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Heavenly Palace of Heretics Clear Videos


I have been quite sick these past few days starting with a sore throat that has ultimately evolved into a spectacular fever so my ability to create meaningful content has been put on pause temporarily. However, the Heavenly Palace of Heretics dungeon is in full swing and I have made my best effort to try and post my clear videos as they come in. Thus, this post will mostly be for providing a dumping ground for my YouTube videos and will update as I make my way up.

I plan to try and do a write up on the upcoming Godfest but my fever needs to cooperate.

I technically have 3 accounts to play through these challenges if MOMtastic stays around long enough. This can allow me to use one account as a guinea pig for testing purposes.

Finally, if you are able to clear Level 10, I strongly advise you to save the special reward for future Red Athena.

Level 10

Level 10 is most easily handled by Anubis paired with Diablos but Fantastic is not lucky enough.

Fun fact, using different evolutions of the same card can overcome the No Dupes restriction.

Level 9

Meridionalis still got it.

It is worth watching to see how to easily cheese Sandalphon.

Level 8

Cleared on Fantastic and will do a video soon.

Don’t do what I did and fail to actually kill him several times and trigger the combo shield. I plan to swap in Sun Quan  for Orochi 3386 on Mantastic (I also do not own Orochi) as the 2x burst will help lower the thinking/orb requirement in bypassing the 8,888,888 defense.

I still do not know how I actually flubbed so many times in a row. Here is my clear video on Mantastic:

Level 7

I have begun to slowly regain my voice but I actually didn’t have my mic plugged in. Regardless, all cards but Sakuya have 1 Dragon Killer Dragon Killer latent which means I must hit below 20 million (bumps up to 30 million) per card to not overshoot and be voided.

Level 6

I had a less than smooth time with Fantastic in this dungeon and it was mostly a matter of utilizing 2 Durga  inherits for appropriate HP management and burst to take down the later floors.

I used Green Odin 3390 to clear away my binds on Myr.

I would also recommend you use a leader with an HP/RCV multiplier to combat the leveling up restriction as it greatly lowers your health and stalling capabilities.

Level 5

All 6* or below cards will receive 3x stats in this dungeon which is to compensate against the inflated numbers in this dungeon. I simply used my +297 6-stars as subs and was able to combo hard.

In hindsight, it would be wiser to use a Follow Up Attack  awakening as you are more than likely to actually encounter a Resolve Boss.


I plan to use varients of Anubis 3385 /Bastet 3384 with a mirror pairing or Diablos  for the final two floors.

Happy Puzzling!

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