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Super Ultimate Norse Rush – Farming with Glavenus Hunter


Skill Delay Resist Tamadras Skill delay resist are appearing as a 100% invade in Super Ultimate Norse Rush and this type of event is the best time to acquire these valuable Latents.

I try my best to build efficient teams but naturally am limited by my Monster Boxes so take my templates with a grain of salt. They are not the most efficient available, but are still potent enough to get the job done. As such, I encourage you to use my template as a starting point for your own Monster Box and farming practices.

Video clear

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Team composition & steps

Glavenus Hunter for Super Ultimate Norse Rush
18 Skill Boost

Team A
Inherit Carat Carat
Healer Killer

Healer Killer

Healer Killer

Team B
Healer Killer
Bankai Yamato
Inherit Awoken Ares Ares

I put 2 SDR by default on each card to protect against the two turn delay from Jord and the Tamadra. I also used Healer Killers Healer Killer to ensure I could kill the first floor as Valkryie is not a God.

Glavenus Hunter for Super Ultimate Norse Rush Steps
Floor 1 Awoken Machine Goemon 
Floor 2 Red Sonia 
Floor 3 Whaledor Carat Carat
Leader Ares Awoken Ares
Floor 4 Awoken Machine Goemon 
Floor 5 No.6 
Floor 6 Ares Ares
Floor 7 Carat Carat
Non-Awoken Machine Goemon 
Floor 8 Non-Awoken Machine Goemon 


Super Ultimate Norse Rush is a fantastic dungeon to farm right now as it offers beefy rank experience, gold, and Skill Delay Resist Tamadras.

Let me know what team you are using to clear the dungeon and how many you plan to farm.

Happy Puzzling!

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