Version 9.03 Major Buffs and Notable Changes

Version 9.03 is finally live and brings a tidal wave of changes and buffs to all aspects of Puzzle and Dragons. With this post, I wish to summarize the most important and notable changes that will be made. A separate article dedicated solely to Skill Inheritance is also available as I wish to focus on the other aspects coming with 9.03. This is not the complete patch notes, only the parts that I feel are meaningful.

Additional Awakenings:

Minerva Neptune Awoken Ceres Venus Awoken Hades Greco-Roman 1 + Skill Lock Resist

The Greco-Roman 1 Pantheon is one of the oldest and was designed to tackle significantly older content that had different mechanics. They finally have been given a skill bind resist Skill Lock Resist awakening to help alleviate the burden of achieving 100% immunity. This will hopefully give them more play time as their actives are situationally useful and can be subbed in as need without fear of having your skills locked.

Awoken Hino Awoken Hino + Skill Lock Resist

Awoken Hino has been a fearsome triple two-prong attack TPA fire sub who would burn through monsters on Awoken Shiva Shiva teams. With the added skill bind resist, Hino now becomes a nearly staple sub as he now offers everything you could want on a fire sub.

Leader Skill Changes

Skuld ult evo Skuld -> 27.56x ATK

Skuld has been seeing more potential as a sub on Rukia Rukai Kuchiki teams, but was often neglected as a leader. However, she now gains an added component to her leader skill if you match 5 orbs with 1 enhanced (5o1e) to peak at 27.56x ATK and 4x RCV for water/wood cards. This may not be game-breaking, but gives players an option to begin using water TPA TPA cards again such as U&Y U&Y, Nut Nut, and Orochi Awoken Oorochi.

rodin Blodin Green Odin Odins gain 1.5x ATK for clearing 4+ connected orbs

This mostly applies to Red and Blue Odin as they already feature a 1.5x HP / 2.5x ATK multiplier and this additional damage pushes them up to 3.75x ATK.  This means you can use them as a pseudo replacement for Raoh Raoh and Ryune Ryune when paired with Freyr Freyr and I&I I&I to form a 1.5x HP / 12.19x ATK / 2.5x RCV team.

Metatron Light Metatron gains unconditional multiplier

Light Metatron is now an unconditional 1.82x HP / 12.25x ATK leader for healer type monsters. She is also the butt end of numerous jokes on receiving so many micro buffs in hopes of giving her more relevance. Thankfully, this buff is valid, but she will still most likely be passed over for other options.

Kali Light Kali becomes 56.25x ATK (36 -> 56.25)

Probably one of the most significant buffs this patch as Light Kali now achieves 56.25x ATK (up from 36x) at 6+ combos while matching Fire, Water, Light, and Dark orbs. This dramatically increases her consistency and viability as she is superior to Sakuya Sakuya‘s damage output provided you cannot achieve 8+ combos every turn. Furthermore, Light Kali has one of the most powerful actives as she guarantees an activate-able board.

Red Sonia Red Sonia scales up to 3.75x (3 -> 3.75)

Still not enough to regain her once supreme status as a leader as she will still mostly be used for clearing early-mid game content. Regardless, a buff is a buff and will help you acquire your awoken evolution materials with ease.

Blue Sonia Green SoniaBlue & Green Sonia trigger full LS on 4+ orbs

Now you can benefit from your full multiplier with 4+ connected orbs instead of 5. This grants you the option to utilize TPA matches if you wish to conserve orbs or actives.

Gadius Gadius now 42.25x ATK

A row Fire Row leader who can now achieve 42.25x ATK will hit like a fire truck. Granted you have to match two heart combos, but that should not diminish your output.

Ryune Saria Sylvie Ryune, Saria, Sylvie buffed to 3.75x ATK

This increase in attack multiplier results in a 12.19x ATK instead of 10.25x ATK when paired with their respective Norse leader. Small buff, but may be significant when facing harder content.

