New Content Update – April 25, 2017


In a small and surprising update, we received new Reincarnated Evolutions for several popular cards. For the most part, reincarnating a card is the best thing to do as they are bumped up to 1,000 weighted stats, additional awakenings, and triple typing. As such, you should be pursuing them almost all the time and the only real exception at the moment is Haku .

This article will provide a brief summary/thoughts on each of the featured cards in this content update. As a side note, you should be using 0-stamina Normals to abuse Legendary Earth for endless monster experience to level up all of these cards.

Video commentary

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New evolutions

New evolutions are some of the most exciting aspects of Puzzle and Dragons as it breathes new life into old cards and hopefully revitalizes their viability.


Like the other Egyptian 2 cards, Set gained a split evolution that removed all of this TPA TPA to gain dual 7 combo 45 awakenings as well as changing his sub attribute to Light from Wood. From a purely damage perspective, dual 7 combo awakenings are more potent when achieving 7 or more combos, but ruin more mindless-farming builds that rely on minimal comboing. As such, I feel that this evolutions is more of a sideways movement instead of a direct upgrade at this point in time for fire teams. This is because Set currently lacks an ideal home as Reincarnated Shiva 3241 is the strongest TPA team and for the most part will go for 6 combos with a TPA than 7 combos without.

One could perhaps argue that Krishna 3068 teams could utilize the new Set, but 7 combos could be challenging to achieve when trying to squeeze in rows. However, his best bet will be as a sub on future Reincarnated Ame no Uzume  teams as his Physical typing is required. Ame no Uzume teams will be quite potent as they have a large pool of 7 combo awakening cards to draw from as Reincarnated Leilan  is another ideal card.

Finally, various combo teams may try to simply capitalize on the 7 combo awakenings, but his lackluster base skill may make it harder to use efficiently.


Leilan may have the loveliest legs in Puzzle and Dragons and her reincarnated form beautifully captures allure and charm. Unless you are using the R/G form for the dual killers, you should immediately pursue the Reincarnated path.

Reincarnated Leilan is bolstered to 1,000 weighted stats along with gaining the 7 combo awakening. 7 combo awakenings are the new hot thing as it provides 2x damage for the owning monster when achieving 7 or more combos. Sadly, Leilan is row-based and that may make it more challenging to consistently activate when trying to connect 6 orbs. This places her a bit behind her other Chinese Celestial sisters as they are TPA based and thus easier to fully utilize.

As mentioned above, Leilan will probably have tremendous value on future Ame no Uzume teams as you can enjoy the high health and massive damage output for a relatively easy to activate Leader Skill. Furthermore, Leilan’s full board changer is perfect for Ame teams.

As a leader, Leilan is reasonable, but her main drawback will be the low damage output that is further compounded by the inability to utilize the 7 combo awakening as efficiently if stacking rows.


Meimei’s new Reincarnated Evolution is tremendously powerful as she mirrors Haku  in her primary offensive awakenings, but trades an off-colour orb enhance for a badly needed second Skill Boost Skill Boost. While some players may frown upon Skill Boosts, the are actually vital for solo mode play, especially if you want to utilize duplicates and to a lesser extent, Carat Carat.

The only reason why Meimei is less popular/potent as Haku is her typings as well as element that exclude her from the current top tier teams. Nevertheless, Meimei is incredible and is one of the best wood cards in the game as she brings double TPA, 1,000 weighted stats, and 7 combo awakening. This has beautiful synergy with the general combo/TPA nature of mono wood teams such as Bastet 3384, Osiris , and future Ruel .

I do not believe anyone consciously uses the Killer Meimei forms and pursuing the Reincarnated form should be your top priority.

Like Leilan, Meimei can form a reasonable team, but main downside will remain the lack of overall damage unless you can heavily stack 7 combo awakening/TPA cards.


Apollo also received a new Reincarnated Evolution and is a massive upgrade for the most part and is worth pursuing. However, some people have raised concerns about his loss of Wood sub attribute and potential on Light Metatron’s  future split evolution. Light Metatron must use Gods and in an ideal world, you want to be mono light in order to have sufficient damage from a single light cross. Granted 2 light crosses is overkill, but it is challenging to have 10 orbs available every turn.

Now, Apollo may feel like a no-brainer as a fit, but if you want to utilize the Guard Break  awakening, you must have all attributes. This becomes problematic when both your leaders and a single sub are all a single element and will force you to bring a non-light card to cover two colours. Thus, the question becomes, how important is Guard Break?

