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Puzzle and Dragons Combo Guide – Brute Force 6×5


Puzzle and Dragons is my longest played game to date and one reason for my continued interest it infinite skill ceiling required for orb manipulation and comboing.

Like any skill, learning how to puzzle better takes time but I have found you can greatly hasten your progress through dedicated practice along with being aware of variuos matching techniques.

As such, I would like to share my own thought process for matching combos from a “Brute Force” perspective. What I mean by this is matching sets of three without the use of Cascades (staggered matching) by following my 1, 2, 3 method.

This method breaks the board down into three unique sections which in turn makes it easier to visualize where everything will end up while also having a tentative plan in your head. As a result, this will make it easier to fully solve a given board as you will be following a rough template as you go.

While there is no “perfect” way to approach things along with everyone having their own preferences or styles, I have found success with this method and is the technique I teach my supporters on download┬áPatreon.

Video commentary & sample boards

6×5 boards

A standard board in Puzzle and Dragons is 6×5 which yields 30 orbs and a maximum of 10 combos. However, it is very unlikely you will actually have perfect board distribution to hit those 10 and will more than often settle for 7-8 maximum combos. Continue reading Puzzle and Dragons Combo Guide – Brute Force 6×5