Fenrir Fenrir scales up to 625x ATK

9 connected jammers, all 5 colours. Okay, good luck

Light Zhuge Liang Light Zhuge Liang up to 36x ATK (25 -> 36)

Light Zhuge Liang deserves mentioning due to the fact he can form a 36x ATK healer team when full health. You do drop down to 9x when injured, but with an active that can restore health, you have a powerful farming or easier descend farming card.

Active skill changes

Ragnarok Ragnarok Dragon -1 turn CD (10 -> 9)

Ragnarok Dragon was already loved for his powerful active, and now that he takes only 9 turns to recharge greatly increases his value.

Ganesha Ganesha -2 turn CD (15 -> 13)

Ganesha voids all damage for 1 turn while enhancing light orbs and now only takes 13 turns to recharge. Small improvement and hopefully is the start to him gaining more viability or his active being used for Skill Inheritance.

ForestBahn SagirinokamiWoodbahn & Sagirinoka -3 turn CD (11 -> 8)

Woodbahn and Sagirinoka are the often forgotten PADZ monsters that delays all monsters by 1 turn and enhances wood or light orbs. Now they are on an 8-turn cooldown and may increase their viability for skill inheritance.

Cursed Dragon Cursed Dragon -4 turn CD (10 -> 6)

Cursed Dragon is another PADZ monster who is a viable skill inheritance monster. They provide a 35% damage reduction shield for 2 turns while enhancing dark orbs on what is now a 6-turn cooldown

Goetia Ars Nova Grimoire now spawn 5 instead of 3 orbs

Both Goetia and Ars Nova now spawn 5 instead of 3 dark or light orbs. Both have been slowly gaining buffs and are now beginning to have modest potential and hopefully their ultimate evolution bolsters their base stats and adds additional awakenings.

Awoken Lakshimi Lakshmi spawns 4 heart orbs and deals 50x damage

Instead of spawning 3 heart orbs from non-water, Lakshmi will now generate 4. Furthermore, her leader skill will begin scaling at 4 heart orbs so you can trigger her lowest multiplier right away. The buff of dealing 50x instead of 20x damage means you will most likely restore your entire HP pool.

Awoken Parv Parvati enhances wood and heal orbs

Parvati combines a heart generating active with wood and heal orb enhance. This can ease the burden of bringing a damage enhancing sub as your leader can now fulfil that role. You may still want to inherit a different active, but can still use Parvati to more effect.

Venus Venus’s active now grants 2 additional seconds to move orbs while enhancing light. – 1 turn CD (5 -> 4)

Venus is starting to become significantly more powerful with this update as she gained a skill bind resistance and has a buff to her active. Instead of being able to freely move orbs for 6 seconds (you may actually lose time now with the advent of so many time extends), you gain 2 more seconds to manipulate orbs. This can be wonderful for row based teams with complicated boards and the now 4-turn cooldown means you can use Venus more freely. The additional 2 seconds is also a way to overwrite time debuffs put in place form various bosses such as Dark Izanami.

Shiva Shiva -2 turn CD (9 -> 7)

This is mostly significant as it means you will spend less turns waiting for an inherited skill to charge.

Blodin Blue Odin -2 turn CD (10 -> 8)

Having your orb enhancement on a shorter cooldown is always great.

Awoken Hino Minerva Hino and Minerva break defence for 2 turns

Having the armour break carry over for 2 turns can be meaningful in certain situations. However, it cannot be used to burst through 10 million defence PreDRAs Fire PreDRA as it only cuts the value by 75% or 50%.

Shiva RD Non Awoken Shiva -4 turn CD (15 -> 11)

The non awoken form of Shiva provides 100% armour break and can used for skill inheritance as a means to bypass PreDRAs Fire PreDRA

Set Set now provides 2 turns of damage enhance

Set is now starting to approach the viability of Awoken Freyr Freyr as he now provides 2 turns of 1.5x damage enhancement for fire. This can allow you to clear more content as you can use less actives to kill the second to last floor while having your full burst ready for the boss.

