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Fairy Title / Dimension Guide (MD1/Alt. MD1) Mechanics Checklist


Puzzle and Dragons is a tremendously deep game that has years worth of content waiting for players. Sadly, there is essentially no in-game information as to what mechanics, spawns, or what can actually happen in a dungeon which in turn creates a terrible guessing game.

Thankfully, we are eventually able to “solve” any dungeon with enough trial and error and for myself, what I find most helpful when trying to tackle a new dungeon is a Checklist of notable mechanics. From this Checklist, I will try my best to address all of the dangerous mechanics while prioritizing unavoidable abilities.

For the Fairy Title Challenge, players will be playing through the Alt. version which provides 4x HP & RCV for Healer or Devil type cards. To compensate for this buff, all Enemies will hit 3.5x harder.

As such, you will need to prioritize cards with these typings, especially if they are your Healing Solution via Enhanced Heart Orbs +heart. Having 1-2 cards without the correct typing still works as many leaders have up to 16x Effective HP. The biggest HP check is the Gems on Floor 10 who have Super Resolve (must tank 1 hit) and hit for a total of 2.1 million per turn.

Link to my master Checklist article can be found HERE.

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How to use my checklists

With any dungeon, there are avoidable and unavoidable mechanics and it is important to address the unavoidable mechanics first. As such, there will be a priority-like system when looking at dungeon mechanics and you may have to forgo certain solutions depending on the depth of your Monster Box. Furthermore, certain teams/leaders may naturally counter specific mechanics. Continue reading Fairy Title / Dimension Guide (MD1/Alt. MD1) Mechanics Checklist