp. Thank you for a very helpful review! I know which ones to definitely sell and which ones to maybe keep. c:


  4. I like how the Voltron dungeon doesn’t even how skill-up material for most the cards. Got Coran from free pull and can’t skill him up. Pretty much pointless to do dungeon except for free stone.


    1. As with most collabs, the lowered starred characters tend not to have skill up material. I agree it’s unfortunate, but this is not a new developement, nor something this collaboration can claim as its own. It’s typical.


  5. I got Coran on my free pull. At least its an orb unlocker. I was curious though and since I just passed day 900 I got some free stones so I did another pull.
    It was Allura!
    I obviously knew she was a gold, but I didn’t know how good she was in the grand scheme of things as i hadn’t looked at PDX or this site in a few days. I am quite happy as I have both Metatron and A Kush.

    Good times!


  6. Voltron, free pull, Keith and two Hunks for the others. My daughter got Allura and Pidge, but at least Allura is a strong card. She is disappointed, though, because Pidge has a lion, and so she likes Pidge better. I will probably not tell her Pidge is marginal (although those dark resists might help with Azazel, right?).

    I will spend some money on her account, my main and alt accounts, because I want the to have Allura and Voltron on all of them, and I want to encourage Gungho.

    I don’t actually care if I we reach ja-JP parity, because I feel like I’ve got a great game on my hands, and lamenting the lack of a card available ‘elsewhere’ is a waste of time. As long as they keep adding good content to NA, I might as well love the game I have 🙂 .

    I’m off to farm the normal dungeons for 0 stamina and whatever skill-ups I can find. 🙂



  7. You’re kind of off base on some of this. Hunk, for example, couples with apocalypse to form a perfect myr board while simultaneously handling predras! This makes him a perfect inherit for any low cd body on any Myr team, and stellar for Arena 2. When comparing to any 4* roll to date, he must be amongst the most useful. Remember that just because you have Ra doesn’t mean that everyone does!


    1. The only low CD body on a Myr team I can think of is Moogle and I’d rather not lose Moogle’s ability to save a board lacking hearts just to kill a predra floor. What active would you inherit over to get Hunk’s active? I can’t think of a single one.


  8. So far I got Hunk as a free roll on my main and Voltron on my alt, along with Shiro as a normal roll on my main. I’ll probably roll a few more times to try and get Kieth and Allura since they both seem pretty nice to have, and because I want NA to get more collabs in the future. I wish the art was a bit cooler, though.

    I’m also pretty surprised at your Hunk review (and most peoples’) since, like the person above me, he seems like a pretty sweet inherit for Myr. How quickly the mighty have fallen, that no one even thinks about her anymore! Jammer cleanup, predra/tama/Zeal laser, and a perfect orb change with Apocalypse! What’s not to love?? I’d much rather have this active inherited on a light team than Awoken Ra, since it’s useful outside of the true damage floor if I end up recharging it.


    1. Congrats on your alt’s good fortune! And that is true that hunk does combo with apoc but so does dqxq and ideal board combo is saria/akechi. But it is nice how you can have it cap out and still have an orb changer unlike any other predra killer.

      As for myself, I prefer poison over true damage as it can deal with parv’s jammers and gives a turn to set up board but that’s personal preference


  9. I think you are selling Voltron more than a bit short. 24.5x for an easy 2 fire cross is very competitive and lines him up really well for pairing with anything able to generate 6x or better. The currently coveted 2x health multiple as well a many red mechanical leads giving entire stat field bonuses is a another plus. He is also an answer to the ever more common void awoken/bind team combo many new dungeons are generating. I strongly agree the artwork is simply not up to par with fair expectations of what gung-ho normally generates.


  10. I have to agree with the sentiments about the art; too much empty space, and a lack of real impressive detail.

    I had hoped to see them do something Voltron-esque with the evos, like maybe you could roll for lions and when you have the set, you can evo them to a powerful Voltron card.

    Instead it seem to be the same collab formula; roll for the heroes in REM, and farm the villains in the dungeon.

    I pulled Allura from my free egg machine, and spent my stones for one more roll, getting a second Allura.
    I’ll keep one for skill inheritance, and the other for team use.

    After reading your article here, I’m happy enough with what I got, and am not interested in trying to roll further.
    I just hope I can farm enough of those Balmeran Crystals to skill up both of my Alluras before the collab ends.


  11. You made a mistake with Keith’s leader skill. The multiplier is 3.5x ATK for Fire Attribute, not tied to HP.


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