Light Zhuge Liang Light Zhuge Liang -2 turn CD (10 -> 8)

This buff is meaningful as his leadership potential was also boosted to 36x when full health. This will still regulate him to a farming leader, but this may improve his sub viability as a health restoring/light enhancing card.

Metatron Light Metatron heals 8x RCV (6x -> 8x)

Wahoo! More buffs (~2k heal at +297 and max level).

Liu Bei Liu Bei now heals 30% max HP (3,000 -> 30%)

Probably heals for more than Light Metatron….

Guan Yu Red Guan Yu Guan Yu’s clear 3 turns of binds (2 -> 3)

This is quite significant as it means you can potentially survive binds that you were not able to do so before.

Bankai Yamato Bankai Andro Bankai Perseus Wukong bankai Bankai Pandora Heros now enhance heart orbs

The Hero God pantheon keeps getting stronger as the now enhance heart orbs with their regular active. This pretty much guarantees you will be able to fully heal yourself or can be combo-ed with a heart breaker for enhanced offensive orbs.

Durga Durga now enhances God & Devil types by 2.5x (2 -> 2.5x)

This is quite a significant boost and with the introduction of skill inheritance, makes the prospect of massive burst damage more feasible.

Cyclone Devil Dragon Chaos Devil Dragon and the other Rippers -2 turn CD (8 -> 6)

You still need to skill them up, but a buff is a buff and at least they are a farmable option.

Ame Ame no Uzume -2 turn CD (8 -> 6)

This is quite a significant buff as her 1.5x RCV is applied for 4 turns and now grants 66% uptime (more if you use haste) along with a 4 turn bind clear. More relevance as a sub or being used for skill inheritance.

Awoken Ceres Ceres -1 turn CD (7 -> 6)

More options for bind clearing as either a sub or skill inheritance.

Awoken Hades Hades -1 turn CD (13 -> 12)

Hades is one of the few gravity options you have for skill inheritance and any buff to his cooldown is wonderful. The 25% may not be as large as some other gravities, but can be used to help navigate around powerful bosses with resolve, massive HP values, or to push them into a more favourable colour.

Dino Rider Merlin Rider Marine Rider Arthur Rider Gryps Rider Riders -1 turn CD (7 -> 6)

This may not make them top tier subs, but with the introduction of easy skill up material, their viability has increased. Some are crucial on the Awoken Greco-Roman 2 teams as some of the only means to create the two required colours (eg. Merlin Rider on Awoken Hermes A Hermes).

DD Haku D.R Haku Haku (and non awoken Chinese) -1 turn CD (9 -> 8)

This buff helps keep them on par with other board changers and helps keep them relevant on top tier teams due to their typing and new killer awakenings.

Ult Zuoh Zuoh -1 turn CD (9 -> 8)

Zuoh is one of the most powerful subs on Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora and Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer teams due to his amazing awakenings and easily combo-able board change. More reasons to use him and pray he pops out of the golden dragon’s belly.

Cauchemar Cauchemar -1 turn CD (12 -> 11)

Cauchemar is one of the few farmable full board changers and generates the same colours as Zuoh while providing a 30% damage reduction shield. Obviously not as strong as Zuoh, but is at least obtainable by all players.

Famiel Famiel 100k true damage -1 turn CD (9 -> 8)

Famiel is a dream sub for U&Y U&Y as they create the perfect 4 colour board. The additional cooldown is of course amazing, but the true damage component seems somewhat random. Perhaps the only other team would want to run Famiel is Rukia Rukai Kuchiki and they do challenge high level content. It could be used to handle Meimei in Arena or the King Fat Dragon who both have massive defence values, but low HP. Unfortunately, you only strike a single enemy, and thus will have less of an impact when facing multiple PreDRAs Fire PreDRA.

