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One-Shot Challenge 6 Guide – How to deal with Zeus, Noah, and Gaia Dragon

Important change

You will not face the same Radar Dragon as you did the first two times as these challenges rotate so everyone will eventually face all three.


This set of One Shot Challenges will allow players to acquire a Radar Dragon outside of Arena 3. This is Fantastic for the general population as these dragons are required for the new evolutions for the original Monster Point cards as Arena 3 is out of reach for most teams. The problem with Arena 3 is that you have to encounter the correct dragon AND have it drop which can prove a frustrating experience. Conversely, this set of Challenges provides a fixed spawn and a guaranteed drop. However, you do not get to choose your encounter and are instead assigned one based on your starter dragon choice. This can be easily found as the coloured orb beside your in-game name. Finally, this challenge must be completed in solo mode, but you are able to stone to continue (unlike Arena 3).

Just be aware that this is meant to be an end game challenge and many players will be unable to successfully clear it. I would place the difficulty of the One-Shot Challenge to be similar to Arena 2. This is because you know the spawns and can carefully plan around each encounter unlike the randomness of Arena 2; however, the Radar Dragons are significantly harder than any other spawn.

With that being said, a wide variety of teams are capable of clearing this dungeon, but it is vital to be fully plussed, latented, and inherited where required.

If you wish to see my clears on Fantastic and Mantastic for Gaia and Zeus Dragon, check out my next post HERE to see the full team set up/latents/inherits.

For this set, I will be using Lakshmi on Mantastic and still deciding for Fantastic. Regardless, I will upload the videos when completed.

Video commentary

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Which Radar Dragon do I fight?

Players are assigned a specific Radar Dragon to fight on floor 20 based on their starter dragon choice. This choice is indicated by the coloured icon beside your in-game name.

  • Fire Fire fights Zeus Dragon
  • Water Water fights Noah Dragon
  • Green Wood fights Gaia Dragon

For example, Mantastic started with fire and will fight Zeus (Fantastic has Noah):

Crown rank feature

Hurdles of solo mode and no duplicates

This Challenge must be completed in solo mode along with imposing Continue reading One-Shot Challenge 6 Guide – How to deal with Zeus, Noah, and Gaia Dragon