Guard Break can reduce an enemy’s defense to 0 when matching all 5 colours. This trivializes PreDRA Fire PreDRA floors but Light Metatron teams have sufficient damage to overcome the 10 million defense with dual crosses. As such, there is no real need to actually worry about PreDRAs for Light Metatron at this point in time.


New evolutions are exciting as the Reincarnated forms are tremendously powerful and help bring these cards back into the meta.

I also hope you are spamming Legendary Earth for free monster experience to help combat these 16 million EXP curves.

Let me know what you think about these new cards.

Happy Puzzling!

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On a completely random note, PAD is rated PG:


20 thoughts on “New Content Update – April 25, 2017”

  1. I’ll tell you where the new 7x Combo on Set works: My Ilm team. I currently use Set as a fire generator and when using my main’s active I can easily get 7x combos. The move to Fire/Light only makes him even more compelling. There are a couple of other fire/fire and fire/light leads which presumably benefit from the addition of these awakenings.


      1. Ilm, Ilmina, Minirva and Tsubaki are Fire/Light but are combo based, not row based. Krishna is fire fire and not row based. Leilan, Sakuya and pretty much every partial or full rainbow lead use Fire and/or light as part of their combo based attack. You’re already doing multiple combos, so getting 7 seems like it would be a logical thing to do and you already need to attributes. Consuming hearts to make fire doesn’t hurt those teams either.

        Used in combination with any 2 or 3 color full board changer it is trivial to get 7 combinations 3/4 of the time. I’ve been doing it with Saria’s F/L/H and and Ilm’s F/L board change on a regular basis.

        I regularly get about 3M from regular Set, having an additional 4x on top of that would not be bad.

        I think you’ve really underrated the wide-spread usefulness of this new evo. It’s three green checkmarks in my book. 😉


  2. If only Kush had come during 0-stam! Anyway, I made all these new revos, and I’m halfway to getting all my revos max level. I’m done with Dark, Red and Blue (there are so few new blue revos! Karin when!), just have to finish up Green and Light.

    Gotta find a way to use Set somewhere, he’s one of my favorite designs in the game.


  3. What is your opinion on dark athena being on the “recently added” list? is she actually coming?
    (voice inside: plz dont be a joke plz dont be a joke…)


    1. It’s already been confirmed that she is coming to NA/EU (via facebook chat with the EU staff), but there’s no confirmed date. Given the recent update, it’s not crazy to hope for her to show up in the May 1st MP shop rotation, but until an announcement shows up no one knows for sure.


  4. I love how so many old cards are receiving love. However, there are a few cards that it appears were skipped when the rest of their pantheon got an upgrade. For example, Isis never got a Revo, and the rest of her pantheon did. Another is I&I. What would keep GungHo from releasing these cards? I’m very sad, because Isis was my first lead, and I really want her to be viable once again. (As a lead)


    1. I was going color by color leveling revos, and I was really disappointed when I noticed how few blue cards have gotten revos comparatively. Isis, Karin, I&I, none of them have even been announced… as a heavy blue player, it’s disappointing.


      1. I agree completely. It’s just disappointing that they have been ignored. Don’t forget, U&Y was skipped in his pantheon as well.


      1. Same applies to Persephone. I currently have A haku assisting A haku and A Persephone assisting A Persephone on my aizen team. I could at least revo the assisters to get a stat bump


  5. Leilan was one of my first leaders and I probably used her past the point when she was relevant. I always loved her art; she has an elegance that is not found(to me) in the other Chinese god artwork. I wish they had made her relevant again so I would have an excuse to use her. But hamstringing a row card with a 7C awakening is ridiculous.

    Whats next? Putting armour break on Dios?

    I appreciate that the awakening might see use on Ame no Uzume teams, and might even get activated on other row teams from time to time. But to rely on using it to get you to a killing plateau would not be wise.

    Perhaps if i manage to pull Ame no Uzume i will get to use my first waifu again.

    On a side note, this is getting difficult to power up tons of reincarnated cards. I have reincarnated most of the ones i have but I can’t get them back up to full level. I know i should reincarnate only when i can get them back up to at least their old stats but since i had the evo mats i didn’t want the mats taking up space while i save up enhance materials.

    Thankfully the 0 stamina Legendary Earth is helping me considerably.


  6. Tremendous, tremendous, tremendously… Ugh, find some synonyms. Grow your vocabulary tremendously or something.


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