Lumiel Lumiel 100k true damage -1 turn CD (9 -> 8)

Same buff as Famiel, but has a less clearly defined role in the current meta as Durga Durga is not a powerful lead. You could perhaps use Lumiel on various devil teams as a more budget board refresh (must combo with someone else to ensure sufficient orbs), but may still not see much playtime.

Nephthys Nephthys enhances damage for 2 turns. -2 turn CD (10 -> 8)

Nephthys is an often overlooked option for dark enhancement. However, with this buff, she may regain some popularity as she is now similar to Awoken Loki Awoken Loki in that she enhances damage for two turns, but also provides dark orb enhancement on the turn she is used. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use her as effectively as you rely on the dark orb enhancement to propel your damage. Thus, you will may not use her the floor before the boss as a means to conserve actives.

Lu Bu Lu Bu enhances 3x to devils (2.5 -> 3) and -1 turn CD (12 -> 11)

This is a lot of buffs for Lu Bu as he now provides an unparalleled boost to devil types and ensures you sweep the floor. Furthermore, the reduction in his cooldown means you can use him more frequently and may have uses for skill inheritance. However, Lu Bu already offers wonderful stats and awakenings including the bind immunity. Thus you may inherit a bind clearing active onto him as the shorter cooldown means you can use it faster. An interesting concept and worth considering.


Wow. That is a lot of buffs and I only listed the major/important ones. This is going to be an exciting patch and I look forward to benefiting from the newly augmented monsters!

Let me know what you are most excited for.

Happy Puzzling!


22 thoughts on “Version 9.03 Major Buffs and Notable Changes”

  1. Great post as usual 🙂 As a note, ALakshmi already scaled from 4 hearts, that buff arrived a while ago. Only her active skill got buffed.


      1. Haha 🙂
        Also, I may be mistaken but is the multiplier for the tricolor dragon bounds 2.75x or 3.75x? 12.19x should be 2.75x i think


  2. Great thread. Lots of things that I didn’t know about the update. Sad that now the slimes are losing their spot for highest spiker in the game. Lubu is now paralleled in terms of spike with King Baddie. Ohhh in case anyone hasn’t pointed it out but there is a typo on Chaos Devil Dragon name. 🙂 Great post


    1. Thanks for the feedback and keen eye! Changed him accordingly =)

      Well the slimes pretty much fell off the radar 2 years ago (I remember using King Bubblie on Physical Sakuya and clearing all the current content) and will probably stay there as they didn’t get those reincarnated evos like the mystic knights


  3. I believe Ronia is also getting changed to have the 1.5x when 6 or higher on combo and an added dragon typing to her leader skill. Thats what PDX shows right now and it might be in this patch, but not exactly sure since they kinda flubbed her up in the patch notes.


  4. I get sad (just a little) when I see new monsters, and the old true classics from this game(Lmeta,Ronia) not following the curve.
    Ronia without HP boost, should have reached at least 27x by now Imho 😦
    2.5 rcv & 3.5 attack 🙂 sounds fair?


    1. One major problem she faces is most devils are dark and being fire diminishes her value as you are diluting your output. Granted there are more fire devils now, but dark is still supreme. Also, 6 combos can be tedious for row teams and her consistency will be lower than her blue and green sister.

      My hypermaxed Light Metatron continues to stare at me every day from both my accounts =(


  5. So as of right now (including monsters currently out in Japan), how feasible do you think Fenrir is as a leader? My thoughts were that he would only be reliable to the point of being relevant on 7×6 boards with extremely specific subs, but I know…next to nothing 🙃


    1. Its an exorbitant amount of effort for the payoff. What further complicates his problem is the need to stall/set up your board throughout the dungeon and without an HP/RCV multiplier will leave you vulnerable and probably dead. More of a fun/gimmick lead to see silly numbers and perhaps some viability in 7×6 boards


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