On the Lighter Side: The Funniest PAD Images, Memes, Puns, and Pick-Up Lines


On the lighter side, I reached out to the community to find the best Puzzle and Dragons images, memes, puns, and pickup lines the internet has to offer. It also should be noted that Anita Waffle has plenty of time on her hands and was a treasure trove of wonderful material. Google and the PAD Reddit is also my friend.

PAD puns

Anita body pillows

Pick up lines that are 100% foolproof

Are you a descend?
Because I’m about to spend my stamina going down on you.

Are you the Great Valkyrie?
Because the Goddess just descended.

Are you from the Tuesday dungeon?
Cause you’re a Keeper!

U&Y? I think you mean U&I

I Urd a good PAD joke. Uriel-lly going to laugh when I remember it

Ronias are red, Blonias are blue, If I do a coop dungeon, will you be my player 2?

Did we just match our hearts? Because we are quite the combo.

Somebody better call GungHo because the rare egg machine is missing an angel.

I didn’t think I could feel this way. You must be a heart maker.

Are you yomi dragon? Because I wish I had two of you.

Are you a golem? Because you just broke my defenses.

“Wanna see my Pianis?” Pianis

The one true GIF

The one true God

PAD dates

Set pun

Connect 4


Back when Archangel Lucifer was both loved and hated

The newest PAD commercial is quite special to say the least, but at least fans provided some of their own commentary :

PAD commercial

PAD credit card

But we still love you GungHo, you and all your employees. Especially the sexiest Odin cosplay the world has ever seen.

Antonio Odin

PAD cake

Where can I get those plushies?! Those are better than any godfest roll!

PAD life

PAD spending

BAD GF rolls
The dark days

PAD woes

Rubylits are Red, Sapphilits are Blue.
I love you more than a Max Skilled Vishnu

Are you a Venus?
Because you changed the world for me.

You must be Gigas, because you set my heart on fire (and when you do, it’s hard to recover).

Some cute poetry found on Reddit:

  1. Your legendary hills
    Make me holler out loud
    My dragon is soaring
    You can call me Defoud.
  2. I’ll make you a lord
    or a samurai king
    a pirate, some jewels,
    give you all of my things
    Take all of my stamina
    I’ll work like a dog
    Just skill up, goddammit.
    …For fuck’s sake, Zaerog.
  3. Shiva is red
    and golden is RaDra
    Let’s you and me make
    a baby tamadra.
  4. I can’t make 5 combos
    I’m just not that handy
    but BF me please
    for my hyper Verdandi
  5. I’ll give you my stones,
    O you Wondrous Machine
    Just please don’t decant me
    another Undine.

Burning Stones

Thursday Dungeon

PAD tinder
When 4x GFE rates gives you a better chance than Tinder
Mom text message
When your mom knows you check your pad messages more then text messages…

Everyone have a Mantastic day and Happy Puzzling!


23 thoughts on “On the Lighter Side: The Funniest PAD Images, Memes, Puns, and Pick-Up Lines”

  1. A few of these made me laugh out loud. I probably shouldn’t show my husband this though – he might steal your mom’s idea!


      1. I’ve been trying! Though he recently got an iPad, which he’s finding PAD much more fun to play on that his phone so perhaps there is hope yet…


        1. Thats great he got an iPad! I prefer to PAD on a larger screen as it allows for easier diagonals and overall matching. Worst comes to worst, you can have him BFF you for more pal points XD


  2. I’m at work and can’t stop laughing XD nice compilation! Btw, thanks again for the help last time. I did what you told me, to focus on my A.DQXQ and my A.Pandora team. I’ve got better and can do Z8 descended quite easily now! (Ok, I still got some prob with planing my board so I failed sometime at Z8 first form because I end up with 5 combo instead of 6)

    Still trying to figure out how to beat Myr descended. Want to get that Myraculous leader everybody is rushing for, but no success for now (cant get to her first form 😦 )


    1. I am thrilled to hear you are progressing with your two teams and handling Z8! Tbh, the 6 combo shield can be challenging, but with more and more practice you will find it easier!

      Myr requires an absurd amount of investment to be viable and I would postpone and work on your DQXQ/Pandora team for next month or so


      1. I’m waiting A.Izanagi for now, so I’ve start to maxed the sub in DQXQ that could be of good use in A.Izanagi. DQXQ is already +297, and miss only 1 skill-up, I’ve succeeded to skill up my wukong and now planing on +egg him. I don’t know what i’ll put in except those 2, I dont have much subb that are good for the heartcross style :/


          1. I think he might come soon, I’ve checked a little the spacing between the last update on U.Evo and buff and stuff, looks like its about a month and a half or so. If I’m correct, A.Izanagi could arrive in like 2-3 weeks 😮

            And for the GFE today, I’ve rolled with both account, not bad roll, but it wasnt what I wanted (And I was very large on what I wanted XD) I’ve post a comment that explain what I’ve got in the new GFE if you can check it out, would help me a little! 😀


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