Sarasvati VS Super-Ultimate Dragon Rush Annihilation


Sarasvati 3069 has historically been an orb-hungry glass cannon leader who was capable of delivering spectacular amounts of damage. Unfortunately, this came at the cost of low damage control and difficulty stalling due to no HP/RCV multiplier. However, over the course of the last maintenance, she was buffed to an easier to activate 100x leader who can now use a wider variety of subs along with stronger awakenings. I decided to take her for a spin in Super Ultimate Dragon Rush – Annihilation to showcase how her new leader skill functions as well as playing through end game content. You can read more about Sarasvati in my team building guide HERE.

Video clear

The key to success is properly managing your skyfall buff as it will get you killed on floor 3 and causes Ilsix to become more problematic as you have to carefully chip him down to under 30%.

Damage output is of less concern as essentially every floor dies when you match a row plus two water combos for 100x. Thus, the priority becomes survival and active management along with adequate heart orb generation.

Team used

3069 Blue Sonia BL Hermes Ryune Bankai Andro 3069
BL Hermes 3103 summer urd Blue Sonia

I chose to run B/L Hermes instead of Awoken due to the extra health provided along with not wanting to have the skyfall buff. I regularly interchange which Hermes I bring to a dungeon and will do a subsequent post soon explaining my thought process in more detail.


The leader skill changes made to Sarasvati greatly eases her activation requirements as you are no longer restricted to only 12+ water orbs for damage. Furthermore, by having the ability to sweep various floors with only 3 water combos opens up potential for a wider variety of subs along with being able to easily overcome combo shield mechanics. Hopefully this video was informative and helps highlight how to effectively use Sarasvati.

Happy Puzzling!

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