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Awoken Izanagi & Anima Review and Analysis


Awoken Izanagi Awoken Izanagi and Anima 3083 were part of a small evolution release and I want to discuss their value and why they are significant to your monster box and gameplay.

Video commentary

New evolutions

Awoken Izanagi
Awoken Izanagi

God / Balance
+light orb TPA
+heart Skill Lock Resist +light orb Skill Boost TPA Time Extend

Active Skill
2x ATK God & Balance type
100k Light attack to a single enemy
Reduce player HP by 50%
6 turn CD

Leader Skill
7x ATK and 50% damage reduction with heart cross. 2x RCV for God and Balance types
49x ATK / 4x RCV / 75% damage reduction

Awoken Izanagi makes a wonderful debut as yet another heart-cross leader. The heart-cross mechanic is currently the most powerful ability in the game as it allows teams to deal amazing damage while having incredible survivability as you can greatly reduce incoming damage and survive gravity based attacks. As such, Izanagi becomes a potent leader and has great leadership potential when paired with Myr Miru. Continue reading Awoken Izanagi & Anima Review and Analysis