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10 Magic Stone Seasonal Godfest – July 17, 2020


Today marks the debut of a 6 day Seasonal Super Godfest that features a much lower rolling rate for Pantheon cards compared to regular Super Godfests.

At this point in time, a generic Super Godfest will feature 1/3 GFE and 2/3 Pantheons with stronger events having more favourable rates for GFE. In the case of Seasonal Super Godfests, some of the GFE are replaced with higher rarity Seasonal cards.

If this replacement still yields a similar 1/3 GFE/Seasonal and 2/3 Pantheon, it may be worth rolling in as you can pick up rarer Seasonal cards with a lower chance of trash/useless cards. This is because Seasonal Egg Machines feature abysmal bottom rarity cards and often only have a few truly useful things at the top.

In the case of our current Super Godfest, Pantheons comprise 59.4% of the rolling rates but at the same time, the roster of Seasonal cards may leave something to be desired.

The official GungHo post can be found HERE.

Video commentary

Rolling line up

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