I am now an Official Twitch Partner and have a Sub Button!


I began streaming Puzzle and Dragons on June 14, 2016 and it was not without various hiccups and speed bumps. However, I kept playing with myself on camera with the help of Pancaaake and all my other Mods. Fast forward to today and I have managed to turn my streams into an incredible place to hang out and watch some high end and entertaining gameplay. And all this work has paid off as I am now an Official Twitch Partner and have a Subscriber Button!

Video commentary

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Streaming schedule

I make my very best effort to stream four days a week at varying times to help my East Coast and European viewers tune in. All the following times are in PST and can also be found on my Twitch site:

  • Monday at 6pm PST
  • Tuesday at 6pm PST
  • Thursday at 3:30pm PST
  • Saturday at 2pm PST
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What does Twitch Partnership mean?

Twitch is a free streaming website that allows any individual the ability to broadcast their favourite games for free for all of the world to enjoy. However, only a select few are able to gain partnership through consistent viewership, a steady streaming schedule, and an entertaining environment. Thankfully, I am able to piggyback off the success of my website and was able to quickly grow my channel along with creating a hip to the hop place to watch Puzzle and Dragons.

Partnered Twitch Streamers gain access to an enhanced support system, but on of the main perks is the subscriber button. A subscriber button allows viewers to subscribe for $4.99/month and this unlocks additional features set out by the broadcaster as well as providing another avenue of support for your favourite streamers.

In addition to anything I am able to create, all subscribers gain an ad-free viewing experience which means you do not have to turn off Ad-Blocker.

What I plan to do & your feedback!

For my channel, I have already created the subscriber badge (an extra shiny Mantastic icon) that will appear in my channel along with chat exclusive emotes that are pending approval. In addition, I have created subscriber-only redemptions via my Myracle Stone currency that reduces the cost on all Silver and Gold Egg rewards by 50%. The cost reduction was done to preserve the leader board rankings as if I granted subscribers an increased generation rate, it may throw it off. It also means you can spam !wukong twice as often.

However, this is just the beginning and I want your input as to what you would like to see for subscriber perks.


Twitch & Amazon Prime

A new feature that was released this past month was the ability gain a free Twitch subscription via Twitch and Amazon Prime. In essence, if you have Amazon Prime, you are given Twitch Prime for free which not only grants you a special blue crown beside your name, but also a free monthly subscription to your favourite Twitch streamer. This subscription has to be renewed on a monthly basis which does allow you to change channels, but can simply be used on the same person over and over again. This is a great way to show your support and it may end up costing you nothing. More information can be found HERE.

A new way to support Mantastic PAD

As many of you may know, I struggle with extensive health issues as I have been on long term disability since July, 2014 due to a serious neck and back injury that leaves me in a constant state of pain. I spend most of my days either in intensive (and expensive) therapy and then recovering from said therapy. In addition, I have had eye surgery in September, 2016 in an attempt to remove what is almost certain to be a cancerous lump in my right eye. The surgery was unsuccessful and the lump remains inside; however, it is not growing which does reduce the chances of it being malignant but requires constant monitoring every few months.

All of this is taxing to say the least and I created Mantastic PAD as a way to help other people enjoy the game I love most. If you wish to read more about my health struggles, they can be found HERE.

I have monetized my website and despite the fact I will generate over 7,000 views a day this month and the previous 2 months exceeding 200,000 monthly views, it amounts to very little. One month of ad revenue equates to less than a single 30-minute specialist appointment ($100). It may not seem fair considering the amount of effort I do put into my content, but I honestly began this website as a way to help others and to also provide a healthier medium for my PAD obsession.

Thus, this subscriber button means a lot to me as it was another milestone to achieve along with providing my readers a more beneficial way to support all of my work. However, even if you do not subscribe nor have an Amazon/Twitch Prime account to spare, I would greatly appreciate it if you turned off ad blocker for my website. The difference may be small from a single person, but if all 200,000+ views did this, the impact may be astronomical.

If you wish to make a direct contribution, it can be done through my Twitch link as you are able to leave a message I can read. It will also allow me to credit you Myracle Stones if you swing by my stream; however, these can still be made anonymously.


I got a shiny new button! It kind of goes with my shiny ranking dungeon hats, but I was so happy to have received the email that confirmed my Twitch Partnership application. I am excited to take the next step in my streaming journey and I thank each and everyone of you for your continuous support. I also look forward to your suggestions on what you want to see as subscriber perks and also you turning off ad-blocker!

Happy Puzzling!

4 thoughts on “I am now an Official Twitch Partner and have a Sub Button!”

  1. Finally! Congratz!

    You may not belive but your site is probably the first page i open every single day. And i’m a Programmer which means i have a lot a things to check out once i wake up.

    Regarding your stream, since im european, you puzzle me to sleep every time you’re online.

    Thank you so much for the amazing content aaaaannnddd … Happy puzzling!

    PS: i managed to get myr this week and her first evo today 🙂


  2. Congratulations on the Twitch partnership!

    …I would suscribe to support you if I could but I’m a jobless college student >.<

    You bet that I'll press that suscribe button as hard as I can once I get a job though 🙂 I myself recently started therapy for ongoing severe depression/anxiety and it's really expensive–even with the student discount I'm throwing $80 for one hour every week. That's myraculously cheap by medical standards but for someone like me…it's really taxing on my family.

    I, too, want to start streaming video games soon and you're basically my dream of where I want to end up someday.

    PS. Have you heard of "Patreon"? Check out patreon.com and consider starting one, a lot of YouTubers have one, it's like Kickstarter but for ongoing creative people who regularly pump out content and people are monthly "patrons", so like the subscription button on Twitch. Just another way to continue putting yourself out there~


    1. It is fine if you cannot subscribe foxwaffles, you just you visiting and commenting is still support (especially if you turn off Ad-Blocker!)

      $80/hour is inexpensive by those standards, but it is still a boat load of money. I hope it does prove helpful as mental health is sometimes harder to deal with than physical problems as it is “invisible” and carries a relatively negative stigma in society

      I have heard of Patreon and I plan on looking into how it works and starting an account/page soon

      Hope things go well for you!


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