Thoughts on the Upcoming Super Carnival


GungHo is releasing a new style of Director’s Carnival and is swapping out the Valkyries to make room for the Gala Exclusives. Normally the Gala Exclusives (Gemstones + Legendary Heroes) are restricted to their respective colour Gala/Carnival and having them all available at once is unique and interesting. However, how ideal is this Carnival when there is no complimentary Godfest and nothing else being featured at bolstered rates?

Video commentary

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Ranking the Gala Exclusives

Lifting directly from my latest Tier List, the Gala Exclusives have the following rankings:

Gala Exclusives Tier List – April 20, 2017

download download download
Carat Facet

download download

Silk 2918
2916 Nobunaga



While the table looks horribly sparse, it does show that the Gemstones are amazingly powerful while the Legendary Heroes are somewhat lacking. As such, I feel that this okay at best as the real main prizes are Carat Carat and Facet Facet who are the two most universal damage enhancers in the game.

Thus, if you already own either of those two, I highly suggest you reconsider rolling as what are you chasing at this point? All Godfests have a Gala occurring alongside (plus GFE) and it is is simply a manner of waiting until either a Water or Light Gala occurs to have the chance of rolling either of them.

Furthermore, we will be having the Rank 500 Memorial REM come to NA/EU in the near future and this will feature a guaranteed Legendary Hero or Gemstone Princess. While not every player is rank 500, you will be some day and the Memorial REM does not “expire” until the next reset (so my guess is in about 8+ months as we do not even have it yet).

How could this have been a “Super” Carnival?

The word Super is perhaps to showcase that they come out at level 30, but that is really not that impressive and unlike the previous Director’s Choice Carnivals, the coveted Valkyries Red Valk Blue Valk GValk Dark Valk are missing.

The Valkyries all received a massive buff to their awakenings as they now boast the highly desired 7 combo 45 and Guard Break  awakenings. 7 Combo awakening enables that card to deal 2x damage when you achieve 7 or more combos. Thus, it acts like a controllable Killer awakening.

On the other hand, Guard Break will enable you to complete void an enemy’s defense when matching all 5 colours (and having a rainbow team) in a future buff. This means you can trivialize encounters such as PreDRAs Fire PreDRA which directly translates into an active skill slot saved for other utility.

Taking all of this into consideration elevates all of the Valkyries as they now bring additional damage and unique utility to your favourite teams.

Therefore, if we could swap out the Legendary Heroes for the Valkyries, this would instantly become a Super Carnival and would be well worth pursuing, otherwise, it is a tease before the rank 500 reset.


Carat and Facet are the two main prizes to be won through the Super Carnival, but if you are not too desperate for either, you are better off waiting for favourable Godfest and their appropriate carnival to roll. Having no chance at any GFE lowers the overall appeal as well as the future Rank 500 Memorial REM coming soon. However, each box has different requirements and this would technically be the best time to scoop up any of the potent Gemstone Princesses.

Let me know what you think and if you plan on rolling in this Super Carnival.

Happy Puzzling!

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18 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Upcoming Super Carnival”

  1. Luckily I pulled a Carat during the last Godfest, and I found a Facet in my box from close to when she was first released lol


  2. Great review as always! The quality of your blog is really pleasing. 🙂

    However I quite disagree with Yang Gufei’s ranking. I know that her weak sub pool holds her back and that she could be an amazing leader with more/better subs but she’s an amazing sub for the upcoming Revo Ame team.
    I’m also quite confused by Robin Hood’s ranking, as he’s a mediocre sub and a meh leader, especially after Bastet’s buff.


    1. I feel I did rank Robin Hood too low all things considered; however YG is quite lackluster overall.

      YG does not do anything particularly well for the most part as 4 colour boards are unideal (esp with no hearts or darks) and her true damage is lower than Famiel/Lumiel (may be niche for Jize but worse overall)

      Maybe the 7c can be beneficial, but she just does not feel impactful enough overall and she doesn’t really have an ideal home atm


  3. IMO the legendary heroes will probably receive major buffs in the near future, because, one, they all exclusives in their own gaia, same as GF, and two, they are called “legendary”, it’s got to be strong.


  4. hmmm that carnival sounds nice when i aint wrong the jewel princess are 5* and the legendary heroes are 6* so your chance would be higher to pull a jewel princess but well what i said is just a theory on paper and ya know what that means anyway everything that is correct on paper musnt be correct on the praxis


  5. 8 rolls, have been saving stones for this…7 silvers and a crap gold…3 swordsman, 3 riders and a Stupid card named Henry…I think my time with this game is coming to a close. The last 20 rolls I’ve had on the R.E.M. Have been 100% wasted. Not even a good dupe to use…


    1. That sounds depressing =( The REM game is honestly so frustrating, especially stones come out relatively slow (probs 0.5-0.67 per day on average with events etc)

      Sometimes taking a little break is healthy aka just collecting logins and dumping staminas in guerillas/tamas

      You keep your progression and acquire useful drops that will help kickstart a new team =)


  6. 1 yolo roll and i got lucifer, so i dunno how that happended…. hopefully his revo is gud… i=unfortunately he doesn’t have tpas to use on Dathena but his stats may be good enough on my anubis team, not the best but hey, better than a swordsman lo;


  7. Took me 13 rolls to get Sheen, with the only remotely notable other rolls being Hanzo and Chiyome, both of whom I unfortunately had multiples of already, so everything else was sold. I got exactly the gemstone I was hoping for (although Carat or Facet would have been great too) though, so I can’t complain, but it was really sad until she finally appeared, haha.


  8. I was looking forward to this carnival, since the JP players called it the best chance to get a princess, and I didn’t have any. I was looking for more impressions, however, and this one came out a little too late… after I got Facet in 3 rolls. Of course, I’m excited as all hell, although now I wonder if I should pull some more, as switching Facet between my RaDra team and future DAthena/Kushi teams is going to be really bothersome. The only GFE I want is Fuujin and maybe Paimon, anyways.

    On a related note, is Kushi even viable with just two Hakus? She seems really flexible, and yet the general opinion seems to be that any other sub is going to be vastly inferior.


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