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Teams everyone should have in Puzzle and Dragons


Puzzle and Dragons is a diverse and complex game with countless team composition possibilities. It can become quite overwhelming trying to plan out your team rosters along with adjusting for each specific dungeon. Furthermore, you will want to optimize your farming efficiency as well as making yourself more appealing to coop partners for guerrilla dungeons.

This article will discuss the types of teams I feel that every player should strive towards as well as providing suggestions as to where to invest your resources (plus eggs, latents, inherits).

Video commentary

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Why bother having more than one team?

Puzzle and Dragons is a game that has a lot of repetition as you are often required to continuously play the same dungeon over and over again. This is done for a variety of reasons and eventually, you will want to find the most efficient way possible to clear the dungeon.

There can sometimes be a certain degree of joy or excitement when finding a more optimal way to clear content or your motivation may be to simply reduce the brain power required when playing XYZ dungeon for the 100th time.

Finally, having a variety of teams to choose from can help alleviate boredom as it can inject a new playstyle into your routine; however, I want to focus on teams that will optimize your performance in Puzzle and Dragons. Continue reading Teams everyone should have in Puzzle and Dragons